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Best wall clock for keeping your home on schedule

Need a stylish clock to keep with the times? Here's our countdown of the best wall clocks for your home

Published: April 27, 2022 at 10:59 am
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A wall clock is a staple feature of any home, whether you want to keep on track with your schedule, or just appreciate a dramatic centrepiece. When chosen correctly, they can become a stylish focal point as well as a functional addition to a room.


For that reason we’ve put together some of our favourite clocks to suit a variety of styles and uses - whether your priority is detailed design or practicality there's plenty to consider in our list below.

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Best wall clocks to buy in 2022

Toadyans Silent Wall Clock

Taodyans Silent Wall Clock on white background

Featuring a classic, roman numeral clock face, this vintage styled piece from Taodyans is subtle enough to work in any room of your home, from the kitchen to right beside your desk. 

It's 40 centimetres in diameter and doesn't tick out loud so you won't be distracted while completing tasks around the home.

Available in a range of styles, from a simple black to a bolder rose gold, they boast high quality metal construction which means they shouldn’t wear easily or rust in humid conditions like the kitchen.

Large Arne Wall Clock

John Lewis & Partners Large Arne Wall Clock on white background

This Arne clock from John Lewis has a simple but understated Art Deco design, combining brass hands and hourly markers on a matte backdrop for a subtle but clean effect.

Measuring 60cm in diameter, this is a particularly large clock that would work well as a centrepiece on a feature wall or over a spacious entryway. 

Lark Cuckoo & Pendulum Wall Clock

Lark Cuckoo & Pendulum Wall Clock

A modern take on a traditional clock, this cuckoo and pendulum combo would be a quirky addition to a minimalist home. 

Featuring two clock hands so you can still get a good sense of the time, the main feature is the mustard cuckoo which will occasionally pop out from its charcoal grey home and deliver a chirp from the speaker to remind you that time is ticking along.

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Green Globe Wall Clock

Green Globe Wall Clock

Add a touch of retro aesthetic to your home with this wall clock from Graham and Green.

The classic shape of the Karlsson clock has a standout surround and a subtle black face, with gold hands and matching time markers that give it a high quality finish.

Made from sturdy materials including iron and glass, this luxurious timepiece requires just one AA battery to run.

Buy Green Globe Wall Clock now from Graham and Green 

Bushwick Large Statement Fan Wall Clock

Bushwick large statement wall clock

Make a statement with this bold, numberless Bushwick clock which would work perfectly opposite a window or in an entryway where it can reflect natural light and dazzle any visitors. 

With a broad 50 centimetre face and brass finished hands, this clock has plenty of texture and style, casting different shades and shadows depending where it’s placed in your home and the time of the day.

Buy Bushwick large statement wall clock now from MADE

Large Silver Pocket Watch Wall Clock

Large Silver Pocket Watch Wall Clock

Why not decorate your home with this stylised clock made to look like a traditional timepiece? Built to last with a sturdy metal frame, this oversized pocket watch will display the time of day in classic analogue, so you can keep track of any important events or count down the minutes when cooking in the kitchen.

At 42cm tall and 35cm wide, you and your guests will be able to appreciate all of the minor details as well as the polished finish which gives it that extra sleek sheen. 

Aluminium Pink Silent Clock

Aluminium Pink Silent Clock

If you're looking for a bright clock to bring some colour to your home, this light pink and gold option could be your best bet. With subtle time markers and stylish clock hands, you'll be able to keep on top of your schedule while keeping your home feeling fresh and functional. Perfect for a well-lit living room or kitchen.

You can also find more pink kitchen accessories here.

Dorma Mirrored Wall Clock

Dorma mirror wall clock on white background

This silver clock will add a bit of glamour to any wall or corner of your home, thanks to its bevelled edges, mirrored design and roman numeral characters.

The clock hands themselves have an ornate and traditional feel, with detailed beading around the outskirts that provide some extra texture for a quality finish.

Sketch Wall Clock

Sketch wall clock on white background

This retro, throwback clock will bring a feel of the 1950s and 60s to your home while keeping you firmly up to date with the current time. 

Just 22.5cm wide, this would work best when placed in a smaller space like a hallway or the corner of your study, with a simple nail slot on the back that will make it easy to hang on the wall. You wont have to worry about any noise distracting you either, as this is nearly silent with just a soft tick. 

Karlsson Big Flip Wall Clock

Karlsson Big Flip Wall Clock

This fresh take on the 1950s flip clock will add a touch of nostalgia to your home while keeping things contemporary thanks to its updated design. It has a sleek interface so you’ll be able to stay on top of the date and time at a glance, and at 43cm in diameter it's likely to transform any room, creating both a bold focal point and a functional calendar and clock combo. 


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