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Best Henry vacuum cleaner: how to choose the right Numatic for your home

We've rounded up some of the best options from the Numatic cleaning range to find the right vacuum cleaner for you.

Henry allergy vacuum cleaner on a white background

With its familiar face, and classic red and black design, a Henry vacuum from the Numatic range is often at the top of the list when it comes to selecting a vacuum cleaner. However, the range has plenty more to offer, with a wide selection of some of the best vacuum cleaners that have been designed to take care of different household needs.


Whether you’re looking for a deeper carpet clean, an eco-friendly vacuum, or something to get rid of pesky pet hair, we have taken a closer look through the Numatic range to find the best vacuum cleaner for you.

Best Henry vacuum for your home in 2021

Henry vacuum

Best for an iconic design

Henry hoover on a white background

A classic vacuum cleaner for a reason, the Henry is lightweight and durable. Easy to move around when vacuuming any space, it also has a huge capacity which is up to five times bigger than other bagless vacuum cleaners – making it popular with professional cleaners. Suitable for all surfaces, from hard floors to carpets, Henry is a reliable rover for any home.

  • £129

Harry vacuum

Best for dealing with pet hair

Harry hoover

Perfect for homes with pets, the Harry vacuum removes pet hair from surfaces it also reduces unwanted odours that can come from pets and dirt, thanks to the HepaFlo dust bags which are designed to capture the tiniest particles. Plus, its Numatic Performance Control ensures a quiet motor, too, so you can vacuum without disturbing any dozing animals.

  • £139

Henry Allergy

Best for those with allergies

Henry allergy vacuum cleaner on a white background

Awarded the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval, the Henry Allergy vacuum cleaner is ideal for those who suffer with dust or pet hair allergies. Thanks to its advanced three-stage filtration system, this Henry keeps dust at bay, with a crevice tool that can reach difficult and delicate surfaces. There’s also a self-seal tab that locks the dust in the bag to help you empty the vacuum with no risk of coming into contact with allergens. 

  • £199

George vacuum

Best for deep cleaning

George Hoover on white background

An all-in-one bit of kit, George can take care of regular vacuuming tasks but is also specially designed to tackle hard-floor cleaning with its Dual Scrub Floor Tool. It can easily take on carpet stains when combined with the wash kit provided, which should revive any unsightly areas in your home and keep your flooring looking fresh.

  • £245

Charles vacuum

Best for unblocking a sink

Charles hoover on a white background

Excellent in an emergency, the Charles vacuum can suck up liquids, which means it can take on a sizeable spillage and even unblock a sink or shower drain. With a particularly powerful 1060 W motor, Charles can switch from cleaning up a plumbing disaster to regular dry vacuuming – you’ll just need to change the dry filter and the wet float valve, and choose which attachment is right for the next job. 

  • £150

Numatic Eco

Best for the environment

Numatic Eco hoover on a white background

With all the functions you’d expect from a traditional Henry vac, the Eco is designed for those looking to make their home as environmentally-friendly as possible. Made from top quality recycled materials, it runs on a high-efficiency 420 W motor which reduces energy usage in your home, and works out to be more cost effective as a result.

  • £119