With its warm golden tone and lustrous look, brass is a great material to add into your home. While it’s often found in period properties, it can add character and a cosy feel to modern spaces too. Opting for brass door handles, taps and home accessories like candlesticks is often an easy way to add a premium look to your home.


While some people prefer to let their brass age naturally, you’ll need to polish your accessories if you want to make sure they retain their golden glow. Here are some of the best brass polishing kits on the market to help you do the job.

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The best brass polishing kits and accessories

Dremel 684 Cleaning and Polishing Kit

Dremel 684 Cleaning and Polishing Kit on a white background

For an all-in-one brass polishing kit, try this option from Dremel. It comes with 20 different accessories, including 12 polishing wheels, three bristle brushes and polishing paste.

While this kit is ideal for buffing brass, you can also use it to polish other metals like copper, silver, gold and stainless steel. It’ll even clean plastic.

Thanks to the patented mandrel and wheel system, you can easily switch between different accessories; just pull and twist to release each polishing head.

As an added bonus, the kit arrives in a convenient storage box so it’s easy to keep all the bits and pieces in one place.

40-pack of abrasive buffing wheels

40-pack of abrasive buffing wheels

If you've got lots of brass to polish, you might want to choose a kit with plenty of buffing wheels. You’ll get 40 with this set; 10 of each ‘grit’ number for different levels of coarseness. The brown ones are fairly rough at 80 grit, while green is 150 grit, red is 240 and black is 300 for lighter buffing jobs.

Each wheel is 2.5cm in diameter and has a 3mm shank, which you can slot into most power tools, including hand drills, rotary devices and electric grinders. Use them for polishing up metals, as well as dusting, deburring and removing rust.

PoliCraft RS PRO 120g Polishing Kit

RS PRO 120g Polishing Kit contents and box on a white background

For occasional or light polishing jobs, you could get away with using a compact kit with just a couple of attachments. PoliCraft’s set of buffing wheels includes two 120g bars of polishing compounds to achieve a bright shine.

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As for the wheels, you’ll get one calico and one white stitched mop made with unbleached cotton, which are suitable to use on precious metals as well as plastics.

York Non-ferrous Metal Polishing Kit

Non-ferrous Metal Polishing Kit accessories on a white background

Another great option for light buffing jobs, this brass polishing kit is well worth considering. It’s designed to produce a mirror finish on non-ferrous metals like brass and bronze, and the wheels are pleated so they shouldn’t get too hot when you use them.

The set includes one hard and one soft calico mop, each with 10 folds. Add them to drills, bench grinders or die grinders with the included attachment.

The 60g brown bar is ideal for general polishing, while the 60g blue bar will help you achieve a mirrored look as a finishing touch.

18-Piece Polishing Kit

18 Piece Polishing Kit on a white background

Choose this brass polishing kit for its large variety of buffing heads and coloured compounds. It comes with 18 separate pieces, including three buffing wheels, four polishing buffs and six bars.

Plus, you get five wooden mounted points with different shapes: ball, cone, round, tapered and ‘bullet’.

One of the standout features of this set is its polishing compounds, which includes colour-coded bars to use with different materials. While you can use the black as you begin buffing up most metals, the green is ideal for working with soft ones. Use red for gold and silver; white for stainless steel; brown for alloy; and blue for copper and plastics.

Cape Cod Reusable Metal Polishing Cloths

Cape Cod polishing kits, tin and pouch on a white background

When a rag and a bit of elbow grease will do the job, try these saturated cloths from Cape Cod. They’re soaked in an anti-tarnish formula to keep your brass accessories gleaming for a long time. You can also use them to polish other metals, such as copper, silver, chrome and stainless steel.

You’ll get two reusable polishing cloths in the resealable pouch and 12 in the tin, which comes with protective gloves and a buffing rag.

Brasso Metal Polish

Brasso Metal Polish, 175ml bottle on white background

Brasso is a popular and well-known brand in the world of metal polishing. This solution cleans, eliminates tarnishing and polishes materials including copper, chrome and pewter. Plus, it’ll protect your accessories to help maintain their shine.

Just apply some solution to a cloth and rub it onto your brass - you don’t need any buffing wheels or power tools.

Delphis Eco Professional Metal Polish

Delphis Eco Professional Metal Polish bottle on a white background

A convenient option for metal cleaning, this polish is a sustainable solution, so you can buff your brass knowing you’ve made an ethical choice.

As a plant-based fluid, it’s biodegradable - and there are no nasties as it’s free from solvents, phosphates and ammonia. Plus, it's created in the UK without testing on animals.


Apply this solution when buffing up any metal, such as chrome, copper and stainless steel. You can even use it for polishing your car, as it works well on automotive paint.


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