Whether you’re sending a one-off parcel to a friend, or you’re a small business that ships plenty of products to customers, you can help minimise the impact on the planet by carefully choosing your packaging materials.


To make life a little easier we’ve put together our picks of the best eco-friendly postal materials that range from fully biodegradable envelopes to compostable bags, to give you plenty of sustainable inspiration.

There’s no reason a sustainable package shouldn’t arrive in style either so we’ve also included recyclable ribbons and floral packaging tape so you can feel good about the presentation while helping preserve the planet.

And don't miss our video tutorial showing you three gift-wrapping hacks for a perfect finish every time.

Sustainable packaging materials

RUSPEPA Kraft Paper Reusable Envelopes

RUSPEPA Kraft Paper Poly Envelopes Mailer on white background

An eco-friendly alternative to typical polythene mailing bags, these paper envelope mailers are 100% recyclable, helping you to do your bit for the environment as you send out your packages.

To get the most out of a single envelope they’ve also made them re-sealable so they can be used for two trips. This is perfect for sending something like a document or a sample that needs to be sent back, or can simply be used by the recipient to send their own parcel on.

Made from oiled kraft paper, these mailers should provide a durable covering to keep your items safe.

Eco Friendly Floral Print Self Adhesive Tape

Floral Print Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

Perfect for parcels, this eco-friendly self-adhesive tape will hold your packages together in style while keeping the environment in mind.

Made from kraft paper instead of plastic, this tape is recyclable so you can wrap your valuables as tightly as you'd like knowing it can be repurposed.

It will also look beautiful in transit due to the unique floral print design which shows you don’t have to compromise on presentation to do your part for the planet.

Compostable Mailer Bag

noissue Compostable Mailer

A plant-based alternative to plastic poly mailer bags, this noissue mailing bag is 100% compostable.

Easily degradable, this can be composted commercially or at home. Its clever design also serves as a reminder of the importance of eco-friendly packaging and lets your customers know you’re doing your bit.

They may be easy to break down but that doesn’t mean they fall down on quality as a result, with noissue boasting a durable package that will deliver your goods.

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Recycled Ribbon

Eco Friendly Recycled Ribbon on white background

This eco-friendly recycled ribbon from Ruby & Bo will add some colour and personality to your packages without damaging the environment, proving sustainable packaging doesn’t have to look bland.

Made with a grosgrain ribbon, they’ve been formed from repurposed plastic bottles in a creative way to make a beautiful set of high quality designs that are available in 10 different colours.

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Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap

Ready Roll Packaging Paper on white background

If you’re sending valuables through the post there’s always a risk of them arriving damaged, so why not wrap them up in eco-friendly cushioning?

You can do away with classic, plastic bubble wrap and instead opt for this recyclable roll which uses a honeycomb structure to add a protective layer to any precious items.

Each roll is 30 centimetres wide and reaches a distance of 40 metres which should be more than enough to wrap anything that risks being cracked or damaged in transit. It can also be used to fill hollow valuables such as glass and dishes, or clothing accessories like shoes and bags to keep their shape.

Recyclable Wrapping Paper Set

Recyclable Wrapping Paper Set by Pandabode on white background

Proving that sustainable packaging doesn't have to be lifeless, Pandabode have introduced their eco-friendly range that is full of vibrant designs that range from animal patterns to watercolour dots.

This wrapping is made from 100% recycled kraft paper and is bio-degradable and recycling bin friendly. Each bundle contains three large sheets of paper which are extra thick, and even includes three gift tags and raffia twine to add a personal touch.

Agel Leaf Packaging

agel leaf for ecofriendly packaging

A natural alternative to foam peanuts or plastic bubble wrap, these agel leaf cuttings will help protect any valuables that you’re sending in the post. Simply stuff them in the package to add a layer of cushioning to the item and once the parcel has been safely received the leaves can be recycled.

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Sent in Recycled Packaging Eco Friendly Stickers

Sent in Recycled Packaging

These stickers are a great way to show you take pride in your eco-friendly parcels, and will let the recipient know you’ve made the extra steps to consider the environment. These are especially ideal for small businesses sending out plenty of packages who have made sustainability a core priority.

Best of all the stickers themselves are made from recycled waste and can be popped in the recycling bin too.


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