With its familiar face and classic tub design, a Henry hoover from the Numatic range is often at the top of the list when it comes to selecting a vacuum cleaner. However, the Henry hoover range has plenty more to offer, with a wide selection of some of the best vacuum cleaners that have been designed to take care of different household needs.


Whether you're looking for a deeper carpet clean, an eco-friendly vacuum, or something to get rid of pesky pet hair, we have taken a closer look through the Henry range to find the best vacuum cleaner for you. We've also chosen to include a selection of commercial vacuum cleaners from Henry's parent company Numatic, all of which are readily available to buy.

Best Henry hoover for your home or business in 2023

Henry HVR 160 vacuum

Best all-round choice

Henry hoover on a white background

Capacity: 6L | Suction: 2,300H20 | Power: 620w | Weight: 7.5kg | Dimensions: 320mm x 340mm x 345mm

A classic vacuum cleaner for a reason, the Henry hoover is lightweight, powerful and durable, making it ideal for variety of cleaning tasks.

Easy to move around when vacuuming any space, it also has a generous 6-litre capacity and uses cheap, readily available dust bags that make emptying the machine a doddle. Its motor delivers powerful suction without making too much noise and its overall dependability makes it a favourite amongst those in the cleaning trade.

The reel integrated into the top of Henry makes retracting the power cable a simple and speedy process.

A well-thought-out tool kit is included meaning the Henry is quickly adapted from working on smooth, hard floors to picking up debris from carpets or upholstery.

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Henry Quick

Best for household convenience

Henry Quick cordless stick vacuum cleaner

Capacity: 1L | Suction: tbc | Power: tbc | Weight: 3.2kg | Dimensions: 240mm x 270mm x 1220mm

The all-new Henry Quick is Numatic’s foray into the world of cordless stick vacuums and it does things a little differently from most of its competitors.

The Henry Quick uses pods (disposable bags) to contain dirt and debris, meaning you can empty the machine quickly and without making a dusty mess. The pods have an unusually large 1-litre capacity, and the fact they’re used also means there are no filters for you to have to clean.

At 3.2kg it’s a competitive weight, particularly given its capacity. Remove its extension tube and the Henry Quick remains reasonably comfortable for short uses as a handheld cleaner too.

The head features a powered brush with LED lighting while more detailed cleaning can be achieved by switching to the 2-in-1 combination or crevice tools.

A detachable 25.2v lithium-ion battery powers the cleaner for a claimed run time of up to one hour while a boost setting really turns up the suction but consumes a lot more power. The battery life indicator should stop you from unexpectedly running out of power though, and a full charge takes 150 minutes.

A nice touch is the fact you can add a scented disc to the back of the cleaner for a fresh smell while using the machine. A supplied wall dock allows you to securely store the cleaner and its tools.

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Henry Cordless

Best Henry vacuum for those who hate cables

Henry Cordless vacuum cleaner

Capacity: 6L | Suction: 1,200H20 | Power: 250w | Weight: 6.4kg | Dimensions: 320mm x 340mm x 320mm

The clue is in the name with this one! The cordless Henry brings all the perks of a usual Henry vacuum but does away with the power cable. Instead, a removable 36V lithium-ion battery pack gives the Henry Cordless a run time of up to 30 minutes while the battery charges from flat to full in 3.5 hours.

At 6.4kg the cordless Henry is actually over a kilogram lighter and slightly smaller than its wired counterpart. The trade-off for cable-free convenience comes in the form of a reduced suction output and a higher price tag.

More like this

Numatic NRV240-11 Commercial Dry Henry Hoover

Best for commercial use

Henry NRV 240-11 Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Capacity: 9L | Suction: 2,300H20 | Power: 620w | Weight: 6.9kg | Dimensions: 360mm x 370mm x 415mm

The trained eye will notice the Numatic NRV240-11 from the regular domestic Henry but most of us could be forgiven for not seeing the nuances in design.

Compared to the domestic Henry the NRV240-11 packs a larger 9L capacity from a tougher drum design that places a bumper ring around the hoover's slightly larger front wheels. If for some reason Henry's face isn't to your liking then you'll be pleased to learn that the face plate is removable on these latest models.

Its power cord is 2.5-metres longer than the 10-meter part fitted to the domestic Henry too.

Numatic James Vacuum Cleaner JVP 180-11

Best for versatility

Numatic James Vacuum Cleaner on white background

Capacity: 8L | Suction: 2,300H20 | Power: 620w | Weight: 6.0kg | Dimensions: 340mm x 365mm x 360mm

If you're looking for a sleek and simple Numatic that has the power to tackle a variety of tasks, James may be your ideal cleaning companion.

James has a caddy top where you can store your cleaning items so you can spruce up your home as you hoover your way through it, and an eight-litre capacity which means he's prepared for any larger jobs.

A sturdy carry handle makes him particularly portable while the replaceable cable should guarantee reliability for many years to come.

James also comes with an extensive accessory kit, with nine add-ons that can help with any area of your home, from carpets and flooring to curtains and furniture.

Henry Wash Cleaner

Best Henry hoover for carpets and upholstery

Henry wash hoover on white background

Capacity: 9L | Suction: 2,400H20 | Power: 1,000w | Weight: 12.66kg | Dimensions: 360mm x 370mm x 510mm

If a thorough clean is what you need, the Henry wash can tackle stains and deep dirt with ease, using a pump to mix water and detergent which it will then apply to your carpets or upholstery.

It's even powerful enough to unblock your sink, thanks to its powerful 1060W motor, with a ten-metre cable and large capacity which means you can take on ambitious cleaning tasks in one go.

Numatic Nuvac VNP-180-1

Best lightweight choice

Numatic nuvac on white background

Capacity: 8L | Power: 620w | Weight: 5.8kg | Dimensions: 340mm x 340mm x 350mm

Coming from the Numatic commercial range, the Nuvac VNP180-1 combines a 620W motor, an eight-litre capacity tub and a 12-metre cable. A sturdy, steady and lightweight cleaner, you won't have to keep setting it upright while you move around your home.

Once you’re done you can easily wrap the lead around the top of the model for easy access, using its four wheels to quickly store it out of sight.

Henry Hetty HET160 vacuum

If you prefer pink

Henry HET160 vacuum

Capacity: 6L | Suction: 2,300H20 | Power: 620w | Weight: 7.5kg | Dimensions: 320mm x 340mm x 345mm

Pink colouring and some fetching eyelashes distinguish Hetty as its own vacuum, but the truth is this hoover remains mechanically identical to the Henry HVR 160 above. Just like Henry, Hetty is loaded with a versatile toolkit that includes nozzles specifically for cleaning and dusting everything from mattresses to crevices and upholstery as well as various types of flooring.

Henry NRV370-11 XL Plus vacuum

Best Henry hoover for DIY

Henry XL vacuum cleaner red

Capacity: 15L | Suction: 2,300H20 | Power: 620w | Weight: 10kg | Dimensions: 510mm x 360mm x 370mm

With the same familiar face but an extra-long 12.5-metre cable and cavernous 15L capacity, the Henry XL plus is the choice of the range for those taking on DIY jobs. This heavyweight Henry comes supplied with numerous attachments to guarantee it makes the most of its suction whether you're taking on a hard floor or a textile surface.

Henry PET / Harry HHR 200 vacuum

Best Henry Hoover for dealing with pet hair

Harry vacuum cleaner on a white background

Capacity: 9L | Suction: 2,300H20 | Power: 620w | Weight: 8kg | Dimensions: 340mm x 360mm x 370mm

Perfect for homes with pets, the Henry Pet and Harry vacuums have an identical spec but arrive with a different name and slightly different face. They excel at removing pet hair from surfaces thanks to the supplied hairobrush tool, while extra filtration removes unwanted odours that can come from pets and dirt.

Henry Allergy HVA 160

Best Henry hoover for those with allergies

Henry allergy vacuum cleaner on a white background

Capacity: 6L | Suction: 2,300H20 | Power: 620w | Weight: 7.5kg | Dimensions: 320mm x 340mm x 345mm

Awarded the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval, the Henry Allergy vacuum cleaner is ideal for those who suffer with dust or pet hair allergies. Thanks to its advanced three-stage filtration system, this Henry keeps dust at bay, with a crevice tool that can reach difficult and delicate surfaces. There’s also a self-seal tab that locks the dust in the bag to help you empty the vacuum with no risk of coming into contact with allergens.

George GVE 370 wet and dry vacuum

Best Henry hoover for car cleaning

George Hoover on white background

Capacity: 15L | Suction: 2,400H20 | Power: 1060w | Weight: 14.68kg | Dimensions: 360mm x 370mm x 510mm

An all-in-one bit of kit, George can take care of regular vacuuming tasks but also offers wet vacuuming functionality that's ideal for replenishing upholstery, carpets and tiled floors.

George adapts between dry and wet vacuuming through a simple process that involves swapping a few internal components. Thankfully, everything you need is included within the box.

George's 15L capacity will reduce downtime and makes him ideal for bigger jobs.

This dependable and versatile vacuum is a favourite amongst car valeters and we think it represents excellent value for money.

You can find other car vacuum cleaners, including lightweight, compact models, in our guide to the best on the market.

Charles / Henry Wet & Dry vacuum

Best Henry hoover for dealing with spills

Charles hoover on a white background

Capacity: 9L | Suction: 2,400H20 | Power: 1060w | Weight: 9kg | Dimensions: 360mm x 370mm x 510mm

Excellent in an emergency, the Charles vacuum can suck up liquids, which means it can take on a sizeable spillage and even unblock a sink or shower drain. With a particularly powerful 1060 W motor, Charles can switch from cleaning up a plumbing disaster to regular dry vacuuming - you'll just need to change the dry filter and the wet float valve, and choose which attachment is right for the next job.

Think you've seen that face before? A technically identical version of the Charles vacuum is also sold by UK retailer Argos under the name Henry Wet & Dry.

Numatic ERP180

Best for the environment

Numatic Eco hoover on a white background

Capacity: 8L | Suction: 1,750H20 | Power: 420w | Weight: 8kg | Dimensions: 340mm x 365mm x 360mm

With all the functions you’d expect from a traditional Henry hoover, the Eco is designed for those looking to make their home as environmentally-friendly as possible. Made from top quality recycled materials, it runs on a high-efficiency 420 W motor which reduces energy usage in your home, and works out to be more cost effective as a result.

Paladone Henry Hoover Desk Vacuum

Best Henry hoover for your desk

Paladone Henry Hoover for desk on white background

If you’re someone who accumulates crumbs on their desk from snacking during study time or eating lunch in front of your laptop, this mini henry hoover can help clean up your mess.

Not strictly from the Numatic range, it still has that classic Henry design so will smile on as you keep your workspace neat and tidy.

Powered by three AAA batteries it has a mini version of the bendy hose and crevice tool to reach difficult spots, just bear in mind this should be used on smooth surfaces and not your carpet.

Casdon Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Best Henry hoover for kids

Casdon henry hover on white background

If you want to get the kids in on the hoovering action, there's a Henry for that too. Designed for those aged three and over.

Featuring authentic features like a reeling cable plug and nozzle kit, they run on 4 C batteries and have enough suction to pick up small pieces of debris, so your little one can join you as you bust the dust in your home.


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