Lawns should never be undervalued for their ability to absorb rainwater and help prevent flooding – an asset non-porous hard landscaping cannot compete with. They also provide a soft and forgiving surface, on which children can play safely.


With wildlife in mind, try not to be too worried about the presence of a few ground-covering lawn weeds such as daisies, as these will be appreciated enormously by bees and other pollinating insects.

Best lawn mowers

Cobra GTRM38P

GTRM38P Cobra

This stylish, limited-edition, electric mulching mower has an integrated rear roller to create that striped finish. £25 from each purchase of the GTRM38P goes to Breast Cancer Now to help fund the future of the charity’s research.

Murray 37cm Cordless Lawnmower

best lawn mowers

With a generous running time of 30 plus minutes, this lawnmower is ideal for a medium-sized garden, up to 425 square metres. Its high-performance blades deliver a quality cut.

Gardena Battery PowerMax 32/36V

Gardena PowerMax Li-18-32

A powerful model with great manoeuvrability; its ergonomic handle supports the natural position of the hands, making it easy to steer around irregular lawn shapes. It is powered by low maintenance Lithium ion batteries that recharge swiftly.

Mountfield Electress 34Li

Electress34Li Mountfield

Weighing less than 12kg, this lightweight model is part of the Freedom 100 series – its batteries are interchangeable with other Freedom 100 products. Cordless power is energy efficient and emission free.
£229, find stockists at

Stihl RMA 235

Best lawn mowers

Long-life batteries and a large 30-litre capacity grass catcher box, which has an indicator that shows when the box is full, makes this lawnmower a good fit for small to medium-sized gardens. Battery and charger are included in the price.

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Flymo Robotic Lawnmower

Flymo_EasiLife Go 150

The ultimate luxury in lawn maintenance, a robotic lawnmower allows owners more time to relax in their gardens, while ensuring the lawn stays neat and tidy.


The EasiLife Go 150 is Flymo’s smallest, battery-powered robotic lawnmower, making it ideal for compact lawns. It can be fully controlled via a smartphone app.


Louise Midgley is a gardener and garden writer