If you’ve embraced the retro interior trend you may be searching for a few accessories to set the mood, or a statement piece to really bring the sixties vibe to your home, in which case a retro lamp will do just the trick.


From classic styles of the time to modern designs with a retro twist, we’ve got you covered with a range of desk and standing lamps to give any corner of your home a glow-up.

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Best retro lamps to buy in 2023

Astro Lava Lamp

Mathmos Astro Lava Lamp on white background

About as retro as it gets, this lava lamp is designed by Mathmos, the company that started the original trend way back in the 1960s and still make the iconic lamps to this day.

Perfect for creating a cosy throwback ambience, they are fitted with halogen bulbs made specifically for this type of lamp, which should direct heat into the lava and away from the base. And with top quality aluminium on the base and cap, you can safely bask in the hypnotic glow.

Promising clearer liquids and a longer life than other lava lamps, this piece of the past should serve your décor well into the future.

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Ellie Table Lamp

Ellie table lamp on white background

This cool retro lamp has three different styles of base and four styles of lampshade available, so you can mix and match to find the ultimate combination that works for you and your décor.

Each glazed base is available in either turquoise, emerald, or a mixture of blue and white. The shades themselves feature funky 1960s-inspired colours and designs which range from the grey-green egg and spoon look shown above, to heavily patterned styles.

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Briz Table Lamp

Briz Table Lamp on white background

An ideal choice for displaying on a corner table to add an elegant glow to your home, the Briz lamp features an antique styled brass base and is available in a selection of shades. These range from pink, grey and green, each made with textured glass to create a low light effect for a calming, retro feel.

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Tall Retro Orange Rocket Floor Lamp

Tall Retro Orange Rocket Floor Lamp on white background

Propel yourself and your décor back in time with this rocket floor lamp. With its vivid orange shade, this three legged lamp would stand out as a fun centrepiece while adding a groovy splash of the 1960s and 1970s to any room.

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At 120 centimetres tall and with a vibrant shade made from cotton canvas fabric, this is a striking statement item that will definitely be a conversation starter.

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Rona Arched Table Lamp

Arched Table Lamp on white background

A perfect desk lamp for a vintage-look study space, this bureau lamp has a cool chrome arch which connects the cherry-red enamel base and shade. If you prefer a less bold colour, it's also available in a range of more understated tones from oyster white to tarpaulin grey.

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Lucas Table Lamp

Lucas table lamp on white background

Made from polished resin available in clear or bottle green finishes, these textured lamps provide a modern take on a classic design, especially when combined with the variety of lampshades also available from Pooky. You can choose between a variety of retro-inspired designs, including crimson tulasi, floral poppy meadow or the glamorous emerald silk with velvet tape shown above. Why not buy two shades and switch between them to quickly change up your look?

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Schweizer Table Lamp

Schweizer 39cm Table Lamp

If you're looking for a darker and more dramatic vibe with your retro accessories, this classic Schweizer lamp from Wayfair will add some ambience to your living space.

The lampshade is handmade using stained glass and sits on top of a metal stand with a brass finish, creating a sense of weight and elegance. This would be ideal for a study area or as an atmospheric piece in a dining room if you're expecting guests.

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Hesser Bankers Lamp

Copper Base Green Shade Hesser lamp on white background

Based on the classic banker's lamp design popular in the 1920s, this Hesser lamp from Wayfair should immediately bring a nostalgic glow to your home office. Standing on a sturdy base made from metal which connects to a green glass shade, this low light would suit a study as a throwback desk lamp, or as an ambient feature in a living space.

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Osasy Retro Studio Floor Lamp

Osasy Retro Studio Floor Lamp on white background

Put a literal spotlight on your carefully cultivated décor with this retro studio floor lamp from Osasy. A standout feature in its own right, this should give your home the feel of a Hollywood studio during the golden age of cinema.

Designed with gold plating for added elegance, the lamp head rotates 360 degrees so it can be used as a statement piece in the day and a versatile source of light at night.


Made from eco-friendly metal, this lamp even has a foot switch for added convenience so you can brighten up any space with ease even if your hands are full.


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