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Best USB sockets for charging multiple devices

Never leave the house with a low battery again with our pick of the best USB sockets

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Published: March 8, 2022 at 12:57 pm
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If you’re constantly battling over who gets to charge their smartphone in your home, or you need to decide between unplugging your laptop or topping up your tablet, a USB socket may be the perfect solution.


These sockets can easily replace your existing ones, while giving you additional ports so you can have multiple devices on the go at once.

Especially handy for a busy household where there’s plenty of demand for plugs, or if you simply want to do away with messy extension cords, a USB socket can help keep your desk space organised and more convenient. 

Whether you want a colourful or subtle socket for a double or single outlet, there’s plenty to consider below.

Best USB sockets to buy in 2022

BG Electrical Double Power Socket

BG Electrical Double Switched Fast Charging Power Socket

This double socket should fit seamlessly into your home with its brushed steel appearance and rounded edges, giving you the option of two extra USB ports so you can simultaneously charge your smartphone and tablet while still using the regular sockets below. It also has a slightly lacquered surface intended to prevent smudges or fingerprint marks.

This is a sophisticated switch designed to go on standby once your device has been charged back to full battery. It can also detect which device you've plugged in, adjusting its charge pattern to suit whatever has been connected, which means it's suitable for all manner of appliances, whether they're running iOS or Android systems.

MK Electric Switched Socket

MK (ELECTRIC) Switched Socket with USB Port, White on white background

Made by MK Electric, this wall socket features a dual USB charger alongside the usual plug sockets. This means you'll be able to charge up to four things at once in one corner of your home, so you don't have to scatter your devices around different rooms.

This double socket is available in white and has soft, rounded edges so will easily fit into a wide range of interiors, boosting the charge capacity of your home without clashing with your interior design. 

Knightsbridge Polished Brass Switched Socket

Polished Brass USB socket on white background

If you're looking for a double switch socket with a bit of contemporary flair, this steel option with a polished brass finish and black insert may be the perfect choice for your home. 

Providing two additional USB ports to the usual two sockets below, it has handy markings so it's clear which connector goes where.

White Twin Plug Socket

Twin Plug Socket with 4 x USB Ports on white background

Ideal for an especially large household where there's always a queue for the charging port, this twin plug socket has four extra USB ports. 

This means you can charge up to six items at once from just one socket, which should help resolve any arguments and last minute panic about low battery as you're heading out the door.

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White Slimline Switched Socket

Wickes Slimline Single Switched Socket with 2 x USB Ports on white background

If you’re in need of a single socket replacement that can charge your device without taking up the only plug space, this slimline option from Wickes would work well for your home.

It has two extra USB ports, essentially tripling the capability of the socket so you can charge your tablet and phone without using up the plug space. It has a polished, white finish for a clean but subtle design that will easily blend into your home.

Buy White Slimline Switched Socket now from Wickes

Black Nickel Single Plug

Black Nickel Single Plug on white background

Another single socket with the option of two extra USB ports, but this time in a trendy black nickel finish. 

Combined with the black inserts and screw-less faceplate, this is a sleek socket with a smooth look that would complement a wide range of rooms. This means you could buy several for your home and dot them around different rooms to keep the style consistent while making life more convenient.

Rose Gold Double Switched Socket

Arlec Fusion Gang Rose Gold Double switched socket on white background

If you're in the market for a statement socket that will stand out while it charges your devices, there's this rose gold double switch made by Arlec Fusion. 

Made with a metal font plate for added durability, it has two extra USB charging ports in the centre for easy access, alongside the usual double plug sockets. 

This socket boasts a sleek screw-less surface, which means they're easy to remove if you plan to refurbish your home and put a new layer of paint on the walls.

Trendi Switch Socket

Trendi switch on white background

This socket will provide four extra USB sockets which means plenty of space for all your devices, but it's major selling point is that it's available in a range of colours well beyond basic white - including the bold zesty orange shown above - so you'll have plenty of choice when it comes to finding the tone that suits your home.


The socket itself has been made with a high quality face plate which means the bold colours shouldn't fade even in direct sunlight or scratch off very easily.


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