Minimalism in the home is undoubtedly one of the hottest trends in interior design.

The fast-paced world in which we live has left us longing to create a clean and serene space in the home, inviting us to step inside and let the stresses of everyday life melt away.

Yet, the bathroom is a predominately functional space, with several people – and all their toiletries – using it everyday. Here are a few tips to create that perfectly practical minimalist haven in the bathroom.

Eliminate clutter

Bathroom makeover: 'Our two rooms became one fabulous space'
Siobhan and Joe turned the old toilet room into an open, space-saving shower

Okay, it might seem obvious, but minimalism is fundamentally all about keeping things simple and clutter-free.

In a space which is used daily by numerous people, bathrooms can easily become overflowing with toiletries and towels. Keeping surfaces clear by stowing away everyday items is a crucial step to creating a clean, minimalist space, and the easiest way to achieve this is by incorporating smart storage solutions.

Opting for a bathroom collection which can provide a variety of furniture combinations from vanity units and tall cabinets to shelving and multi-functional mirrors, will allow additional storage to be brought into the room – even when space is at a premium.

Keep it clean

Bathroom makeover: 'Our bathroom feels like a mini boutique hotel'
The Crittall-window style shower screen is the focal point of the room and was one of the must-have items on Lorna and James’s wish list. They bought it in a sale for a fraction of the usual price

Minimalist interiors offer the ideal scenario to de-stress in, thanks to its focus on a contemporary, clean design. Use simple, streamlined edges and geometric shapes to create crisp lines throughout, from the suite itself to those all-important finishing touches. Geberit’s Sigma50 flush plate, for example, features a modern, minimalist design thanks to its slim flush buttons.

Wall-hung furniture

Britton Hoxton Bottle Trap, £44.50, UK Bathrooms
Britton Hoxton Bottle Trap, £44.50, UK Bathrooms

Minimalist décor often focuses on modern furnishings, and wall-hung fixing is most certainly the future of bathroom design.

Wall-hung toilets and furniture transform your space from traditional to contemporary by hiding unsightly pipework behind the wall. They also make a room feel significantly more spacious, giving the illusion of floating ceramics.

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Subtle shades

Keeping colour simple is key to achieving a minimalist bathroom. Avoid garish, bold shades or busy patterns and tiles. Instead, stick with a neutral palette. If you’re after a light and bright bathroom consider a clean all-white scheme, or if you’d prefer to make more of a style statement opt for stylish dark greys or striking black.

Minimalist doesn't need to mean monochrome, though. Biscuitey beige bathroom furniture is increasing in popularity, and can bring all the required simplicity with a warmer edge.

Feeling Washbasin by RAK Ceramics in cappuccino
Feeling Washbasin by RAK Ceramics in cappuccino

To ensure your bathroom design remains timeless, consider investing in a suite in subtle shades, but adding in a pop of colour with accessories if desired – but remember that less is certainly more.