If you’re tired of constantly opening and closing doors as you move from room to room, or have an entrance you’d like kept open that keeps swinging shut, it may be time for you to invest in a sturdy door stop.


There are lots of designs available, whether you're looking for a subtle magnetic strip, or a stand-out feature in its own right to make a statement in your entryway.

We’ve put together our pick of the best door stops, that will not only make your life a little easier, but will add some flair to your home.

10 best door stops for your home

Nautical Rope Knot Door Stop

Nautical Rope Knot Weighted Fabric Door Stop on white background

Available in grey or off-white, this rope knot door stop would suit a space that has embraced coastal décor, or a minimalist styled home due to its simple design.

Hand-crafted and made with cotton, it includes a handle which blends seamlessly into the design, while making it easy to pick up and move between rooms. It should be light enough to easily carry to whichever space you need it, while heavy enough to do the job of keeping the door in place as it weighs 1.19 kilograms.

Made for indoor use only, it measures 13cm x 13cm.

PHOEWON Magnetic Door Stopper

PHOEWON Strong Magnetic Door Stopper on white background

A low-key door stop, ideal if you want to keep their doors open without the appearance of a heavy duty door stopper. Made from zinc alloy metal, it contains a magnet that is strong enough to hold the connecting plate attached to the door in place, while remaining easy enough to close the door when you need to.

The base plate is 5mm tall, which means it’s not so big that you’ll accidentally kick it or trip over the door stop when it’s not in use. It should be easily stuck down with self adhesive, which means no drilling is required, though you can install with screws if you’d like.

More like this

Emma Bridgewater Green Tulips Linen Door Stop

Green Tulips Linen Doorstop from Emma Bridgewater
Emma Bridgewater

This eye-catching door stop from Emma Bridgewater could be perfect for your home.

Made from a mix of linen and cotton, it has a classic design a vibrant floral print, which should bring some warmth into your living space as the colder months creep in.

Antiqued Claw Door Stop

Antiqued Claw Doorstop

Insert some personality into your entryway with this claw door stop from Anthropologie. This statement piece is handmade from cast aluminium, and would suit a rustic home with antique features.

Buy Antiqued Claw Doorstop now from Anthropologie

Jamm 'The World's Best Door Stopper'

The World’s Best Door Stopper!

If function over form is your priority then we think this boldly-named door stopper could be for you.

The unique design of this stopper means that this Amazon sold item effectively stops a door from moving in either direction. It claims to work well on all floor types and will resist forces of up to 12kg.

It's available in two sizes, so make sure you order the correct one for your needs via the sizing instructions on the Amazon product page.

Personalised Oak Door Stop

The Oak and Rope Company Personalised Oak Doorstop on white background

Why not use your door step as a chance to bring some bespoke detail into your home with this personalised door stop from the Oak & Rope company. Have your family name, a special date or message of your choice hand-engraved into this green oak block, to create a unique feature in your home while keeping your door in place.

The words are displayed in capital letters and feature on one side of the door stop, which is made from seasoned wood so will contain small, unique cracks that add to the individual feel of the item.

It also includes a rope handle so you can easily carry and place the item wherever works best in your home.

Curly Sheepskin Door Stop

Curly Sheepskin Doorstop

Made in New Zealand, this sheepskin coated door stop should bring some fun and fluff to your home. Weighed down on the inside by glass beads, it’s covered with durable wool fibres to create a soft and welcoming feel. Finishined with a handy strap, this would be a cosy addition to any home in the winter months.

Natural Teak Root Door Stopper

Natural Teak Root Door Stopper on white background

This heavy duty door stopper tips the scale at 2.3kg which means it’ll do a fine job of holding steady against studier doors in your home.

Made from 100% teak root wood, this natural door stopper has been sanded down for a smooth finish, with a rope handle for easy carrying.

Bird Door Stop

Bird door stop on grey background

This quirky, bird door stop is small but mighty, able to keep doors open thanks to its wedge in the tail which is suitable for any door with a 10mm gap.

Handcrafted in Wiltshire from solid oak, each individual bird will feature a unique shade due to the wood varying in colour, which adds to the personality of the piece. The eye of the design also acts as a fingerhole, so can be easily scooped up and placed out of the way when no longer needed.

Buy the Bird Doorstop by Design by Timber (RRP £22.95)

White Marble Door Stop

Oliver bonas White Marble Door Stop on grey background

This chic marble door stop from Oliver Bonas is made from white marble and detailed with scalloped edging and gold features for a fun and luxurious effect. It has a rope handle, as well as a green tassel which provides an additional bit of character. Best suited for a contemporary style home, where you want to make a real show of your door stopper.



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