We at YourHomeStyle have always been big fans of Frenchic, so we were thrilled when we found out the iconic British chalk paint brand has just released 50 new shades of wall paint for 2023.


From deep emerald greens to earthy browns, there really is something for everyone in the new range, and whether you're looking to totally overhaul your space or just freshen it up with a lick of paint, we think you're likely to find a colour that you like.

Keep reading to discover all the new shades in Frenchic's wall paint range, and when you’re feeling suitably inspired, don’t forget to check out our guide on how to use Frenchic paint around your home. And if you need to buy some brushes, check out our tried-and-tested review of the best paint brushes. Happy painting!

New Frenchic paint colours

After Midnight

Frenchic Paint - After Midnight

This deep velvety blue joins Frenchic's Al Fresco range of hardy chalk and mineral paints which are weatherproof and UV-resistant for exterior use while also suitable for indoor surfaces and furniture. Perfect for fans of dramatic jewel tones, After Midnight would look equally at home as a bold backdrop or to add pops of character to a more neutral scheme.

We absolutely love the teal tones within this sultry shade - so on trend! See our guides to teal bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms to get to up to speed on the look.

Shop After Midnight Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Peppermint

With its green hues - inspired by the peppermint from which it takes its name - Frenchic's Peppermint trim paint makes for a fresh and uplifting off-white.

Shop Peppermint

Kiss Me Sloely

Frenchic Paint - Kiss Me Sloely

Ever since Pantone named Very Peri its Colour of the Year 2022, we've been spoilt for new shades drawing on periwinkle, a purple-blue hue that adds instant character to any space.

Frenchic's Kiss Me Sloely leans more towards the blue side of the equation, making it a reliably versatile choice for all kinds of rooms and moods, but with a purple undertone bursting with warmth and fun. As bold, fruity and bursting with flavour as the ripe sloe berries from which it takes its name, this is a colour that's bound to get your guests talking.

Shop Kiss Me Sloely Wall Paint

Gorgeous Grey

Frenchic paint - Gorgeous Grey

A cool, deep grey with dusky purple undertones.

Shop Gorgeous Grey Wall Paint

And Breathe…

Frenchic Paint - And Breathe…

Coolish, pale grey with blue-green hints at its base.

Shop And Breathe… Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Verdigris

Deep smoky blue with greenish undertones.

Shop Verdigris Wall Paint

Wholly Moley

Frenchic Paint - Wholly Moley

A chalky, earthy brown shade, with hints of smoke.

Shop Wholly Moley Wall Paint

Vintage Rosie

Frenchic Paint - Vintage Rosie

A dusky, 'serious' pink that pairs beautifully with whites, off-whites, grey, blue or gold.

Shop Vintage Rosie Wall Paint

Take the Biscuit

Frenchic Paint - Take the Biscuit

A golden toned neutral shade, with hints of khaki and yellow ochre.

Shop Take the Biscuit Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - sundowner

A mid-century inspired shade of deep orange.

Shop Sundowner Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Stirling

A rich and deep dark green with black in its base.

Shop Stirling Wall Paint

Silent White

Frenchic Paint - Silent White

Cool, slate-grey infused off-white.

Shop Silent White Wall Paint

Village Fayre

Frenchic Paint - Village Fayre

Nostalgic aqua green.

Shop Village Fayre Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Serenity

A smoky grey with taupe undertones, that presents itself differently depending on light and surroundings.

Shop Serenity Wall Paint

Putty Perfect

Frenchic Paint - Putty Perfect

A pale neutral with a hint of beige, green and smoke.

Shop Putty Perfect Wall Paint

Pinch Punch

Frenchic Paint - Pinch Punch

Bold teal-toned blue.

Shop Pinch Punch Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Pickle

A rich russet brown - deep toned and dramatic.

Shop Pickle Wall Paint

Peach & Love

Frenchic Paint - Peach & Love

Warm orangey peach that works beautifully with other pastels.

Shop Peach & Love Wall Paint

Oopsy Daisy

Frenchic Paint - Oopsy Daisy

Fresh and cheerful yellow!

Shop Oopsy Daisy Wall Paint

On A Whim

Frenchic Paint - On A Whim

Complex pale neutral that looks different depending on its surroundings - its soft tones can appear either creamy yellow or smoky lime green depending on light.

Shop On A Whim Wall Paint

Mister A. White

Frenchic Paint - Mister A. White

Off-white with little grey, and a suggestion of blue-green.

Shop Mister A. White Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Markymark

A mid blue that appears soft and muted in low light, but bolder in bright surroundings.

Shop Markymark Wall Paint

Lime Light

Frenchic Paint - Lime Light

Strong and energetic lime infused green.

Shop Lime Light Wall Paint

Lilac Hue

Frenchic Paint - Lilac Hue

A calming and understated chalky, greyish lilac.

Shop Lilac Hue Wall Paint

Lamb’s Wool

Frenchic Paint - Lamb’s Wool

Super pale off-white. Neutral toned and ever so slightly smoky.

Shop Lamb’s Wool Wall Paint

Irish Dance

Frenchic Paint - Irish Dance

A lively green that goes beautifully well with neutrals or other bold colours.

Shop Irish Dance Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Iceman

Cool, greyish pale blue.

Shop Iceman Wall Paint

Hot As Mustard

Frenchic Paint - Hot As Mustard

Scandi-inspired yellow with a hint of zest.

Shop Hot As Mustard Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Hebrides

Deep and complex greyish blue.

Shop Hebrides Wall Paint

Haley J

Frenchic Paint - Haley J

Soft and warm pastel yellow.

Shop Haley J Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Greyhound

Sleek deep mid-grey. Subtle blue-tinted undertones.

Shop Greyhound Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Golightly

Elegant and classy shaded pink with lilac undertones.

Shop Golightly Wall Paint

French Shutter

Frenchic Paint - French Shutter

Understated duck-egg green with slightly grey undertones.

Shop French Shutter Wall Paint

Fifi’s Fancy

Frenchic Paint - Fifi’s Fancy

Chalky red that looks pink in certain lights.

Shop Fifi’s Fancy Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Fennec

Gold-toned neutral.

Shop Fennec Wall Paint

Emerald Isle

Frenchic Paint - Emerald Isle

An energetic statement green.

Shop Emerald Isle Wall Paint

Donkey Derby

Frenchic Paint - Donkey Derby

A sooty-toned deep brown that looks chocolatey in some lights and charcoal in others.

Shop Donkey Derby Wall Paint

Dangerous Dave

Frenchic Paint - Dangerous Dave

A cool brown with slate undertones.

Shop Dangerous Dave Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Corker

Pale beige neutral.

Shop Corker Wall Paint

Cool Grey

Frenchic Paint - Cool Grey

A clean, light grey with dash of blue.

Shop Cool Grey Wall Paint

Cloud 9

Frenchic Paint - Cloud 9

A pale neutral - warm, grey with a hint of taupe.

Shop Cloud 9 Wall Paint

Clay Pot

Frenchic Paint - Clay Pot

Earthy, soft red with a pinkish elements.

Shop Clay Pot Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Citrine

Lime toned green.

Shop Citrine Wall Paint

Chateau Chic

Frenchic Paint - Chateau Chic

Pale toned, greenish grey with a yellow base.

Shop Chateau Chic Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Bandido

Charcoal with purple undertones.

Shop Bandido Wall Paint


Frenchic Paint - Anguilla

Deep turquoise shade with aqua tones.

Shop Anguilla Wall Paint

Rosy Dusk

Frenchic Paint - Rosy Dusk

Calming neutral rose shade.

Shop Rosy Dusk Wall Paint

Powder Puff

Frenchic Paint - Powder Puff

Complex off-white that looks warm and peach toned in some lights, but pearly in others.

Shop Powder Puff Wall Paint

Jersey Boy

Frenchic Paint - Jersey Boy

Deep green with olive and lime undertones.

Shop Jersey Boy Wall Paint

Calming Carol

Frenchic Paint - Calming Carol

A deep blue-green with slate grey undertones.

Shop Calming Carol Wall Paint


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