On this week's Interior Design Masters on BBC1, contestants were challenged with their first solo task; transforming a guest suite in a luxury hotel in the Scottish countryside.

Interior Design Masters series 4, episode 3

Alan Carr Interior Design Masters
Host Alan Carr managed to fit a few rounds of golf in!

This week judge Michelle Ogundehin was joined by guest judge Matthew Williamson, known for his bold, inventive, and luxurious designs.

Michelle Ogundehin and Matthew Williamson
Head judge Michelle Ogundehin and guest judge Matthew Williamson

It was a double elimination this week, and after grilling the four bottom contestants, the pair decided it was vintage lover Joanne and lawyer turned interiors enthusiast Charlotte who would be leaving the competition.

Here we catch up with Joanne to find out what it was like to take part in the hit TV series...

Hi Joanne, we've loved watching you in the new series of Interior Design Masters. Can you tell us what first inspired you to enter the show?

I was actually approached by a casting director, and asked if I had ever considered applying, it never entered my head, and I thought why not!

Joanne Interior Design Masters

How would you describe your interior design style?

I find it really hard to compartmentalise my style, I have a lot of experience and practice and I’ve developed my own unique style. I love bold, dramatic colour, whimsical objects, lots of texture, but most of all I like my space to feel like a home.

I recommend going with your gut and picking items that you love and bring you joy

Your brief this week was to create a bold, maximalist room. What decor tips would you recommend to someone trying to create this look at home?

Maximalism is a very hard look to achieve, what I would recommend is going with your gut and picking items that you love and bring you joy. If something gives you a little fizz in your tummy every time you look at it, you will feel the same excitement.

I am a huge collector and a bit of a magpie, and I love to display all my special finds around me. It’s also about layering lots of different textures that contrast, soft and hard, metal and wood etc but most of all it’s about the drama.

Joanne Interior Design Masters hotel room
Joanne's hotel room design

You were designing a luxury Scottish hotel room this week. We wondered if you have a standout memory of a hotel you’ve stayed in in the past? Or if not, what would be your dream hotel getaway break?

I do love luxury, I am truly Leo so a posh hotel is right up my street! However I am surprisingly more comfortable in an old farmhouse cottage in the middle of the French countryside, surrounded by my family and lots of sunshine. Lots of lovely French vintage pieces and a good crockery selection with the right glasses for cocktails at hand.

I was so lucky to spend the summer with so many super-talented designers

Has the show changed how you view interior design?

My view of Interior design is certainly a lot more refined as I have picked up ideas and tips from the other contestants. I was so lucky to spend the summer with so many super-talented designers, and it’s brilliant to be able to chat to them, pick their brains and mull over ideas.

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