How to paint a wall mural

Go big and bold with a statement design

How to paint a wall mural

Want a feature wall with a difference? Why not try painting a wall mural? Painting your own mural will make your home totally unique and add a personal element that defines you and your personality. Whether you keep it simple or go for a landscape masterpiece it will be a focal point that adds character and drama.

Worried you won’t like the result? No problem simply paint over and start again…! Go on unleash your inner artist and get your creative juices flowing

How to paint a wall mural


Total time:

Step 1

First you need to find your inspiration. What do you love? Have a browse through Instagram and Pinterest and start to create a moodboard of the kind of murals you like.

Wall mural ideas

Step 2

Draw out your design. Whether you use a sheet of paper or your iPad (Procreate is a good app to use), it’s important to sketch your design beforehand to get a real feel for how you are going to do it.

Step 3

Prep your wall and make sure it’s ready for painting. Fill and sand any holes, and paint the background colour if you have one. Painting a mural onto a matt surface is easier than painting onto a silk emulsion, so choose your paint accordingly.

Step 4

With your rubber and pencil at the ready, draw out your design. H pencils are lighter and easier to rub out than HB or B if you make a mistake.

Step 5

Start painting. Valspar tester pots are great for murals as they come in so many different colours and they are a good size.  Don’t miss our pick of the essential painting tools for every home to make sure you’re fully kitted out