As the weather warms up, there's nothing nicer than spending time out in the garden to soak up the sunshine and enjoy a glass of wine or an al fresco dinner.


Outdoor rugs are a practical and stylish addition to any garden or yard. Although they can be used as an impromptu picnic blanket for a back garden lunch, outdoor rugs are primarily intended as a decorative addition to your outdoor space. An outdoor rug looks especially fabulous styled on a decked area or patio, perhaps as a base for your garden furniture.

If you're putting on a picnic lunch or just enjoying a beer or two as the sun goes down, a waterproof garden rug is essential to avoid any accidental spills spoiling the laid-back mood. We've included several waterproof outdoor rugs in our round-up.

The best outdoor rugs aren't necessarily pricey, either. While we've included a couple of garden rugs from high-end names, the majority of our picks are firmly in budget-friendly territory.

Read on to discover our picks for the best garden rugs available to buy right now!

The best outdoor rugs in the UK for 2023

Big Sur outdoor rug

Big Sur outdoor rug

The Big Sur outdoor rug from Fab Hab channels the colours of sunset to create this vibrant ombré style design that will inject a splash of vivid colour into your garden scheme.

Made of 100% recycled premium plastic, the rug is UV, water and stain-resistant. To keep clean, simply shake dirt loose or, for a deeper clean, hose down with water and a gentle detergent. The Big Sur design is shown above in 120cm x 180cm, but is also available in other sizes, as well as a variety of colourways including blue, green and grey.

furn. Checkerboard Green Reversible Indoor Outdoor Rug

furn. Checkerboard Green Reversible Indoor Outdoor Rug

Checks are super in right now, and if you're a fan of the checkerboard trend, then this indoor/outdoor rug from Scandi brand furn. could be right up your street. Weatherproof and UV resistant to withstand rain or shine, it features a pretty bottle-green and white checked pattern.

Find more checkerboard designs on Amazon.

Isidor indoor/outdoor rug

Isidor Indoor / Outdoor Rug

You can always count on La Redoute for simple and chic Gallic style, and this hand-woven ecru rug is a classic example. If you prefer something dark and dramatic, the same model is also available in charcoal.

Plus, with the largest version measuring a vast 200cm by 290cm, this rug could truly transform your deck or patio into extra 'room' for entertaining during the summer months. If you're looking for a large outdoor rug, this is the one for you!

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Alya indoor-outdoor rug

Julianna outdoor rug

The tropical palm leaf print of this indoor-outdoor rug, available from Wayfair, makes it an uplifting addition to any garden entertaining space. We think it looks particular special when styled as above, against wooden decking, or perhaps against tile in a conservatory or boot room.

The synthetic material is stain-resistant, giving you peace of mind in the event of any wine spills or dripping sauces when you're hosting guests for a relaxed summer supper. Prices start from £22.99 for the smallest size.

If you're inspired by the idea of a botanical print outdoor rug, check out these designs from Wayfair, Amazon and La Redoute.

Basketweave Indoor Outdoor Rug

Basketweave Indoor Outdoor Rug

With its natural colouring and chunky flatweave, Dunelm's basketweave indoor/outdoor rug is perfectly in line with the relaxed boho look that's everywhere right now. Equally at home on decking, in a conservatory or in a kitchen or living room, it would add texture to any space.

Available in three sizes: 133cm x 195cm, 160cm x 230cm and 200cm x 290cm.

Black and white motif circular reversible outdoor rug

A circular outdoor rug can complement a round table or act as an eye-catching contrast to the angular shapes of rectangular decking or paving. This reversible outdoor rug from Homescapes makes the most of its circular design, featuring a mirror image black and white Persian-inspired motif on each side.

Woven from 100% recycled plastic, we think this rug would make a lovely base for an outdoor armchair, or work perfectly underneath a bistro set. To keep it in tip-top condition, hang up and allow to dry thoroughly if exposed to heavy rainfall.

This is currently unavailable from Amazon, but for more black-and-white outdoor rugs, check out Amazon, Dunelm and Wayfair.

Aztec Indoor & Outdoor Rug

Aztec Indoor & Outdoor Rug

John Lewis's ANYDAY range promises the quality customers have come to expect from the trusted high street stalwart at an astonishingly affordable price. Included in the range is the Aztec indoor-outdoor rug, woven in a mix of polyester, nylon, acrylic and wool fibres for maximum durability.

It's available in on-trend teal, as well as elegant pearl grey with a washed-out look which gives it a deliciously beachy feel. Both colourways are available in a choice of three sizes.

Check out Rugs Direct for more geometric patterns, as well as B&Q and Wayfair.

Florence outdoor rug

Florence outdoor rug

The chic grey and black Florence rug, with its on-trend geometric pattern, would fit into any contemporary decor scheme. In fact, we think it would look just as fab in a living room or sunroom as on your decking! Plus, this rug doesn't just look good - made of weather-resistant polypropylene, it's hardwearing and easy to clean, too. Customers rated it an average of 4.6 stars out of five.

Available in 120cm x 170cm, 160cm x 230cm or 200cm x 290cm, this is a great large outdoor rug for hosting a family gathering.

Reversible Nirvana waterproof outdoor rug

Reversible Nirvana waterproof outdoor rug
Reversible Nirvana waterproof outdoor rug

While many garden rugs are treated to become water-resistant, gardening store Primrose offer 100% waterproof outdoor rugs - meaning you can leave them outside all year round if you want! Weatherproof and ultra easy to clean, these are the last word in low maintenance garden rugs!

Primrose offer a range of sizes and styles, but we're partial to the Reversible Outdoor Nirvana Rug above in striking black and white. Made of recycled plastic straws, they're resistant to sun, water and mildew damage - plus, their light weight they can easily double up as a picnic blanket!


How do I choose the best outdoor rug?

Outdoor rugs have become a popular addition to outdoor living spaces, adding both style and functionality. We've put our heads together to come up with the key things to consider so that you can choose the perfect outdoor rug.

What are outdoor rugs made of?

Most outdoor rugs are crafted from polypropylene, a weather-resistant material. Polypropylene is not only resistant to UV rays, preventing fading, but it is also stain-resistant, making spills easy to clean. Additionally, polypropylene rugs are relatively affordable due to their mass-production process. However, it's important to note that while polypropylene is practical, it is not as environmentally friendly as natural materials like jute and sisal. These natural fibre rugs offer an eco-friendlier option, although they may be less comfortable and slightly more expensive than synthetic options.

How do I know which size rug is best?

Wherever you want your rug, you'll need to consider the dimensions of your space and how you intend to use the rug to determine the appropriate size. If you want to cover an entire seating area, consider the size of your particular set up: as a rule of thumb, larger rugs that measure at least 180 x 290cm should be suitable, while runners are ideal for paths, balconies or small patios.

Can you leave an outdoor rug out during winter?

Although outdoor rugs are designed to be weatherproof, it is not recommended to leave them exposed during winter. Prolonged exposure to rain can lead to mould growth on the rug. If the rug is placed on decking, the moisture can also cause damage and rot the wood beneath it, not to mention attracting insects. Therefore, it's advisable to treat outdoor rugs like barbecue grills or garden tables—while a few showers may not harm them, extended exposure over time can lead to deterioration.

Can outdoor rugs stain flooring?

Yes, outdoor rugs can stain flooring if left outside in wet conditions. Rain and morning dew can cause the dye in the carpet to run, potentially staining paving slabs or decking. To prevent this, it is best to avoid leaving the rug outside when it is wet or in high humidity conditions.

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