Whether it’s replacing worn-out timber designs or glazing for a new conservatory, there is a lot to consider when it comes to buying new windows. As well as being energy- and thermal-efficient, it’s also essential to pick the best professionals for the job…


Is it best to repair or replace your windows?

If timber frames, hinges or seals are damaged, or if there are signs of draughts, then a repair job may be fine. If, however, there is condensation between the panes or you want to upgrade from single glazing, then the window needs to be replaced. A higher energy efficiency rating will make your property cosy and cut your heating bills, too.

What to consider before deciding which new windows to buy

To reduce noise, glass sealed units with enhanced acoustic options can help to reduce disturbance, ideal for those who live on a busy street or main road.

If you live in a period property with original windows then remember that replacing stained or leaded glass could reduce your home’s value. The good news is that expert window companies can often replicate these with energy-efficient replacements for a similar look.

Before you do any work, find out if you need planning permission. Many properties come with Householder Permitted Development Rights but it’s always best to double check.

Do I need planning permission to change the windows in a Victorian house?

Different window types and styles: which is best for you home?

Ask your supplier about Low Emissivity Glass – the most energy-efficient solution. It absorbs heat from the sun and reflects it back into your room for a comfortable temperature all year round. It also has the benefit of surpassing the latest targets for windows and doors so will meet Building Regulations approval.

Choose from casement windows, vertical sliding (sash) designs, tilt and turn and roof windows. Casement is the most popular as it’s functional, durable and available in a wide range of styles in keeping with your home.


Choose a member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), the industry’s main trade body. This ensures you use a reputable company that employs trained professionals, offers you transferable warranties that can be passed on should you sell your home in the future, as well as having peace of mind that the business you are using is financially stable and has been trading for a minimum of three years. Search for your nearest member on myglazing.com.

Useful contacts

• Find your nearest GGF member at myglazing.com.

• For a wide range of window styles, head to everest.co.uk, anglianhome.co.uk, pilkington.com or safestyle-windows.co.uk.

• For information on windows and planning permission visit planningportal.co.uk.

• At velux.co.uk you’ll find plenty of inspiration for roof windows and skylights.


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