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The best Art Deco door knobs to buy

Add a splash of roaring twenties glamour to your home with our pick of the best art deco door knobs.

Published: May 13, 2022 at 11:00 am
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Renowned for its clean shapes, sharp lines and lavish look, Art Deco is a striking design style. Adding an art deco door knob to your doorways is a quick, easy and affordable way to bring the 1920s to your space. We've put together a list of the best art deco door knobs so you can spruce up your room with a touch of Gatsby charm.


We've selected a range of styles at different price points, so whether you're into the bold and brassy or sleek and shiny, we've got you covered.

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Best art deco door knobs for 2022

Brass Octagonal Mortice Door Knobs 

Brass door knobs

These polished brass mortice door knobs are a sure way to give your doors a luxurious look. Their heavy, solid nature gives them an authentic feel so if you're after quality, this design is one to consider. The octagonal outline reflects the kind of shapes we associate with Art Deco and thanks to the understated design, these door knobs would work well with a range of décor styles. Their durable nature also makes them an appealing purchase, as you want a set of door knobs that can handle daily use and still maintain a gorgeous sheen.

You could pair these stunning door knobs with a stylish door stop to complete your look!

Antique Style Mortice Door Knobs

Chrome door knobs

If you prefer more of a unique shape to your door knobs, this funky, angular design could be up your street, as they're a nice change to the more commonly used round door knob. Made of brass with a chrome finish, these door knobs would look fabulous alongside dark décor such as a navy blue or emerald green wall, as it would create contrast and help the chrome finish stand out. They would also work well for an office door due to their smart and sophisticated appearance. If you're on the lookout for weighty, stylish and durable door knobs, these are a top choice.

Antique Brass Broadway Passage Door Knobs

Brass door knob

The shape of this door knob's backplate resembles the iconic Art Deco buildings and architecture, with its tapered, triangular design. This therefore gives this item from Wayfair a strong, 1920s look that's instantly recognisable. Another top pick for brass lovers, these are passage door knobs, making them a great choice for interior hallways.

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Brass Hexagonal Door Knobs and Backplates

Hexagonal door knobs

This set of two door knobs offers true vintage style. As a winning option if you want to really hone in on the twenties and thirties vibe - due to the bold backplate shape, and the sharp, hexagonal door knob design - this is a winning way to jazz up your room. You can choose to keep the brass looking fresh by polishing the design, or you can embrace the charming patina of the door knobs by allowing their appearance to change over time as their finish mellows.

Antique Brass Deco Interior Mortice Door Knob

Patterned door knob

Patterned door knobs can add a special touch to a room, with guests and visitors often noticing the extra detail. This brass door knob set is an ideal choice if you enjoy a busy and intricate design. The detailed pattern mirrors the lavishness of the Art Deco period and this style would look lush matched with warm reds and deep oranges for a warm, cosy vibe.

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Charlston Privacy Door Handle

Privacy door knob

As a privacy door handle, this set gives you the option of locking the door, making it suitable for bathrooms and bedrooms. We love the line design on the handle which matches the backplate, making this an aesthetically pleasing addition to your door which helps bring the magic of Art Deco to your space. We're also big fans of the oval door knob shape, which gives this set a unique edge.

Ceramic Mortice Door Knobs

Ceramic door knobs

If you want your door knobs to be the star of the show, this beautiful pair are likely to steal the spotlight. The geometric shapes and gold finish are reminiscent of Art Deco interiors, and the ceramic backdrop gives them an elegant look. These door knobs would look wonderful on any door, whether it leads to your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Adding this set to your furnishings is an easy way to uplift a room that's in need of some vibrancy. If you're looking for an easy way to get your refurbishment project off to a good start, these will do the trick!

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Art Deco Mortice Door Knobs

Mortice Door Knob

For an especially shiny appearance, these mortice door knobs are a lovely choice. This set would be a super option if you enjoy a clean, polished look and while the design is simple, it certainly conjures up thoughts of Art Deco design. Available in a brass, chrome or nickel finish, you can select the style that best suits your current décor and colour scheme. Despite their vintage look, they would work well alongside contemporary artwork and furniture due to their sleek and stylish appearance.


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