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The best pink gins for summer 2022

Calling all gin lovers! Here's our roundup of the best pink gins in the UK, perfect for a summer tipple!

Salcome pink gin bottle
Published: June 18, 2021 at 9:36 am

Pink gin has gained huge popularity in the last decade or so, and it's safe to say the summery spirit isn't going anywhere.


A few years back, ordering a ‘pink’ gin in most establishments would land you with a dry London gin with a splash of Angostura bitter. Nowadays, however, it seems like every pub offers at least a few fruity and refreshing pink gins, often flavoured with fresh raspberries, strawberries, or even bitter grapefruit.

Whether you pair it with tonic, lemonade, or fashion it into a cocktail, this spirit is uplifting, tasty, and with hundreds of different variations available, it's almost guaranteed that there's a pink gin out there to suit your taste exactly.

So, if you’re on the lookout for your perfect pink tipple or searching for a unique gift, we’ve got all the ginspiration you need. Read on to discover our round up of the best pink gins in the UK, including some truly unusual pink gins!

The best pink gin in 2022

Mermaid Gin


Mermaid Gin is made with island strawberries, lemon zest and elderflower, and it’s a winning combination in our opinion! The gin itself is smooth, fresh and fruity, but it’s not sickly sweet. It also comes in the most beautiful bottle, which would look incredible displayed on any kitchen shelf or vintage cocktail cart. We loved it with light tonic and a thin slice of strawberry, but if you’re a lemonade fan, it works well with citrus flavours or ginger ale.

  • From £42

Mirabeau Rose Gin

Decorative rose gin bottle
Mirabeau Rose Gin

According to its creators, Mirabeau gin is inspired by the botanical ingredients that grow on the rosè estate where it’s made. This also happens to be an area of Saint Tropez that has links to the world-famous perfume trade and, speaking of perfume, there’s definitely a distinct, floral taste to this spirit. It has hints of rose petals and jasmine, so if you’re a fan of dry rosé – or bitter aperitifs like Aperol – you’ll love it. It’s a great grown-up drink that’s perfectly sophisticated.

  • From £30

Didsbury Strawberry and Sicilian Lemon gin

Didsbury Strawberry and sicilian lemon gin

There's only the faintest hint of pink in the colour of this summery spin on Didsbury's classic gin, but the spirit itself is bursting with fruity flavour. Many flavoured gins are let down by an artificial chemical tang, but here the notes of sweet strawberries and tart lemon come through so naturally you can almost taste the fruit.

Pair with chopped strawberries or a sprig of basil to perfectly complement that aromatic Mediterranean flair.

  • £30 for 500ml

Keeprs British Strawberry, Lavender And Honey Gin

Keeprs strawberry gin
Keepr's Strawberry, Lavender and Honey gin

We've learnt that honey, lavender and strawberries can be a match made in heaven, thanks to this very British gin from Keepr’s. A perfect balance of honey with fresh and floral ingredients combines to create a sweet but warming flavour. It’s definitely more ‘syrupy’ in texture than the other gins on this list – so much so that you could drink it neat quite easily - but we think it works best as a base for a sweet cocktail.

  • £37.50

Manchester Gin

Manchester pink gin bottle
Manchester Raspberry Infused Gin

Manchester Gin is an iconic brand, and their take on pink gin is definitely one to try if you have a bit of a sweet tooth. Drink it neat and the candyfloss pink liquid has a subtly sweet but smooth raspberry flavour, with a light citrusy scent. Add a splash of tonic, however, and the bubbles transform your drink into a sherbert-like fizz that tastes much like a Love Heart sweet. To dial up the sweetness even more, try mixing it with a dash of lemonade.

Salcombe Gin Rose Saint Marie

Salcome pink gin bottle
Salcome Rosé Saint Marie gin

This beautifully light rosè gin is our new summer evening essential. The citrusy gin is is flavoured with lemon peel and orange blossom, and aptly named after the iconic ‘Sainte Marie’ lighthouse where sailing ships would be loaded with citrus fruits before setting off to England’s ports. Inspired by the Mediterranean coast, it’s fresh but not sweet – we think it’s best to drink it over ice with chilled tonic and a few slices of strawberry.

  • From £40

Zymurgorium Flagingo Gin

Flamingo Pink Gin bottle
Zymurgorium Flamingo Pink gin

In comparison to Zymurgorium’s more unusual unicorn, marshmallow and Turkish delight themed gins to name a few - you’d be forgiven for thinking their pink flamingo gin seems comparatively normal.

Unlike traditional pink gins, however, this one isn’t flavoured with summer berries or bitter grapefruit. Instead, it’s inspired by the Caribbean and combines mango, pineapple and passion fruit with allspice and ginger - perfect for the summer!

  • From £20

Rattler Cornish Pink Gin

Rattler pink gin bottle
Rattler pink cider gin

Last but by no means least! You may be thinking something about this gin looks familiar, and you’d be right… it’s made by the same distillers – and with the same apples - that make the iconic Cornish Rattler cider. Fresh apples are pressed before being mixed with fresh raspberries in Cornwall’s oldest distillery. The result is a sweet pink gin that tastes best muddled with rose lemonade and a handful of blueberries.

  • From £41.95


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