We all want to do our bit for the planet, and choosing sustainable furniture is one way to limit your carbon footprint and reduce waste.


While identifying eco-friendly homeware pieces can seem complicated, there are some simple steps you can take to find items with a low environmental impact:

  • Opt for plastic-free pieces made from natural materials like wood, glass and stone
  • Aim to prioritise furniture made with recycled, recyclable or reclaimed materials
  • Make sure any wooden elements or paper packaging comes from FSC-certified forests
  • Shop at businesses selling locally-made items, rather than ones they’ve shipped around the world
  • Do your research and read all the specifications to make sure the item fits your criteria and will have a place in your home for years to come
  • Shop around and read reviews to make sure you’re investing in sturdy items that will stand the test of time
  • Look out for materials that can withstand everyday wear and tear, such as dark, stain-resistant fabrics
  • Read up on the business’s supply chain and attitude towards workers’ rights and factory conditions

With these factors in mind, we’ve found some beautiful, sustainable furniture items available to buy online. Keep scrolling to see our favourites...

9 sustainable furniture items to buy for your home

Kubu Wicker Dining Chair

Inspiring Furniture Ltd Urban Fusion Kubu Wicker Dining Chair

With its natural colouring and warm notes, wicker furniture makes a calming and cosy addition to any room.

This chair is crafted with wicker made from fast-growing Indonesian wood, which is sun-dried and hand-weaved. Its sturdy frame is mahogany, which is sourced from reforested areas.

Thanks to its slim metal legs and simple silhouette, the chair should look just as good with modern and minimalist décor schemes as it would alongside Scandi and country-themed interiors.

The family-run business behind this chair is based in Cornwall and sells a variety of sustainable furniture pieces on Amazon.

Terning TV stand

Terning TV stand made with mango wood

Once and for all, this TV cabinet proves sustainable furniture can be beautiful. It features a stunning tessellated front made from solid wood tiles, and chic legs for a touch of mid-century style.

The TV stand is made from sustainable and ethically sourced mango wood.

Swoon is proud of the work it does to make sure its furniture pieces are produced responsibly. The business only buys from suppliers who treat their workers well and uphold safe workplace standards. It even visits each potential partner company in person, gets a third party to carry out social compliance audits and has quality control experts based at manufacturing sites.

Alera side table

Alera Side Table with magazine pouch and lamp

Nkuku sells a selection of beautifully crafted furniture with high sustainability standards behind it.

This neat side table has a sturdy iron frame and sustainable mango wood top. The magazine pouch underneath is made from goat leather, which is a by-product of other processes. It’s dyed with tree bark and vegetable extracts, as opposed to harsh chemicals.

Nest of 3 coffee side tables

Home Source Nest of 3 Coffee Side Tables

We love furniture with a rich history, and this nest of coffee tables certainly has an exciting past. It’s made from repurposed boat wood, complete with colourful patches and characterful markings.

This is a sturdy set of tables, and each one is built by hand with care. They’ll arrive fully assembled and ready to use, so setting them up is quick and easy.

They also slot together neatly for convenient storage; you can either dot them around your home or keep them in one spot for extra table space when you have guests.

Nkuku Loko stool

2 Nkuku Loko Stools on a wooden floor

If you’re on the lookout for breakfast bar stools, you won’t want to miss these ones from Nkuku. Their simple yet elegant design includes slim iron legs and a hand-carved seat for extra comfort.

Nkuku sources its wood sustainably from mango trees, which have naturally come to the end of their fruit-bearing years, so you can enjoy your breakfast without any guilt.

Reclaimed wooden coffee table

Reclaimed wooden table in a living room

With a coffee table as lovely as this, you’ll never want to leave your living room. Use it as a handy station for coffee cups when you’re relaxing on the sofa, or create a homely display with candles and vases of flowers.

This table is made in Hampshire with reclaimed pine from old buildings and industrial sites, so the wood may be up to 100 years old.

You’ll have the chance to tailor the design to your own requirements by choosing the size and wood finish when you order it.

Dark mango wood desk with cable gap

Dark Mango Wood Desk in an office

Fans of mid-century style, here’s a sustainable furniture piece for you. This chic desk is made from dark mango wood and features a clean, unfussy design that’ll look great with most interior schemes.

As an added bonus, this desk also has a practical design, with a convenient gap for cables at the back. So, you can plug in your lamp, laptop and phone chargers without trailing wires over the sides.

Scaffold board bookcase

Scaffold board bookcase

Reclaimed scaffold boards make a fantastic material for sustainable furniture pieces like this rustic bookcase. As all its wood is recycled, it features characterful marks, which make each one unique.

When you order your bookcase, you can choose its height and width to fit your space. The sizes range from 55cm x 70cm all the way up to 140cm x 115cm.

Reclaimed herringbone wood desk

Reclaimed wood desk herringbone joinery

Made from reclaimed and air-dried wooden planks, this desk features an intricate herringbone pattern on the top, which is sealed with natural wax.

The seller puts these tables together at an East London workshop, and can attach one of five different leg styles, including hairpin, square and A-frame. Just choose your favourite when you make your order.

Places to shop sustainably

Check out these sustainable furniture and homeware stores for more eco-friendly finds:


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