Many of us have faced the frustrating interim period when between blinds, with the bed sheet hanging precariously from a pin, as we try to work out which blinds are best suited to our space. With lots of factors to take into consideration - material, light control, energy efficiency and of course, style of blind - it's no wonder fitting blinds is an interior task that can become a headache.

So to help you out, we've put together a list of lovely blind designs currently on the market, as well as a buyer's guide. So whatever window is in need of dressing - kitchen, living room or bedroom - take a browse below and find just the privacy and light control your room requires.

You can also jump to our list of the different blind styles available, as well as our short guide on how to choose blinds.

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Best blinds for 2023

Roller blinds

Black Retro Bamboo Roller Blinds

Black retro bamboo roller blind

Bamboo roller blinds offer a laid-back and relaxing aesthetic, and are well-suited to rooms with a natural feel, filled with wood and soothing colours. So if you're after a decorative blind to help filter sunlight and create a warm and gentle glow, they're an excellent choice. Bamboo blinds aren't however the best option if you want complete darkness and privacy so wouldn't be the best choice for a bedroom, but they can look wonderful in a living room or kitchen.

These roller blinds from Amazon - a chic black bamboo design - are easy to install. Just drill a hole into your wall, insert the expansion plug, tighten your hook and the blinds are ready to hang!

Ruskin Bottle Green Blackout Roller Blinds


Patterned roller blinds are a fun way to add vibrancy to a room, without committing to a feature wall or wallpaper. We love these bottle green blackout roller blinds from Dunelm. The floral design made up of gorgeous green, blue and yellow shades, and lovely bird images, are a nice way to bring a splash of nature indoors.

There's even a helpful video available so you can ensure a professional finish. All fixings included.

Orla Kiely Roller Blinds

Orla Kiely Yellow Kitchen Blind

We love Orla Kiely designs here at YourHomeStyle - the iconic stem prints are perfect for achieving a retro flair - so we were delighted to come across these roller blinds by the designer. Available from Wayfair, and currently on offer, these mustard roller blinds are a top kitchen choice. Enjoy the brightness of the yellow when the sun is shining, and your privacy in the evenings.

Thermal Blackout Fabric Roller Blinds

Thermal blackout blinds

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right colour and size of blind with Caecus. Plus, these custom made to measure blinds are both thermal and blackout making them an energy efficient option that'll keep your room cosy, and your bills down. As roller blinds, they're easy to use, just pull the cord, and they're a top bedroom option as you can enjoy a black out bedroom for an uninterrupted sleep.

In terms of installation, this set includes the necessary fittings and mounts, just make sure you've got a drill to hand.

Roman blinds

Textured Weave Blackout Roman Blinds

John Lewis textured weave blackout blind
John Lewis

John Lewis has a wide array of blinds on offer, so the popular retailer is well worth a browse when it comes to dressing your windows.

For a blackout Roman blind, this John Lewis textured design could do the job nicely. The soothing blue colour really caught our eye, and the textured weave exterior adds a touch of luxury. Add to a bedroom or living room for a look that's both cosy and elegant.

More like this

Room Darkening Roman Blinds

Grey and white room darkening blind

While we may prefer a blackout blind for our bedrooms, room darkening blinds can work well for living rooms as you've got privacy without being plunged into complete darkness. Here's a lovely option from Wayfair to consider, with a linen-look material and a delicate lattice pattern. Grey is an effortless choice for blinds as it'll slot into a range of traditional and contemporary homes, as well as working with all kinds of colour schemes.

Venetian Blinds

Dove Grey Venetian Blinds

Dove grey 50mm Venetian blinds

A nice change from the more commonly found white designs, these dove grey Venetian blinds from Dunelm offer a softer alternative. The faux wood structure boasts mildew and mould resistant qualities making this design a top choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

The slats measure 50mm which is on the wider side, and there's all of the necessary fixings and fittings required to keep cords out of reach (great news for families with little ones and pet owners). With over 15 size options, you're sure to find an exact fit.

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Wood Venetian Blinds

John Lewis Wooden Venetian Blind
John Lewis

For the real wooden deal, check out these Venetian blinds from John Lewis. Made of oak, these Venetian blinds would work well in a home office or living room. Effortlessly control the light throughout the day to create a comfortable working from home environment. White and grey designs also available.

Day and Night Blinds

Day and Night Daylight Roller Blinds

Day and night grey blinds

These day and night daylight roller blinds from Dunelm let you alternate between fully sheer and fully opaque, so you can choose your preferred privacy and lighting. Avoid glaring sunlight whilst still creating a warm, natural feel, and then enjoy complete privacy when night-time comes.

The stylish grey colour is sure to work with all colour schemes, and we love the stripy effect, perfect for a contemporary space.

Day and Night Zebra Roller Blinds

Day and night black blinds

Another affordable day and night blind design to consider. The black offers a bolder look - ideal for elegant, monochrome interior - and there are over 20 size options so they should fit even the most unique of window measurements.

What type of blinds are in style?

Roller blinds

Roller blinds take the prize for ease-of-use and versatility. Available in a number of fabrics, roller blinds slot into every room of the house with ease. The fabric you choose will of course alter the light control, with everything from sheer to blackout thermal available. Roller blinds are perfect for patterns too with plenty of bold and colourful designs on offer.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are the way to go if you're looking for a soft home furnishing as they ooze a sense of luxury with their linen and cotton fabrics. Rather than rolling up, Roman blinds (rather satisfyingly) fold up, to create a neat layered effect.

Roman blinds are a great choice for bedrooms as they offer complete privacy and look lovely in bay windows.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are made up of slats which you can tilt to suit your preferred lighting and privacy, with the help of a wand or cord. You may notice a build up of dust with Venetian blinds, but you can simply wipe clean with a damp cloth, or use a narrow vacuum nozzle, to keep them looking their best.

Day and night blinds

Day and night blinds, or zebra blinds as they're often called, are made up of two layers of fabric: one opaque and the other translucent. You can control the privacy and lighting of a room by adjusting the alignment of the fabrics.

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How to choose blinds


Softer fabrics such as cotton, linen and polyester offer a stylish and luxurious look, perfect for adding a decorative touch to bedrooms and living rooms. For the damper rooms of the house, your bathroom and kitchen, a Venetian blind with a mould resistant finish, rather than a design made of real wood, is more suitable.

Light control

Look out for a degree of light control scale when purchasing your blinds, for example Wayfair offers sheer, semi-sheer, room darkening and blackout.

Venetian blinds and day and night blinds have the benefit of variable light control, allowing you to let natural light into your home, whilst still offering a level of privacy. If you'd prefer a solid covering that's not blackout, opt for a thinner material such as a sheer fabric.


Light control and privacy are interlinked with blinds so it's a bit of a balancing act, which is where contemporary designs such as the day and night blinds come in useful. If your living room looks out onto a busy high street, a top-down/bottom-up blind may come in handy, as you can let natural light in through the top of the window, whilst keeping the bottom half closed.

Energy efficiency

Opting for a thermal blind or a blackout blind with layers of insulation can help reduce heat loss during the colder months, allowing you to save on energy bills - a cheaper alternative to installing energy-efficient windows.

Ease of use

Motorised blinds aside, roller blinds are perhaps the easiest to use, thanks to their faff-free chain or cord mechanisms. Roman blinds are also straightforward, but require a little more effort than roller blinds as you have to wrap the cord around a number of times to keep the folds in place. We'd say the most fiddly has to be the Venetian blind as the individual slats can become tangled, but you soon get used to the swing of how they work.

For more guidance on your blinds purchase, read more on how to choose kitchen and bathroom blinds.


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