Mainly used for timber, a powered mitre saw is a really useful piece of kit for your tool shed. It can be used to make both straight cuts and mitred or bevelled angles – perfect for if you need create a neat join, when fitting skirting boards, for example. A true mitre cut is made at a 45º angle to form a 90º corner with another piece, but it’s possible to cut at other angles too.


A mitre saw is also handy for other projects such as laying flooring or building simple garden structures, but it’s important to do your research before investing, as these saws have different features, depending largely on the price point. The most basic models have a fixed saw blade, which limits the width of materials that you can cut. One with a sliding blade, however, features a mechanism allowing the blade to move backwards and forwards for a greater cutting width.

Power tends to range from between 1400 to 2000W, with both corded and battery powered models on offer.

How much are electric mitre saws?

Prices start from around £50, and, if you’re only an occasional DIYer, a basic model should be sufficient. If you are happy to spend a bit more, look out for more advanced features including dust extraction, laser guides and adjustable speeds. This type of saw requires little maintenance, apart from keeping it free of any dust and debris, and replacing the blade occasionally.

How to use an electric mitre saw

Best electric mitre saws to buy

Mac Allister 1500W 220-240V 210mm corded sliding mitre saw

Mac Allister 1500W 220-240V 210mm Corded Sliding mitre saw MMIS210S-B

This 1500W model with two-metre cable features two side extension wings which help to support longer boards and ensure an accurate cut.

Erbauer 1400W 220-240V EMIS216S 216mm electric double-bevel sliding mitre saw

With a laser guide for precision cutting, this 1400W option has a three-metre cable and and features dust extraction to help minimise mess.

Makita 1500W MLS100N/1 corded 255mm cross cut mitre saw

This tool doesn’t feature a sliding mechanism, but has a powerful motor, along with dust extraction and plenty of other useful features for a keen DIYer.



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