On long hazy summer days, there's no better treat than an ice lolly. While you can stock up on lollies from the shops, making your own is a fun activity - and whether you prefer a frozen fruity mix or something with a bit of a kick, it's surprisingly easy using lolly moulds.


We tested five lolly moulds, considering how easy they are to store in your kitchen drawers, how simple they are to clean and how easy it was to unmould the frozen lollies.

Read on for our tried and tested reviews…

Best ice cream maker

Five of the best ice lolly moulds – reviewed by the YourHomeStyle team!

Eddingtons Squeezies set of four ice lolly moulds

Eddingtons squeezie ice lolly moulds
Those struggling for freezer space will find these moulds handy.

Unlike other hard plastic moulds, these four moulds are made from flexible silicone to make them easy to squeeze – and take up less room in the freezer. You simply pour fruit juice or yoghurt into the moulds and then put the lids on ready to freeze.

As the moulds are so flexible, the lids can move out of place while carrying to the freezer, so make sure you check that the contents don’t spill. They’re also slightly tricky to clean due to the tube design, so you’ll need a long cleaning brush. Otherwise, they’re a quick and easy way to make a summer snack.

Wilko adventure ice lolly maker

Wilko Adventure Ice Lolly Maker
There's minimal mess with the drip-catching area. Sophie Ellis / Our Media

A useful drip-catching area with an attached straw ensures there’s minimal wastage with these fun lolly moulds - though smooth, fruit juice-based lollies rather than thicker mixes were best for this. We found that a lot of warm water from the tap and some elbow grease was needed to release the lollies, and the handles did feel a little delicate when pulling them out.

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However, we liked the colour-coded moulds, so family members can choose their preferred option and not get mixed up. Overall, these are a family-friendly budget buy for frozen treats.

ProCook lolly moulds

ProCook Lolly Moulds
Pop these in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Beth Charlton-Lucas / Our Media

Those with limited freezer space might struggle with this set as the moulds must be stored upright: the handles sit on top instead of twisting or clipping on securely. We found it best to leave the mould out for a while to defrost, or run under a warm tap, before attempting to take the lollies out as they were a little tough to remove – but the handles themselves feel super sturdy and easy to hold.

Big enough to fit chunks of fruit in, there are plenty of options for frozen treats. The moulds are also dishwasher safe, so there’s no scrubbing at awkward angles.

Rex London Bonnie The Bunny ice lolly mould

Rex London Bonnie The Bunny Ice Lolly Mould
These bunny lolly moulds are perfect for children. Melanie Sherwood / Our Media

This mould makes six darling little lollies, with bunny ear handles and even a cute little tail! Tailor-made for smaller hands, the handles are easy to grip and, as the lollies are small, they go down before too much mess is made, even though there is no drip-catching area.

The mould stands up nicely in the freezer, and the frozen lollies release quickly and easily after a splash under the hot tap. A fun buy for endless chilly treats all summer long, at a good price, too.

KitchenCraft set of 8 deluxe lolly makers

The KitchenCraft lolly maker comes with 8 moulds and 16 lolly sticks. Tricia Ball / Our Media

These lolly moulds are big enough to get creative with recipes (such as using chunks of fruit) yet won’t fill up the freezer drawer. The moulds fit into a sturdy tray which keeps them stable and have a topper – which means you can either fill the whole mould at once or add layers to the lolly mix as it freezes without the stick moving or falling over.

The kit comes with 16 lolly sticks, so you’ll have to buy more depending on how quickly you use them. A quick rinse under warm water was all it took to release the lollies. They must be handwashed but were really easy to rinse out.


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