The last thing you want after a relaxing bath is to step out of the tub into a large puddle on the cold floor.


Bath mats are a handy way of avoiding that hassle, keeping the tiles dry and hygienic while giving you something sturdy to stand on. They also add some additional colour and texture to the room, building on your bathroom theme when chosen wisely.

If you’re looking for a longer bath mat you can pace up and down on while you dry off, or something small but colourful for a tighter space, we’ve got plenty of options to choose from below to make sure you’re stepping out your bath in style.

Best bath mats to buy in 2023

Microfibre Bath Mat

Microfibre Soft Bath Mat on white background

This mat doesn't just absorb stray water when you step out of the bath, it stays super-soft under your feet as you towel off thanks to its microfibre material, with a non-slip backing to prevent any inadvertent sliding around.

There are plenty of colours to choose from, so you'll be able to find the right fit for your bathroom scheme, whether that's a classic pale grey, or something more stand out like a bold green or red.

Available in plenty of sizes ranging from 40 x 60cm all the way up to 60 x 150cm, you won't have to worry about soaking your floor, however large your bathroom is.

Egyptian Cotton Bath Mat

The White Company bath mat

Treat yourself with this high quality mat from The White Company, one of our favourite destinations for hotel-style luxury.

Made from Egyptian cotton, it has a subtle border design that gives it some detail and depth. These are available in classic white, as well as pearl or soft grey and slate.

Salle De Bain Blue Runner Bath Mat

Salle De Bain Blue Runner Bath Mat

Make a statement out of your bath mat with this colourful option from Oliver Bonas. One side of this rectangular mat features the words Salle De Bain (French for 'bathroom', in case you missed that day in your GCSE class) bordered with a white vine, while the other has striped design made of muted colours, so you can flip it depending on your mood to keep your theme feeling fresh.

More like this

Soft and Silky Bath Mat

John Lewis & Partners Soft and Silky Bath Mat on white background

Simple and stylish, this soft and silky bath mat from John Lewis is made from ethically sourced cotton.

Whether you have an ocean theme that would fit the dark teal, pacific blue and dark blue tones, or a bathroom that would better suit a muted oyster colour or latte brown, there should be an option that works for you.

Annecy Bath Mat

Annecy Bath Mat

Create a vintage vibe in your bathroom with this textured, flowery Annecy bath mat from The White Company, the ideal choice for a cosy cottagecore scheme.

Hand-woven to produce a traditional feel, this mat has been made from mixed fibres on a wooden shuttle loom for a truly authentic result. This also means that each mat has its own unique features, so will truly be a one of a kind item for your home.

Buy Annecy Bath Mat now from The White Company

Memory Foam Bath Mat

Memory Foam Bath Mat on white background

Continue the relaxing sensation of your hot bath with this memory foam mat that will absorb any water while you slowly sink into the polyester material.

Available in a pack of two if you're looking to kit out multiple bathrooms or would just like a back-up, this mat has a solid outer border that gives some structure to the sinkable middle.

Available in a chocolate tone as well as grey, navy blue or white, this mat should be easy to clean meaning less hassle and more time spent relaxing in the bath. Simply pop in your washing machine on a cold wash to keep it fresh.

Aire Extra Long Bath Mat

Aire bath mat on white background

If you’re looking for something with a bit more length to really protect your floor from a soaking, this extra long bath mat may be your best bet.

At 110cm this mat provides over a metre of floor space for you to tread on while you dry off.

There are plenty of detailed shades to pick from in the range including rose tan and sapphire blue, or warm grey and soft green so you have plenty of choice to find the perfect tone that will best complement your space.

Buy Aire Extra Long Bath Mat now from

Seafoam Mini Bobble Bath Mat

Seafoam Mini Bobble Bath Mat

Providing plenty of texture that will help absorb water while remaining soft to the touch, this bobble bath mat will add protection to your floor and some depth to your décor.

Made with a durable cotton material that should see you through plenty of use, this mat can be machine washed and quickly returned to your bathroom before your next long soak.

Bobble Striped Quick Dry Bath Mat

Bobble Striped Quick Dry Bath Mat

Featuring a modern design that would suit a light and airy bathroom, these striped bath mats from M&S are made with polyester bobbles to keep you cosy as it collects excess water.

They have a subtle but standout stripe design which is available in a variety of colours, so you can step onto a silver grey or a soft pink depending on your existing décor.

Each mat also has a non-slip backing so you don't have to worry about the mat moving beneath you as you dry.

Louis Checkerboard Bath Mat

Louis Checkerboard Bath Mat

Add some abstract colour to your bathroom with this unique Louis Checkerboard bath mat from Urban Outfitters.

The surface is soft to the touch and will easily absorb moisture thanks to its tufted material, while the artistic design makes this a stylish as well as practical choice.


Buy Louis Checkerboard Bath Mat now from Urban Outfitters


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