When it comes to decorating, treating your skirting boards to a new look can have a real impact. We spend a great deal of time pondering wall colours, but the paint colour and finish we choose for our skirting boards can really transform a space.


A dark border against a white wall can create a beautiful framing effect as well as depth, while the all-over matt look with matching ceiling, walls and skirting boards is a bold trend we're a fan of here at YourHomeStyle.

As skirting boards tend to be wooden, skirting board paint is often suitable for a range of interior woodwork and metal, but you can also find multi-surface options that can be applied to your walls too. There's no limit with finish or colour either, so you can be as creative as you like when revamping your skirting boards.

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We've selected eight of our favourite skirting board paints below, all from well-trusted paint retailers.

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Best paint for skirting boards at a glance

Best paint for skirting boards

Frenchic Velvet Crush Trim Paint

Best for bedroom

Velvet Crush Frenchic paint
  • Water based
  • 500ml
  • Soft satin sheen finish

A colourful skirting board can really jazz up a room, and eco-friendly paint brand Frenchic has lots of lovely colours on offer. This mauve colour is a muted purple, so it's fun without being too loud.

A mauve skirting board would look great paired against a warm cream for a gentle, cosy feel to your space. Thanks to its high scuff-resistance, this paint is well suited to skirting boards, and it'll work on powder coated radiators too if you fancy a stylish, matching vibe. Expect a soft satin sheen finish.

With minimal VOC content and low odour, Frenchic is one of the greener paint brands around.

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Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell

Best for a low-sheen finish

Stiffkey blue, Farrow and Ball
Farrow & Ball
  • Water based
  • 750ml
  • Satin finish

Why not treat your skirting boards to a touch of Farrow & Ball magic? The brand's Estate Eggshell paint is scuff and stain resistant, plus wipeable and washable, making it a suitable choice for skirting boards. You're spoilt for choice with colours, but we're taken with Stiffkey Blue. The deep, rich blue would look stunning against a white wall.

You can also give your front door a new look too as this paint works on doors, kitchen cupboards and radiators.

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Farrow & Ball Dead Flat

Best for a matt finish

Peignoir, Farrow and Ball
  • Water based
  • 750ml
  • Ultra-matt finish

Offering an ultra-matt finish that's both scrubbable and scuff-resistant, Farrow and Ball's dead flat range is suitable for walls as well as woodwork and metal. So if you want to match your skirting boards to your wall for an eye-catching, on-trend look, dead flat is worth considering.

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Explore the colour range to find your perfect match. We've gone for Peignoir - a 'romantic grey pink' and a lovely alternative to the more typically found greys and whites. It's a soothing choice for a restful bedroom too.

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Wickes Non Drip Matt Wood and Metal Paint

Best budget-friendly paint

Wickes pure brilliant white paint
  • Water based
  • 750ml
  • Matt finish

Wickes has got us covered when it comes to budget-friendly paint. The DIY retailer's non-drip skirting board paint is a top pick for perfectionists. Enjoy faff-free application, and an immaculate look. This is a pure white - ideal if you're not into the warmer creamy tones and prefer a sharper look - and with a matt finish, it'll work well for a contemporary look.

Johnstone's Quick Dry Wood and Metal Paint

Best for quick drying

Johnstone's quick dry satin paint
  • Water based paint
  • 750ml
  • Mid sheen finish

If you're after a straightforward cream to spruce up your hallway skirting boards, Johnstone's quick dry paint could be the one for you. Suitable for interior and exterior wood, as well as metal surfaces, this skirting board paint is sure to come in handy for those small touch-up jobs around the home.

The quick dry feature is a welcomed aspect for speedy decorating, especially if you're painting skirting boards in high-traffic areas. This paint is non-yellowing too so you can enjoy a clean, fresh look for longer.

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Little Greene Intelligent Gloss

Best for a statement look

Little Greene, Basalt
Little Greene
  • Water based
  • 1L
  • Intelligent gloss finish

Little Greene's Basalt paint is a blue-black that looks black in low-light, so it's one to consider if you're after a statement skirting board. While you can go for a monochrome look, with a white wall, you could also pair Basalt with a funky coral for a real impact.

The brand's intelligent gloss finish offers a sheen level of 85%, so expect a sleek, glossy finish. Perfect for kitchens and hallways, this paint is tough and washable.

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Lick White 02 Matt

Best eco-friendly choice

Lick paint, White number 5
  • Water based
  • 2.5L
  • Matt finish

We're huge fans of Lick's high-quality, eco-friendly paint here at YourHomeStyle, and its multi-surface paint is well-suited to skirting boards. This off-white has grey undertones so it's more subtle than the dazzling, brilliant whites on offer. We're not surprised it's one of the brand's bestsellers. Pair with muted pinks and moss greens to create a tranquil, soothing space.

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Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-Surface

Best for multiple surfaces

Dulux Simply Refresh Multi Surface Eggshell
  • Water based
  • 750ml
  • Eggshell

The Dulux Simply Refresh paints are affordable all-rounders. Plus, as a two-in-one paint and primer, you don't need to worry about priming so it's a hassle-free choice. Coral charm is a welcoming, warm choice, perfect for a cosy kitchen.

Glossier than matt but still low sheen, eggshell finishes are great for busy, modern homes as you've got a wipeable, contemporary finish.

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What types of paint should you use on a skirting board?

Water based paint vs oil based paint

Oil based paints are made with petroleum-based solvents, and while they offer high durability and a hard, protective coating (a welcomed feature for skirting boards prone to scuffs), they're more damaging to the environment. Water based paints are a more eco-frindly alternative, and offer the benefit of quick drying times. Plus, we now have access to specialised water based paints that are washable and scuff-resistant for both gloss and matt finishes.

What type of finish works well on a skirting board?


A versatile and durable paint that's somewhere between a satin and matt finish, eggshell boasts a number of benefits. As a paint that's fairly easy to maintain, with scuffs and stains coming away with a wipe or gentle scrub, and offering a contemporary matt look, eggshell is perfect for modern family homes. Plus, it tends to work well on woodwork.

Matt-style paints are however more difficult to clean than gloss paints, so think moderate-traffic area, rather than a hallway perhaps.


A satin finish is an obvious and popular choice for skirting boards. With washable and durable qualities, and a subtle sheen for a touch of elegance, it'll give your skirting boards a smart edge without distracting from your wall colour. Because satin is less reflective than gloss, it'll show up fewer imperfections. This is a great feature for skirting boards which can often have cracks and bumps.


Gloss takes the top prize for durability and while matt and satin finishes can be wiped clean, gloss is certainly easier to keep clean. In terms of style, a glossy, high-sheen skirting board against a matt wall could look effective if you're after a contrasting look. However, gloss is more suited to smooth walls without any imperfections, so if you're going to go for a gloss skirting board, it's best to address any irregularities prior to painting.


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