If a traditional wild garlic pesto isn't your thing, this vegan watercress version uses a handful of ingredients and is super easy to make ahead.

It makes a fantastic addition to pasta, a red onion tart or this roast vegetable and pesto bulgur wheat tray bake - whatever you use it in, it's sure to impress!


  • 75g Watercress
  • 35g Toasted hazelnuts
  • ½ Garlic clove Finely chopped
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil


  • STEP 1

    Put the watercress, toasted hazelnuts, and garlic into a food processor with a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

  • STEP 2

    Blend for 2 minutes, then scrape down the sides and pulse a few times to ensure no chunks are missed.

  • STEP 3

    Season with salt and pepper to taste, and serve!