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Best washing machines in the UK

Whether its budget-friendly, energy efficient or allergy-aware, we've got the right washing machine for your household's needs

What is the best washing machine to buy in the uk?

Washing machines are a workhorse appliance – constantly on the go, cleaning everything from duvets and delicates to jeans and workwear. An essential for busy family life, you’ll want to find a high-quality, reliable model that suits your household’s washing needs and can be used for many years to come.


Whether you’re after a WiFi-enabled smart machine, allergy-friendly features, crease-proof washing or speedy cycles, read on for our guide to machines that’ll make laundry day less of a chore.

Miele laundry
Expert tip! Don’t just choose a large capacity machine by default. Mid-capacity washing machines (7-8kg) can still allow you to clean up to 40 shirts in one go

How to choose a washing machine

Follow this advice from expert Shalika Hooda, the UK Beko brand manager, on things to look out for when choosing, fitting and using your dream machine. Here’s your buyers checklist:

  • Washing machine size

Measure the space to determine what size washing machine your kitchen or utility room will be able to accommodate. The standard height for a free-standing washing machine is 84cm, whereas integrated models are 82cm so they can fit into kitchen units. ‘Always account for the space the piping will take up behind the washing machine when choosing a model’ says Shalika. ‘The inlet and waste water pipes are a vital part of the washing machine’s functionality, so make sure there is plenty of room for them.’

Remember, washing machines now go up to 12kg in capacity, but consider your own needs before automatically defaulting to a large capacity machine. 5-6kg models are great for couples and allow you to wash 25-30 shirts in a single cycle. Mid-capacity washing machines (7-8kg) allow you to clean up to 40 shirts in one go, and this increases to 60 with a 12kg model.

  • Type of washing machine: integrated or free-standing

Decide on whether you prefer free-standing or built-in appliances. Integrated models can offer a smart look, and free-standing ones provide greater capacity and come in a range of colours to match interiors. Free-standing machines do not require fitting to kitchen units, so they can be placed anywhere, as long as there is access to power and drainage.

‘Double check that there is a power source within at least one metre of your new washing machine’ adds Shalika. ‘Make sure you always plug it into the mains too, rather than an extension cord.’

The best washing machines to buy in the UK

1. Easiest to use: Samsung ecobubble™ WW80TA046AE, £379, AO


Capacity 8kg

Size (cm) 85H x 60W x 55D

Energy rating A+++

Spin speed 1,400rpm

Maximum noise level 53dB (wash), 74dB (spin)

Annual energy consumption 116kWh

Annual water consumption 8,100L

If your household lives a rough and tumble life, you’ll want a washing machine that’s tough on stains. This machine’s Bubble Soak setting bathes your laundry in detergent for 30 minutes before the main wash starts, loosening any stubborn marks. Plus, it boasts a steam function to make sure your wash doesn’t just look and smell clean – it’s also hygienically spotless! It’s super-quiet, too, which is great for open-plan living.

2. Best for allergies: BEKO Aquatech WEX94064E0W, £339, Currys PC World


Capacity 9kg

Size (cm) 88H x 65W x 65D

Energy rating A+++

Spin speed 1,400rpm

Maximum noise level 53dB (wash), 72dB (spin)

Annual energy consumption 173kWh

Annual water consumption 9,239L

For allergy or asthma sufferers, look for features that can help to reduce allergens in your washing. Beko’s Anti-Allergy programme, endorsed by Allergy UK, helps reduce the amount of allergens in your laundry, including cat, dog and pollen-derived ones, as well as bacteria and fungi. It also has two useful short programmes (one at 14 minutes for a 2kg load, and a 28-minute daily quick programme) and an interior drum light to make loading easier. Plus, it can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth so you can schedule a wash overnight.

3. Fabric friendly: Miele WED 325, £899, John Lewis

Miele washing machine
Miele WED 325

Capacity 8kg

Size (cm) 85H x 59.6W x 63.6D

Energy rating A+++

Spin speed 1,400rpm

Maximum noise level 50dB (wash), 74dB (spin)

Annual energy consumption 156kWh

Annual water consumption 10,120L

Harsh washing cycles can damage fabrics over time, so if you’ve got a variety of different textile types to clean regularly pick a machine with settings designed to care for your clothes. The Miele WED 325 has a range of programmes designed to suit an array of fabrics: MinimumIron to help reduce creasing, ideal for cotton work shirts; a wool setting for delicates; and an Outwear programme to retain textiles’ functionality in any weather. This nifty machine also includes intelligent Automatic Load recognition, ensuring that only a precise amount of water and electricity are used during the wash to save time and money.

4. Quietest washing cycle: Zanussi Z814W85BI, £579,

Zanussi Z814W85BI

Capacity 8kg

Size (cm) 81.9H x 59.6W x 54D

Energy rating A+++

Spin speed 1,400rpm

Maximum noise level 48dB (wash), 69dB (spin)

Annual energy consumption 176kWh

Annual water consumption 10,099L

Zanussi’s Z814W85BI model is one of quietest on the market, at just 48dB for a wash and 69dB for spin cycle. It’s an economical option, too – the machine’s AutoAdjust technology weighs each load and chooses the necessary wash time, water and energy, so you’re only using what you need.

5. Best for families: Montpellier MW9140P, £319.99, Robert Dyas

Montpellier washing machine
Montpellier MW9140P

Capacity 9kg

Size (cm) 85H x 59.5W x 56.5D

Energy rating A+++

Spin Speed 1,400rpm

Maximum noise level 53dB (wash), 74dB (spin)

Annual energy consumption 196kWh

Annual water consumption 11,880L

For a busy household, you’ll need a washing machine that can keep up! With its large 9kg capacity, the Montpellier MW9140P is ideal for families that frequently need to wash school uniforms, bed sheets, sports kits, work clothes and everything in between – and, priced at £319.99, it’s also a great-value machine. Its inverter motor uses magnets to spin the drum, making it more energy-efficient and quieter than other models with brush motors and so ideal for open-plan spaces.

6. Best built in model: Hotpoint BIWMHG81484, £379, Argos

Hotpoint BIWMHG81484

Capacity 8kg

Size (cm) 82H x 59.5W x 54.5D

Energy rating A+++

Spin Speed 1,400rpm

Maximum noise level 45dB (wash), 70dB (spin)

Annual energy consumption 138kWh

Annual water consumption 11,900L

Hotpoint’s Anti-Stain technology removes the need for pre-treating soiled clothes, carefully controlling detergent release and water temperature to target 20 of the most common everyday stains, including stubborn materials like oil and ink. Plus, it’s a great option for washing delicates – the Woolmark has approved the machine’s wool cycle for use on woollens with the Hand Wash label.

7. Best smart machine: LG TurboWash 360 with AI DD V9 F4V910BTSE, £749.99, Currys PC World

Capacity 10.5kg

Size (cm) 88.5H x 66W x 65.5D

Energy rating A+++

Spin speed 1,400rpm

Maximum noise level 53dB (wash),
71dB (spin)

Annual energy consumption 143kWh

Annual water consumption 9,900L

From online shopping to finding new recipes, there’s a bit of tech to help us with pretty much every household chore – now including the washing! This machine is WiFi-enabled, so you can install the LG Smart ThinQ app and start tracking your washing, monitoring energy usage and download specialised wash cycles.

It’s super-efficient, with TurboWash technology using a multidirectional jet to wash 5kg of laundry in just 39 minutes. We also love the Pause and Add Items feature, which lets you interrupt a cycle to add in that last sock you found in the bottom of the laundry basket!


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