Hate the long dark winter nights and dull days? A sunrise alarm clock can help your sleep quality, mood and wellbeing by exposing you to natural light on dark mornings and re-setting your sleep-wake cycle. So wave goodbye to the blues and wake up refreshed and ready to go, whatever the day brings...


Best sunrise alarm clocks for 2023

Beurer WL 50 wake up light

Create your own private sunrise and sunset with this clever lamp that uses light and sound settings to help you fall asleep easily and wake up gently. There’s a choice of soothing wake-up and sleep melodies, an alarm with a snooze setting and an FM radio with space for 10 presets, plus you can play your own music via Bluetooth or
using the auxiliary cable supplied.

We love: The option to adjust the light intensity to suit you, with three levels to choose from.

Groov-e Light Curve wake up clock radio

If you’re looking for a sunrise alarm that won’t break the bank, this budget model fits the bill. The sunrise and sunset simulation increases and decreases the light’s brightness, offering a relaxing 10-, 20- or 30-minute lighting cycle. There are eight sounds that you can use as an alarm, while the built in FM radio means that you can wake up to the news or your favourite station.

We love: The mood light function, which moves through seven colours or can be set to your preferred shade.

Echo Show 8

A photo showing Echo Show 8

Although it’s not strictly a light alarm, Amazon’s latest Echo Show offers a sunrise feature that can be set for alarms between 4am and 9am. This slowly brightens the display to mimic the arrival of daylight to help you wake gently. You can also use it alongside alarm tones set to gradually increase in volume. Although it’s not as advanced as some dedicated sunrise alarms, it has other advantages, such as the built-in functionality of Alexa, making it easy
to use voice commands and control other smart home devices.

We love: The built-in Bluetooth, which means you can stream music straight from your phone.

Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB

Light therapy specialist Lumie’s premium sleep and wake up light boasts adjustable fading sunrise and sunset duration and intensity for easier sleep and brighter waking. Teamed with high-quality audio via Bluetooth connectivity, DAB radio and a USB port, this stylish design gives the complete sound and light experience – you can drift off to the sound of calming waves or wake up to birdsong with over 20 different sounds.

We love: The choice of five different colours so it fits in with your bedroom, whatever your colour scheme

Somneo sleep and wake-up light

Designed to help calm the body and mind, Somneo features a light-guided breathing function inspired by common relaxation exercises for a smooth transition to sleep. Inspired by nature, the sunset and sunrise simulation mimics the full natural colour spectrum of white hues, from cool blues to warm reds, gradually adjusting the light for sleeping or waking. You can listen to your own music via the AUX input or with the built-in FM radio.

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We love: The midnight light function, which uses a dim orange light to help you find your way in the dark with minimum sleep disturbance.


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