Struggling to sleep? You’re not alone. With an estimated two-thirds of the UK suffering from disrupted sleep, it seems slipping away to the Land of Nod isn’t as easy as counting sheep.


We’re probably all guilty of late-night screen time, or one too many coffees, but have you thought about how your bedroom décor could be affecting your sleep?

From colour schemes to lighting, window dressings to mattresses, our surroundings affect our emotions and how relaxed we may feel at night. So it’s time to strip that garish wallpaper and ditch your lumpy mattress, because these top tips could be the key to a well-earned rest.

1. Efficient storage

IKEA elvarli
Make your bedroom storage work smarter, not harder, with the help of some customisable units. Elvarli storage system, from £120, IKEA

When you look around your bedroom, what do you see? Is it well organised and efficient, or a bit cluttered and chaotic?

How we organise our sleeping space can directly affect us how easy we find it to drift off at night. The last thing you want to see before you go to bed is a pile of washing on the floor, or a couple of stray shoes that haven’t quite made their way back into the cupboard.

Look for space-efficient, flexible storage solutions, like the Elvarli system from IKEA - a great choice for areas that need a more bespoke approach. If you’re a shoe addict who can’t bear the thought of a clear-out, you can add extra shoe racks using the Elvarli planner. It couldn’t be easier!

2. Cosy furnishings

Next bedroom decor
Layer up those throws to give your bedroom an extra-cosy and comforting vibe. Wilson bed, from £399; pompom throw, £40; cable knit throw, £28; velvet throw, £60, all Next

When it comes to soft furnishings, your bedroom is not the place to skimp. Sure, you could opt for a simple throw at the end of the bed, but when it comes to cosiness we think it’s best to take the maximalist approach!

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Layering throws in complementary colours and textures is a great way to get that luxe feel. Look out for natural materials, in particular, to pair for a chic look. Linen, cotton and faux fur throws are great choices for layering and creating a calm, natural and serene bedroom space.

3. Finding the right mattress

Discover a wide range of mattresses at

Did you know that the average person spends around 26 years sleeping in their lifetime, as well as another seven years trying to get to sleep? That’s a whopping 33 years spent on your mattress!

With so much time spent in your bed, choosing the right mattress is crucial in maintaining good health and well-being.

There are hundreds of options out there to suit your needs. From foam or pocket-sprung to memory foam, gel, and latex, each material has its benefits and will affect you differently, so do your research!

4. Mood lighting

Sainsbury's bedside lamps
A pair of soft bedside lights will give your bedroom a relaxed and inviting ambience. Loft tripod table lamp, £35, Sainsbury’s Home

Your bedroom should be the most relaxing room in your home. After a busy day dealing with everything that life has to throw at you, you want to know that when you get into bed, you’re going to feel great in your little sanctuary.

One of the easiest ways to get that super-relaxing feel is with your lighting. Though it may sound simple, by limiting the light in your bedroom to just two bedside lamps you’ll create a much softer and ambient light that is far more sleep-friendly than a bright pendant light. Plus, you won’t have to get out of bed to turn them off!

And if you're keen to explore how lighting affects your other rooms, we've also got lighting ideas for your kitchen, and lighting design tips for your whole home. Why not take a look at our roundup of the best lava lamps for some more inspiration?

5. Calm colour palettes

Dulux Tranquil Dawn matt emulsion paint
Serene blue and green hues make for the most relaxing bedroom colour scheme. Dulux Tranquil Dawn matt emulsion paint, £16 per 2.5L tin, B&Q

Here at YourHomeStyle, we love colourful decor. Whether it’s bright clashing colour palettes or vibrant feature walls of bold wallpaper, the right shades can transform a home into a fun and playful environment. However, when it comes to bedrooms, a pared-back approach is worth considering.

Calming colour palettes of blues, greens, greys and neutrals are much better at reducing stress levels compared to brighter tones of reds, oranges or yellows. If you want to switch up your wall colour for a more relaxing shade, you can’t do better than Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2020, Tranquil Dawn. The soft bluey-green hue is perfect for pairing with natural woods and neutral bed linen. Or click here to see Dulux's Colour of the Year 2021 - Brave Ground.

6. Window dressings

Stop the light from disturbing your slumber with a chic and practical window dressing. Luna blackout roman blind in Blush, from £30, Dunelm

Everyone has a preference when it comes to natural light in the bedroom. Some love waking up with the sun, others loathe it and will do anything to block it out. No matter which side of the fence you sit on, it’s important to have the right window dressing to accommodate your preference.

If you like the natural light in the morning, opting for lightweight curtain fabrics like linen will allow the morning light to softly diffuse into the room. But if you’d rather have total darkness, look for more heavyweight fabrics like velvet and team them up with a black-out lining – you can even add a ceiling curtain pelmet for a chic hotel-like feel.


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