How to paint ombré walls: create an eye-catching ombré affect in your home

For a simple and stylish technique that’s bang on trend, try creating an ombré effect on your walls with this easy guide from Valspar

How to paint ombré walls: create an eyecatching ombré effect in your home

Want a feature wall with a difference? Or fancy creating a look full of texture and colour? Then creating a dreamy ombré affect on your walls could be the answer. Ombré is the gradual blending of one colour or shade to another, usually going from light to dark, to create a unique look.

You could use pastels or dramatic colours, different shades of one colour or a few colours, the choice is yours. Just let your imagination run…

What you will need to create and make an ombré wall

• Paint: light, medium and dark colours, preferably of the same hue

• Foam paint roller

• Pencil

• Spirit level

• Paint trays

• Paint brushes


Total time:

Step 1

Choose three different shades from the same colour family: light, medium and dark. Make sure you fully prep and prime your chosen area before you begin. For more preparation tips follow this how to prepare walls for painting guide


Step 2

Use a roller to coat the entire wall in the lightest shade. Once dry, measure three equal horizontal sections along the wall and mark this lightly using a pencil and spirit level. The top section will be the lightest shade, then this will lead down the wall to merge into the medium and dark hues.

Step 3

Apply the medium shade first, leaving six inches in between the edges of each section (at the top and bottom), then add the darkest shade.

Step 4

In a fresh paint tray, mix the light and medium shades at a ratio of 50:50. Use this new colour to blend the six-inch gap in between the light and medium paint. Taking a dry brush and holding it at an angle, gently brush over the area where the two colours meet to fully merge the two.

Step 5

Using a second fresh paint tray, mix the medium and dark shades at a ratio of 50:50, then use this next new colour to blend the six-inch gap in between the medium and dark hues. Again, take a dry brush and hold it at an angle, then blend this section to merge the two.

Step 6

Continue to gently brush the three sections until you have achieved the level of ombré you desire.


Stand back and admire your handiwork! Then take a photograph and get it on your instagram – or even better share it with us…

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