Autumn and winter home decor trends 2020: four style forecasts from IKEA’s experts

IKEA has revealed the emerging interior decor trends that will be taking over as the weather gets colder


IKEA has revealed the emerging home decor trends to watch out for this autumn and winter, from a new evolution of Scandi style to a vibrant contemporary look inspired by urban living.


The Swedish home furniture giant identified four interior styles that will only get hotter as the days get colder. Here are the four trends to inspire your autumn and winter decor – as well as expert advice on how to achieve the look.

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Highland Heritage

Inspired by countryside landscapes and natural elements, Highland Heritage combines the dark tones and unrefined textures of traditional Scandinavian barns and cottages with heritage patterns and natural materials.

Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Manager at IKEA UK & Ireland says: ‘Incorporating materials such as wood and rattan will not only add character to your home but also help bring the beauty of the great outdoors in.’

‘Textiles are an easy and affordable way to add another layer of cosiness during the colder months, and help us to embrace our natural inclination towards hibernating through them.

‘Incorporating heritage patterns, such as herringbone, tartan, and houndstooth reinforce a countryside feel, combining complementary and clashing woven prints and materials to create a unique look.’

In terms of colour palette, ‘muted hues such as olive and slate emanate a sense of tranquility and depth, evoking shades of rolling hills and atmospheric skies’.

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Scandi Fusion

Blending modern and traditional Scandi styles with minimalist influences, this trend pays homage to classic design with a range of cultural influences bringing a bespoke look and feel.

Passalacqua says: ‘Scandi style is synonymous with IKEA, with this trend paying homage to classic, understated and timeless design with a range of cultural influences from Bauhaus to folklore.

‘Underpinning the trend are honest, durable and functional materials, such as plywood, metal, paper, wool, cotton and linen. Clean lines and seamless surfaces evoke a sense of minimalism and spaciousness, which declutter both physically and mentally, enabling a focus on mindfulness and wellbeing.’

When it comes to choosing colours, think beyond traditional Nordic neutrals. ‘A fresh and vivid colour palette is also signature to this fusion trend, strengthening the feeling of optimism and energy through primary colours inspired by folklore, Bauhaus and 60’s pop,’ says Passalacqua.

Embrace geometric, chequered and organic patterns inspired by abstract art and Scandinavian Seventies design to give a modern and artistic flair to your interiors.’

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Eclectic Traditions

Elaborate, generous and inviting, Eclectic Traditions creates a nostalgic feeling through delightful extravagance. Establishing an environment that combines secondhand elements with modern-day pieces, this trend is about appreciating the past for its heritage, all the while investing in quality products to create a home where memories are made and will last a lifetime.

Rosheen Forbes, Commercial Activity & Events Leader at IKEA UK & Ireland, says: ‘Introducing gold and brass accents adds a lustrous touch, that will complement different textures, styles and colour palettes.’

‘Embrace needlepoint-inspired and knitted patterns with the new DEKORERA collection, presenting a range of affordable throws, rugs and cushion covers that will help instil a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere.’

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Street Style Nomad

Inspired by street style influences and providing simple solutions to improve everyday life in even the smallest of homes, this trend is about being casual yet impactful; embracing contemporary design with bold, block colours, clean lines and statement pieces, expressing edge and personality in your interiors.

Forbes says: ‘Following city-wide lockdowns, many of us have learnt the importance of embracing small space living, championing creative and affordable solutions that establish a flexible and functional environment without compromising on character.

‘Street Style Nomad fuses sleek and modern design that’s versatile and adaptable with statement pieces, exuding a relaxed urban coolness’

Multipurpose and freestanding furniture is key to this trend. ‘Easy to move items will allow your interiors to adapt effortlessly to your changing needs, allowing for an agile lifestyle that makes everyday life more seamless, allow you to mix things up when you need a change and finetune to your ever-evolving style.’

The emphasis on functionality doesn’t mean giving up flair, however, ‘Individuality and personality are also key to the Street Style Nomad trend, with metropolitan influences that pay homage to our urban surroundings taking centre stage,’ says Forbes. ‘The new unique and affordable SAMMANKOPPLA collection in collaboration with Thai fashion designers Greyhound Original, blends Bangkok street style with apartment-living expertise, mixing vibrant textiles and patterns inspired by the Thai capital.’


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