How to clean your curtains

It's an easy task to overlook, but a thorough clean every now and again will keep your curtains looking their best


It might seem like a tiresome job, but do you know when you last cleaned your curtains? If the answer is ‘never’, you’re far from alone! However, dust and odours do accumulate over time, so an annual (or even biannual, if you’re feeling particularly virtuous) wash is a good idea to keep the fabric looking and smelling fresh.

Follow these easy steps that’ll have your curtains looking good as new in no time…


Step 1

Before you begin, check the washing label to see if your curtains are fully machine washable. Lightweight fabrics, such as cotton, usually are. If that’s the case, continue with the following steps.

If not, or you have any concerns about home washing, a dry cleaner might be a better option.

Step 2

Take down your curtains, remove all hooks and start by shaking off any superficial dust – you’ll probably want to go outside for this!

Step 3

If your curtains are particularly delicate and you’re worried about damaging them in the machine, opt for a hand wash (probably in the bath due to their size).

Otherwise, pop your curtains in the washing machine, using your normal laundry detergent. Set the machine to a ‘delicates’ cycle if available, or a cool wash with a slower spin.

Step 4

Now that your curtains are clean, it’s time to dry them. To avoid mould or musty odours, it’s important that you allow them to dry thoroughly. Hang your curtains on the line or inside depending on weather conditions, or tumble dry if the wash label permits.

Iron when the curtains are almost dry, making sure you iron lengthways and on the inside of the material. Start on a very a low setting if you’re worried about damaging the material. Re-hang immediately to avoid any creases.


Voilà! Enjoy your fresh curtains! If you don’t already, incorporate a weekly curtain vacuum into your cleaning schedule. This will get rid of any residual dust or cobwebs and keep them in tip-top shape until the next deep clean.