If you’re aiming to improve the overall look and feel of your green space, painting your fence is an easy and speedy way to bring your garden to life.


A fresh coat will also add some extra protection to the wood, keeping it safe from sunny spells that could make it fade in the summer or winter showers that will damage the grain.

Whether your fence is newly built or rough around the edges, we’ve included a selection below that will work on a variety of textures, creating a smooth and colourful finish.

Best fence paint to buy in 2023

The One Paint

This versatile paint would suit a wide variety of fences as it can be applied to plastic, metal and wood depending on what surrounds your green space.

It's also available in a wide range of colours so you have plenty of choice when it comes to design, whether you'd prefer a classic green or brown, a fresh grey or off-white, or even go bold with their red or blue options.

This paint is water-based and doesn't contain any toxic elements which means it's safe for both young ones and the environment, and just one coat of paint will be all that's needed so you can enjoy the end results without too much work.

Cuprinol Garden Shades

Providing a seagrass-toned blend that is both classic and contemporary, this paint from Cuprinol would complement any garden scheme.

It has a satisfying matt effect when dry that should also help bring out the grain of your wood, so you can benefit from the stylish lick of paint which maintaining a natural texture.

Garden Shades paint can also be used on other surfaces such as brick, stone or terracotta, so you can paint additional items in your garden to complete the look. But if it is wood you're solely focusing on, you'll be pleased to know Cuprinol claims the product should remain weatherproof for six years, preserving both the finish and the material beneath.

Forest Green Fence Paint

Go back to basics and give your garden a fresh, forest glow with this deep green colour from King of Paints. It can be applied using a simple brush and roller set-up, or even sprayed on if you're looking to finish the job at speed.

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The tin comes with 5000ml of paint which means you should have plenty to cover your fence and some left over for any touch ups, and the formula includes ingredients designed to combat mildew growth on your fence.

This product should remain weatherproof for at least five years, so you can paint it once and sit back and enjoy your new look, safe in the knowledge it shouldn't fade in the sun or rain.

Ronseal One Coat Fence Life

Painting your fence can be especially tricky if you're dealing with a highly textured surface, but this product from Ronseal has been specifically designed to colour and cover rough saw wood.

Not only will it add a fresh look to your fence, One Coat Fence Life is also showerproof after just one hour and will prevent the wood from greying over time, retaining its colour for up to two years.

Wickes Shed & Fence Timbercare

Designed to coat a variety of woods in a variety of conditions, from old and weathered to new and smooth, this paint from Wickes will give a your outdoor space a fresh look and feel.

Available in a range of colours which include a family of greys, it should be dry to the touch in just one to two hours.

Once applied, Shed & Fence Timbercare should also protect your fencing from the effects of weather including rain showers and sunshine, ensuring the colour doesn't fade throughout the seasons.

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Sadolin Classic All Purpose Woodstain

Promising a protection that penetrates deep into the wood for longer lasting care, this stain paint should bring out the natural colours of the wood while helping protect it from a range of tricky weather conditions.

Especially ideal for new wood, it should be easy to apply and absorb quickly.

No Nonsense Wood Paint

If you're worried about wet weather causing issues with your fencing, this garden paint from No Nonsense should help provide some protection while adding a fresh coating of colour.

Available in a range of tones, their meadow grass would provide a lovely summery effect that will make your garden shine even when the weather is less than ideal.

It promises to cover the wood while still letting it breathe, and should dry in just two hours thanks to its water based formula.

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Wilko Timbercare Exterior Wood Paint

If you'd like to make your fence stand out without distracting from the natural tone of the wood, this country brown paint from Wilko may be your best bet.

It comes in a five litre tin which they say should cover 20 square metres of fencing, and can be used on everything from smooth panel fencing to rough sawn timber.

Just bear in mind this shouldn't be applied to decking or garden furniture.


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