Five ways to maximise your kitchen storage

Having a beautifully styled kitchen is all well and good, but if there's no practical storage features, it's certain to be missing some functionality.

Kitchen storage solution

Your kitchen will be home to a large number of items, including large oven dishes, crockery and cooking utensils, and you need to be able to find space to store them all.


To give you a helping hand, Optiplan Kitchens have come up with a list of storage solutions that you can incorporate to keep your space clutter free.


Deep drawers

Do you find yourself straining to reach plates at the back of the cupboard? Well, that can become a thing of the past if you opt for deep-set drawers.

Helping you to store and locate items with ease, you can further maximise what you have by giving a two-tiered drawer system a go. A deep wide pull-out will work well for your pots and pans, whilst the bespoke drawer inserts will ensure cutlery and utensils get stored in an efficient manner.


The larder

Are you completely re-designing your kitchen? Why not make room for a bespoke larder?

It was one of 2019’s key trends, as it provides realms of storage for those unsightly tins and condiments, while also giving you a handy place to storing those old kitchen gadgets you no longer use or want on display. On top of this, everything can be hidden behind some beautifully designed doors.


 Work in a wine rack

Built In Shelving And Wine Rack
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Having a built-in wine rack can seamlessly give you some sleek sophistication. It ensures your wine is presented neatly, and also means you get to show-off your collection. You could even consider a wine cooler if white wine is more to your taste.


Shelving displays

A great way to display your favourite belongings will be on or in a central island. You can pop items and accessories in the shelving that comes in built with the design and instantly add some charm to your kitchen in the process.


Corner storage

Corner kitchen cupboard content display
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Worried about the corners of your room presenting some awkward challenges? Think again. They actually give you a load of hidden space.


Opt for some swing-out drawers and display the entire cupboard’s contents – this makes things so much easier to locate.