As the weather warms up, those of us lucky enough to have a garden or yard will be eager to make the most of our outdoor space - whether that's simply relaxing with a drink after a hard day's work or hosting friends and family for summer garden party.


When it comes to entertaining in comfort and style, nothing beats an outdoor bar - not only do they look great in your garden, they save all those pesky trips inside to top up drinks and snacks, so you'll never miss any juicy gossip again! Pair them with a barbecue or pizza oven and you'll have an outdoor entertaining set-up to envy.

We've gathered some of our favourite garden bar ideas to get you inspired - we've got everything from tiki-style beach bars to a space-saving garden wall bar that folds up when not in use. Read on to find the right outdoor bar style for your space!

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Best outdoor bar ideas for every garden

Outdoor tiki bar

Habitat Beach Bar Gazebo with Stools
Habitat Beach Bar Gazebo with Stools, Argos

One of the most enjoyable parts of having an outdoor bar is that, with a cocktail in your hand on a sunny day, you can easily imagine yourself transported to a tropical paradise, so it's no wonder that beach bar styles are especially popular. Made of natural materials like untreated wood, bamboo and rattan, they are usually characterised by a grass roof.

Tiki bar
Handmade tiki bar, Etsy

You'll sometimes find these kinds of outdoor bars listed as tiki bars, which technically refers to a specific style influenced by the culture of Polynesian islands, particularly Hawaii. Tiki bars became popular in the United States after World War Two, and are recognisable for tropical motifs like waves, shells, carved masks, tiki mugs and palm trees, and for serving fruity rum-based cocktails like Mai Tai, Blue Hawaii and Zombie.

Garden shed bar

Forest Garden 2 x 1.8 x 2m Wooden Garden Bar/Shed with Bi-Fold Shutters
Forest Garden Wooden Garden Bar/Shed with Bi-Fold Shutters, Wickes

A smart choice for gardens where storage space is at a premium, a garden shed bar features a serving hatch which can be opened for use as a bar, and then closed to turn the unit into a handy storage space for items like garden furniture during the colder months.

Garden wall bar

Chester -Drop Down Home & Garden Bar
Chester Drop Down Home & Garden Bar, Etsy

If you simply don't have the square footage for a traditional outdoor bar, why not consider a garden wall bar instead? This clever option is basically a shelf unit affixed to the wall, with a cover which folds down to act as an instant bar counter and drinks table.

More like this

If you're a dab hand with DIY, you could have a go at making your own - they're relatively simple to put together, and there are plenty of tutorials online - and we love the one below made from a pallet.

However, if that's not an option, you'll find ready-made models on sites like Etsy which only need to be mounted to your wall of choice for you to start making the most of your compact new bar.

Outdoor kitchen bar

The Nigela
The Nigela, The Woodcrafters

If a cocktail party isn't complete for you without plenty of nibbles, why not consider an outdoor kitchen?

Family-run Hertfordshire firm The Woodcrafters builds outdoor workstations with everything you'd expect of a garden bar, but is also designed to make it easy to prepare food outside, too - whether that's snacks or something more substantial. The Nigela unit shown above comes with a host of built-in features including a magnetic knife rack, utensil rails, glass holder, weatherproof spotlight and 15-bottle wine cooler.

Each unit is handmade using Italian granite and Siberian larch wood, and arrives fully assembled. There are three designs to choose from, and each can be customised with a range of add-ons, such as parasols, or weatherproof covers.

Small garden bar

Rowlinson Wooden Mini Bar
Rowlinson Wooden Mini Bar, Furniture123

Just because you've got a smaller garden, doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun! There are clever compact garden bars available, which offer the outdoor bar experience on a reduced footprint.

If you're particularly short on space, look for a model on caster wheels, like the one above from Furniture123, which can easily be moved to any convenient corner of your space.

We also love this very simple and cost-effective idea made from a cable drum - check out more cable drum upcycling ideas

For even more outdoor entertainment ideas, check out our favourite pizza ovens, barbecues and our guide to the best rattan furniture


And why not dress up your garden with some garden wall art, an outdoor rug, outdoor cushions, or a chimenea. You could even build your own fire pit!


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