Cleaning hard floors can be as simple as taking out the mop and bucket… But when they’re in need of a thorough scrub, you may want to opt for a slightly heavier-duty option. Enter the floor polisher.


These impressive machines can remove marks and scuffs from all kinds of surfaces, including tile, wood and stone, so they’re ideal for giving your home a refresh. We’ve found five of the best floor polishers on the market, including models to rent and buy.

What is the difference between buffing and polishing a floor?

The methods involved in buffing and polishing floors are fairly similar; they both remove lumps and scratches by taking away a thin top layer with a specialised machine. But generally, polishing - also known as burnishing - is a more intensive process using heavier machines with higher scrubbing speeds.

Compared to buffing, polishing can provide a glossier finish, so it’s particularly useful for stone and marble surfaces.

How to choose a floor polisher

Here are a few factors to consider when finding the best floor polisher for your home:

  • Your floor type - some devices are suited to specific materials, so you may want to look out for a stone floor polisher or a tile polishing machine, for example
  • Polisher rotation speed - choose a machine with a higher speed for tougher polishing jobs
  • Polisher pad size - you’ll be able to finish the job faster if you use large pads
  • Weight - generally, the heavier the machine, the more scrubbing power you’ll get
  • Features and accessories - look out for extras, such as vacuum attachments and spare polishing pads

The best floor polishers to buy and rent in 2023

PowerGlide Hard Floor Cleaner

250rpm | 21cm pads | 3kg

PowerGlide Hard Floor Cleaner with scrubbing pads on a white background

Aircraft has developed a selection of high-quality floor-cleaning devices, one of which is the PowerGlide. It scrubs and polishes floors at the same time for a squeaky clean finish.

With a weight of just 3kg, this floor polisher is by far the lightest model on our list, so it’s easy to move around your home. Plus, storage should be simple, thanks to the adjustable telescopic handle.

The PowerGlide is a cordless floor polisher, and you can get up to 40 minutes of power after charging it for two hours.

You can find replacement pads for the PowerGlide on the Aircraft website.

Kärcher FP 303 Floor Polisher

1,000rpm | 29cm pads | 7kg

Kärcher FP 303 Floor Polisher with replacement pads on a white background

Kärcher is another trusted brand to consider. Its sturdy machine has a high pad rotational speed of 1,000rpm, so it’s one of the most powerful floor polishers for heavily marked surfaces.

One of the most convenient aspects of this design is its triangular base, which helps you reach into corners and other areas circular heads wouldn’t be able to access.

The design includes a vacuum function to collect dust and dirt, a convenient pedal ‘start’ button and a bag for storing your extra pads and accessories.

You can use this floor polisher with Kärcher’s cleaning agents, available to order online.

For more floor polishing options, browse our round-up of the best cleaning products for 2023.

Numatic Henry floor polishing machine

150rpm | 40cm pads | 32kg

Numatic Henry floor polishing machine from different angles on a white background

We all love Henry vacuum cleaners with their bright colouring and smiling faces, but did you know the product line also includes a floor polisher?

It’s not the most impressive on the market - it has a 150rpm speed and weighs 32kg - but what it lacks in power, it makes up for with its 40cm pad. It's worth noting that this polisher is designed for commercial rather than home use; it shouldn’t take long to complete large polishing jobs thanks to the huge head.

Plus, the floor polisher comes with an adjustable handle and automatic torque control to adapt the rotational speed.

Ewbank floor cleaner, scrubber and polisher

2,200rpm | 24cm pads | 3.4kg

Ewbank all-in-one floor cleaner, scrubber and polisher from two angles on a white background

With a pad rotational speed of 2,200rpm, this cleaner and scrubber is the best floor polisher on our list in terms of power. It also weighs just 3.4kg, which makes it light enough to easily manoeuvre around the home.

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Despite the fast pad rotational speed, the Ewbank floor polisher shouldn’t damage delicate surfaces, so it’s suitable to use with most types of materials.

As an added bonus, the design includes a telescopic handle and in-built cable storage to keep everything neat and tidy.

Floor polisher hire

230rpm | 45cm pads | 32kg

Man with Numatic floor polisher

If you don’t have room to store your own floor polisher, why not rent one? Jewson offers a Numatic model for hire, alongside a variety of accessories.

At 32kg, this is another relatively heavy piece of equipment, but you will get a large 45cm polishing pad, which should help you finish the job quickly.

Prices including VAT start at £49.50 for 24-hour hire, and go up to £99 for the week.

Best floor polishes for a gleaming finish

Bona wood floor polish

Bona 1L wood floor polish bottle on a white background

If you have wooden floors, using a polishing solution like this one will help you achieve a glossy finish and keep it looking smart for longer.

Working as an extra layer of protection, this polish includes polyurethane for extra durability and fills in any light scratches. It dries quickly and should cover around 50 square metres of floor space.

Astonish Specialist wood floor polish

Premium edition wood floor polish bottle on a white background

This orange and sandalwood polish is another great option for sealing and adding some shine to your floors. It claims to restore wood’s natural look and create a non-slip surface for safety.


As an added bonus, this solution is vegan-friendly and hasn’t been tested on animals.


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