Sometimes, making eco-friendly swaps can seem complicated, inconvenient or expensive - but switching to sustainable pens is a no-brainer. Not only are they usually affordable and effective, they’re also beautiful, with minimalist designs and chic metal casing.


There are two options available if you’re on the lookout for some new eco-friendly pens. You can go for disposable ones made with sustainably sourced and recyclable materials, or choose a longer-lasting metal pen and just replace the internal cartridges when they’re empty.

Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy making notes - or penning your memoirs - without the guilt of sending plastic to landfill.

6 sustainable pens for an eco-friendly writing experience

Eco Pens with Low-Waste Packaging

Eco Friendly Pens with Low-Waste Packaging on a white background

A quick and convenient way to replenish your pen pot, this set of black ballpoints comes in a pack of 24, which arrives in one recyclable box.

The pens themselves are made with rolled-up kraft paper and have a stainless steel core instead of a plastic one. Unbleached paper pulp makes up the lids, which are also recyclable and partially compostable.

As a bonus, these pens arrive plain with no design, so you can personalise them with your name or a colourful pattern to give them an individual look.

Bamboo Mechanical Ballpoint Pen

Bamboo Mechanical Ballpoint Pens

Paperchase is one of our favourite places to shop for new stationery, and it’s now selling its own selection of sustainable pens. These four pretty pens come in a range of pastel tones, so they’ll look lovely on your desk when you’re not using them.

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Made from bamboo, they’re an eco-friendly alternative to the standard plastic ballpoint, and they arrive in packaging made from kraft paper, which you can easily recycle.

Gloweasy Eco Gifts Cork and Aluminium Pen

Gloweasy Eco Gifts Cork and Aluminium Ballpoint Pen and case

This stylish sustainable pen is made with aluminium and organic cork, offering something a little different to many of the other eco-friendly options out there.

Once you’ve run out of ink, just use the simple twist mechanism to replace the cartridge inside.

As it’s designed to last a long time, it would make a thoughtful present for friends and family. In fact, it even comes in a smart gift box as a special finishing touch. Plus, every pen will have a unique finish, as no two pieces of cork are the same.

The Papier Pen

The Papier Pen and lid

We’ll admit: we’re in love with these highly aesthetically pleasing pens from Papier. With their hexagonal metal case and gold detailing, these are stationery items you’ll be proud to keep on display.

In fact, Papier is a great place to shop for sustainable stationery in general; all its products are ‘made to order’ to reduce waste, and everything arrives in recyclable packaging. Plus, the brand sources all its paper from FSC-certified forests.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Ballpoint Pens

Recycled plastic bottle pens, sets of two

Taking advantage of used and discarded materials, these pens are made from old single-use plastic bottles. And you can recycle them once you’ve used up all the ink.

Choose between four colours: orange, yellow, green and red. You’ll get two pens in the pack.

As an added bonus, some of the profits from your purchase will go towards international education projects for disadvantaged children.

Eco Friendly Paper Pens

Eco Friendly Paper Pens

To quickly give your stationery drawer a boost, go for this 10-pack of sustainable pens. The entire package is free from plastic and the pens themselves are made with recycled and recyclable paper.

When the pens come to the end of their life, just soak them in warm water for two minutes. Then, you’ll be able to unravel the paper and take out the stainless steel cartridge and nib before recycling everything separately.


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