If you want your light switches to blend into the wall and become an almost invisible feature in your home, or you'd prefer to go the opposite route and make them really stand out, a cover and surround can do just the trick.


Aesthetic aside, they're also very functional and can improve the hygiene of your home, helping prevent fingerprints or smudge marks on the surrounding walls which are very easily done when you’re reaching for the light switch at night.

For a broad range of shapes, sizes, colours and textures that are sure to suit your home, take a look at our selection of the best light switch covers and surrounds below.

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Best light switch covers and surrounds

Acrylic Modern Light Switch Surround

Acrylic light switch surround on white background

If you're looking for a simple light switch cover that will give your room a bit of flare, or simply help it blend into the background depending on the colour of your wall, this triple set from the Lichi Store is well worth considering.

Available in a wide range of colours so you can find something that matches or contrasts with your décor, you'll find them available in neutral tones like dark grey and white or something with a bit more character like their golden matt.

They also have textured designs that can match the furniture in your room such as their red walnut and wooden covers.

Light Switch Surround

Light Switch Surround Single and Double Plug Socket on white background

An ideal option if you're looking to frame both single and double switches, these light switch covers should add a little gravitas to your home.

The centre dips from the rest of the frame which not only adds extra style points but also helps ensure the socket sits nice and snug on your wall.

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Mirror Light Switch Surround

Displaypro Single light switch cover on white background

Add some sheen and reflective light to your switches with these mirrored surrounds. These should help introduce a stylish element to a fairly basic feature in your home, as well as protect the surrounding walls from any stray finger marks. If any smudges appear on the mirrored surface they'll be much easier to wipe away than from a painted surface.

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Fitting the surrounds to your wall should be easy enough as you don’t need to fiddle with the socket itself, and this style of surround is available for both single and double switches so you can keep the look consistent throughout your home.

Rounded Light Switch Surround

Create softer tones in your home and smooth out sharp angles with these light switch surround covers which feature rounded corners.

Made from eco friendly PLA plastic, these sustainable covers will help tidy up any uneven edges while providing some extra depth to your décor.

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Unfinished Light Switch Frame

Unfinished light switch surround

These unfinished light switch frames are a great opportunity to put your stamp on a room. Made from a durable European redwood they can be painted, stained or waxed depending on what works best for your home, given you plenty of options to work with.

If you'd prefer they can even be left as they are and placed straight on the wall if your home would suit a light wood feature throughout.

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Expression Products Single Light Switch

Embrace a wavy effect on your light switches with these colourful covers from Expression Products.

Made from acrylic they're available for both single and double light switches, with designs that range from simple black and white, to translucent covers which include their cool blue tint and a glass effect that would suit a bathroom or kitchen.

Nursery Cloud Light Switch Surround

Brighten up your children’s rooms or nursery with this switch surround designed to look like a gathering of slow moving clouds. Made from acrylic, they should fit a standard single switch and will hopefully bring a sense of character, charm and calm to the surroundings.


Available in a handful of light tones which include pink and blue to yellow and red, they're also easy to install, simply pop them over the light switch and you're good to go.


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