Designed for use with a whole range of materials, a nail gun is a handy addition to your tool kit, especially for jobs that require a large number of fixings. Instead of having to hammer in each individual nail by hand, these powered gadgets shoot ‘brads’ or small nails into the material, saving you both time and effort. Many double up as a stapler, too, making them even more versatile.


How much do nail guns cost?

Although the most powerful, and often expensive, options are geared towards professional contractors, those designed for the home DIYer are surprisingly affordable, with prices ranging from around £150. Look for a battery-powered (rather than a compressor) model, which will provide plenty of ‘oomph’ for light to medium duty tasks. Always check if the product comes with a battery and charger, as if you need to buy these separately, they will bump up the price.

What features should I look for in a nail gun?

Depth control adjustment is a useful feature to look out for, as this will allow you to set how deep or shallow the nail sits, and can be adjusted for different materials and thicknesses. Most products also offer safety features to prevent accidental use.

These tools require little maintenance, so the only thing you need to worry about is making sure that you have the right size or ‘gauge’ nails or staples. Some tools with come with a pack of these to get you started. Nail guns can occasionally become jammed, but the problem is usually easily fixed yourself.

How to use a nail gun

Best nail guns to buy

Worx 20V cordless brad nailer and crown stapler

This battery-powered model can fire up to 2,000 shots on a single charge, and is easy to reload with 18 gauge nails or staples. It also features adjustable depth-drive control.

VonHaus Cordless nail gun and staple gun

With an 18V battery, this design comes complete with 200 nails and 200 staples. It has two different modes, and is fitted with a two-stage safety trigger to prevent accidental use.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ cordless 16 gauge nailer

Part of Ryobi’s ONE+ system of cordless tools, this nailer has two modes, a tool-less jam release and ‘dry-fire lockout’ mode which prevents it working without nails which could damage the surface.



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