If you've been cooking up a storm lately, now is the perfect time to give your oven a thorough clean. With our handy tips and tricks, your oven - including the racks and oven door - will be sparkling in no time.

Remember, before you start handling any cleaning products, make sure your hands and arms are protected with impermeable gloves and arm covers, that your kitchen is well ventilated, and your oven is turned off at the mains.

Now let's get started!

How to clean oven racks

Start your deep clean by removing all racks from inside the oven.

If your oven racks are only lightly dirty, cover them with warm water and some washing-up liquid, and leave to soak for 30 minutes before then removing the burnt-on food with a damp scourer. To make this task easier, consider investing in a specially-designed oven rack cleaning tray, which allows you to fully submerge your racks for a good soak. Lakeland sell them for £12.99 (price correct at time of writing).

Oven cleaning kits like Oven Pride often come with sealable tray bags - these are great for a more thorough clean. Use your oven cleaner as instructed on the trays and seal in their bags as directed to remove stubborn stains.

Once your oven racks are clean, rinse any cleaning products off and leave to dry.

How to clean the inside of your oven

First, be sure to lay a protective cloth underneath your oven door to catch any burnt food that might fall through the gap.

Open the oven and use a dry scourer to brush off any baked-on foods from the main oven cavity. Apply your oven cleaner to the sides, roof and floor of the oven, making sure it is covered in an even layer and taking care to avoid any gas elements, lights and fans. If your oven includes a grill element, then you may be able to move it to clean behind it - if not then avoid the roof of the oven during your interior clean.

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Leave the cleaning product on for the recommended time, then wipe clean with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, use a scrubbing brush or a scourer. Finally, dry the oven’s interior with a few paper towels or a microfibre cloth.

How to clean an oven grill element

The grill element itself can easily build up greasy residue - the simplest way to reduce that is to burn it off. Switch the grill on to its highest temperature and leave for 10 minutes, with the oven door open in a well-ventilated kitchen. Most of the grease and dirt should smoke away. Allow to cool, and then wipe the element down with a damp cloth and detergent.

How to clean your oven door

To clean your oven door, open it flat or slide the glass panel out if your oven allows you to do so. Use a glass scraper to remove the first layer of burnt-on food. Then cover the door with a glass-safe oven cleaner and leave to work as directed.

After the recommended time has elapsed, wipe off the product and the dirt with a damp cloth and then wipe the surface dry. Finish by wiping down the outside of the oven with a regular multi-purpose cleaner and a damp cloth.

Top tip: For the finishing touch, dip a a cotton bud in warm soapy water and gently swipe around the control knobs to get them spotless

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