When it comes to making a first impression there's nothing more important than your front door, so it's important you choose a colour that perfectly reflects your home's personality.


If you're struggling to decide on a shade, we've outlined our favourite front door ideas below, as well as the meanings behind the most popular front door colours.

Keep reading to discover our pick of the best front door colours, and when you're feeling suitably inspired, don't forget to check out our roundup of the best paints for exterior wood too. Happy decorating!

The best front door colours

Blue front door

From glittering oceans to gorgeous skies, blue is the colour of tranquillity. According to colour psychologists, looking at the colour blue can evoke feelings of peace and relaxation, so a blue front door is a great option for those who want to transform their home into a calming sanctuary.

Have you ever noticed how some of the biggest businesses in the globe have blue logos? That’s because the colour blue is thought to connote a sense of order and reliability, so it’s often favoured by companies that want to give off an image of dependability.

The same logic applies when it comes to front door colours, so opt for a blue front door if you want your home to be associated with feelings of security and safety. Whatever shade of blue you opt for, it’s guaranteed to look elegant and grounded.

What does a blue front door mean?

According to feng shui principles, the colour blue is linked to the wood element, which means that it symbolises new beginnings and growth. In some other cultures, it’s believed that painting your front door in a light shade of blue can bring about prosperity and abundance, while choosing a deeper shade of blue – like Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue – will bring about feelings of peace.

Pink front door

Whether it’s soft blush or summery coral, the colour pink is known for its calming, nurturing qualities. Aside from the fact that it’ll give your home instant curb appeal and Instagramability, a pink front door will immediately evoke feelings of warmth and comfort thanks to its links to love, romance and all things feminine.

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Pink front doors are even believed to make those who pass through them feel more optimistic and thoughtful, so choose pink if you want your home to inspire feelings of cheerfulness and care.

What does a pink front door mean?

In colour psychology pink is known as the colour of hope, so painting your front door pink is a great way of symbolising that all in life will be well. The colour pink is also considered playful and non-threatening, so whether its bright and vibrant fuchsia, soft and subtle rose or anything in between, a pink front door will give the impression that the home which lies behind it is a fun, welcoming place.

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Green front door

Green décor is often revered for its reviving qualities – studies have even proven that just looking at the colour green can reduce cortisol levels and boost feelings of wellbeing.

As green is the colour that we most associate with nature, a green front door is said to connote feelings of harmony, renewal and growth. In feng shui, a green door can also symbolise freshness, new beginnings and even healing.

What does a green front door mean?

In Britain, green is actually the best-selling front door colour. Traditionally, people associated green front doors with ideas of wealth, and so would often paint their front doors green as a way to welcome prosperity into their homes. Green can also signify safety – a green light means go, so painting your front door green is believed to make your guests feel more comfortable and confident on entering your home.

Yellow front door

Perhaps the most upbeat and joyful colour of them all, a yellow front door will bring a little bit of sunshine into your life all year long. Known to evoke feelings of positivity, warmth and happiness, yellow shades can breathe new life into even the most lacklustre entryway, and will brighten up tired home exteriors in an instant.

Whether you choose pastel lemon yellow, a sumptuous saffron shade or bright yellow, yellow signifies optimism, so it's a great shade to choose if you want your home to conjure up feelings of hope and enthusiasm as opposed to tranquility and peace.

What does a yellow front door mean?

Yellow is one of the most intense colours on the colour wheel. It'll instantly attract attention, so only use it if you're hoping to make your home stand out from the crowd.

On a practical level, yellow is a great colour to paint your front door if you're looking to make your home memorable and recognisable. Yellow is also believed to have a strong influence on the left side of the brain, which links to logical and analytical thinking, but be aware that it can bring about feelings of agitation if overused.

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Red front door

Nowadays, we often associate the colour red with strong emotions like anger, and in everyday life, red can be used to signify danger or encourage caution.

In early American traditions, however, doors were painted red to signify a warm welcome and offer passing travellers hospitality. Similarly, in Biblical times, red doors signified protection against death. Red therefore remains a popular colour for front doors and can be used to signify refuge, safety and warm greetings.

What does a red front door mean?

Red doors have a really interesting history. In years past, people in Scotland would paint their doors red to signify that they had paid off their mortgage, whereas in Ireland, people painted their doors red as an act of rebellion against the British monarchy.

Nowadays, the meaning of a red door is more linked to the colour psychology around the colour red. Red can signify love and passion, and is even proven to act as a physical stimulant - it stimulates the adrenal gland and provides energy, so choose this colour if you're looking to feel energised and inspired.

Black front door

Sophisticated, timeless and classic, black front doors are used to signify wealth and power.

Although the colour black has certain negative associations when it comes to everyday life, in a decor context, the colour is often used to give an impression of simplicity and functionality, meaning that it works particularly well in contemporary, minimalist homes.

What does a black front door mean?

Those who practice feng shui consider the colour black to symbolise money, and in other spiritual practices, it's believed that the colour black absorbs and attracts positive energy. Studies have also found that painting your front door black can increase your home's value by 2.9 percent, so black paint is a fantastic option if you're looking to make your house more appealing to prospective buyers.

Best black home decor ideas

What does a black front door mean?

Many people consider a black front door to be the most sophisticated of them all, and will paint their front doors black to make their house look more expensive and luxurious. Some people believe that painting your front door black suggests that the person who lives inside the home is confident, powerful, and in some cases, solemn.

What is the luckiest front door colour?

In feng shui, red is believed to be the most powerful and auspicious colour of them all. People who follow feng shui principles will often choose a red front door to protect their home, as it is thought the colour red will clear their home from negative energy.

What is feng shui?

You’ve probably heard of a few popular feng shui concepts, such as having your bed facing the door, but do you know why? And what about the other areas of your home?

Learn the basic principles of the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui with our handy beginner's guide on how to create good feng shui at home, or check out how to how to feng shui your home with six soothing ideas

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In Western cultures, green is considered a lucky colour for a front door because of its associations with wealth and symbols of good luck, such as green shamrocks.

Yellow is also believed by many to be a lucky colour for a front door - in ancient Chinese history, some emperors reserved yellow for their own exclusive use. As a result, many still associate the colour yellow with ideas of royalty and power, and therefore choose it for their front door to bring about abundance.

How do I choose a front door colour?

If you're struggling to decide on a colour for your front door, there are a few different factors to consider which might help you narrow it down.

front door colours
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First, it's worth considering the age of your house. If your home is Edwardian, for example, shades that were popular at the time - like muted blues and greens - might best suit your door, whereas an Art Deco era home might look best with a dramatic, peacock blue door.

Check out our guides to Victorian homes, Georgian homes, Mid Century homes and Bridgerton inspired Regency homes and to discover inspiration on the colour palettes from each era!

front door colours
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Secondly, give some thought to the style of decor inside your house, and choose your front door colour accordingly. For example, if your home is boho style, choosing a front door colour that complements a boho scheme - like rich terracotta or neutral - will help to give your home a sense of flow, make it feel cohesive, and give guests an insight into your own personal style before they've even stepped foot inside your home.

Below, we've outlined a few more examples of colours that complement the different types of interior styles:


Front door colours

Industrial style: cool charcoal grey, dramatic black or red 

Scandi style: simple white 

Mid Century modern: olive green or striking terracotta 

Eclectic vintage: pastel shades or muted blues 

Cottagecore inspired: pretty pinks, powder blues and greens 

Japandi style: neutral beige or strong black 

Farmhouse style: shabby chic white, pale yellow or sage green

front door colours

What front door colour best sells a house?

Research suggests that a black front door is most likely to sell a house, most likely because it is neutral, classic and timeless. Experts also suggest that red, green and blue are also good colours to paint your front door if you're looking to sell - they're considered the most safe options of all the colours, and therefor the ones that are most likely to appeal to a wide audience of prospective buyers.


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