Five of the best Yankee Candle Christmas scents

Check out our team’s pick of Yankee Candle’s all-time best Christmas candles, including three new scents and two classic favourites

Five of the best Yankee Candle Christmas scents

Glistening ornaments, twinkling lights, festive wreaths… there are so many ways to make your home feel magical at Christmas time, but we all know that no home feels truly complete without a few Christmas candles.


To celebrate the season, we’ve tried and tested the best of Yankee Candle’s Christmas offering – including three brand new fragrances.

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Read on to discover our favourites!

Surprise Snowfall, £23.99 for a large jar

Surprise Snowfall, £23.99 for a large jar, Yankee Candle

What exactly does snowfall smell like, you ask? Well, in the case of this beautiful candle, it’s a fresh, crisp fragrance with notes of silver spruce and citrusy verbena.

Carefully created to evoke memories of swirling snowflakes in crisp winter air, Surprise Snowfall is one of Yankee Candle’s more delicate and uplifting festive fragrances – it’s the perfect option if you like to swap spicy, cinnamon scents for those of fresh winter fruit and pine. We love it!

Singing Carols, £23.99 for a large jar

Singing Carols, £23.99 for a large jar, Yankee Candle
Singing Carols, £23.99 for a large jar, Yankee Candle

If you love the smell of fresh pine as you bring home your Christmas tree, then you’ll absolutely love Singing Carols. With hints of mandarin, eucalyptus and fir needle, this candle will fill your home with a classic evergreen Christmas tree fragrance, but it won’t overwhelm it – all thanks to the bottom notes of fresh blackberry. We’ll take one for every room, please!

Holiday Hearth, £23.99 for a large jar

Holiday Hearth, £23.99 for a large jar, Yankee Candle
Holiday Hearth, £23.99 for a large jar, Yankee Candle

If, for you, Christmas is all about tradition – roaring garland-adorned fireplaces, cinnamon sticks and poinsettia – then we know you’ll love Holiday Hearth.

The fragrance does have a traditional, winter spiced edge to it, but it blends its more warming notes – cinnamon, cloves and cedarwood – with soft vanilla and musk, giving it a comforting feel.

Mandarin and cranberry, £23.99 for a large jar

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If you miss Yankee Candle’s now-discontinued Festive Cocktail scent, Mandarin Cranberry will prove an excellent substitute. Light up and enjoy as your room fills with the fruity aromas of a Christmas punch.

Arctic Frost, £19.19 for a large jar

Arctic Frost Yankee Candle

Arctic Frost as a winter landscape in a jar, leading with bracing peppermint and eucalyptus top notes that mimic the bracing nip of cold, crisp air, followed by subtler floral notes of lavender, bergamot and rosemary.


Take a deep breath and imagine you’re stepping out of your cabin into a cool mountain breeze!