When summer is here, you naturally spend a lot more time in your back garden, whether you're dozing, dining or just relaxing on your decking or patio.


But if the paving or planks are in need of a little rejuvenation before you can start taking things easy, follow these quick and simple steps to give your patio and decking a deep clean.

How to deep clean a patio

If you have patio paving slabs, start by removing any weeds growing up in between them. Using a brush, sweep the patio to remove any loose surface debris like leaves, twigs, loose gravel etc.

For a cheap and simple cleaning option, use a hard-bristled brush and a mixture of washing-up liquid and water. Working in stages, pour the mixture onto the patio slabs and work away all ground-in dirt and surface discolouration using the brush. Then, simply rinse the slabs off with clean water to find a gleaming patio that’s as good as new!

The above method can require a little elbow grease, but an easier alternative is to get your hands on some patio cleaning fluid. A good one - like Patio Magic! fluid - will contain some detergent to shift even the most stubborn dirt. All you need to do is spray the liquid on, let it sit for a while, then wash it off with a hose or a hard-bristled brush.

Once your patio is clean, style it up with our guide to giving your patio a makeover.

How to deep clean a deck

Onto the decking! Once again, begin by sweeping away any leaves or debris so you have a clear surface to work with.

For the simplest and cheapest way to clean, mix either a gentle solution of water and washing-up liquid or a speciality decking cleaner like Jeyes 4-in-1 Outdoor Cleaner over the surface, then agitate it using a stiff-bristled brush until it lathers. Allow to sit for up to 10 minutes then rinse it off with clean water.

Once the decking is dry, use sandpaper to smooth any rough patches then brush away any debris before resealing it. Apply decking oil like Ronseal's Ultimate Protection Decking Oil for a smart, professional finish.

If you’re lucky enough to own a pressure washer, the cleaning process is even easier. Simply connect your pressure washer to the outdoor tap and adjust the nozzle so that you have a medium pressure level. Hold the pressure washer handle at a 45° angle at hip height, and spray the water from left to right at a steady pace.


You’ll notice the grime being dislodged almost immediately – continue to spray evenly until the entire decking or patio is clean.