You don’t have to be an interiors expert to know that your work environment can make or break your productivity, and now that the summer months have arrived, investing in a desk fan is a sure way to make your space more comfortable.


From USB desk fans to 12 inch desk fans, keep reading to discover our round up of the best desk fans available to buy in the UK right now! And if you're in need of something bigger, check out our pick of the best tower fans on the market.

The best desk fans available to buy now

MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator

Meaco MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator

Designed to be nice and quiet so it will cool you down without disturbing you while you work, this air circulator from Meaco emits a subtle 20dB of sound on its lowest setting.

Thanks to the multi-directional oscillating function of the fan you won't have to sit too close to it either, as it should send the cool air bouncing off the surfaces of the room to reach you wherever you are.

There are multiple speeds to choose from as well as a nifty timer so you can set the fan to turn on at a specific hour each day.

Swan Retro Oscillating Personal Fan

Best desk fan Wayfair desk fan Retro desk fan

This oscillating personal fan by Swan has a cool vintage vibe that makes it ideal for styling in period properties. It’s 31cm tall and 26cm wide, so as desk fans go, it is on the larger side, but this makes it a great, sturdy option if you’re set to be working from home for the foreseeable future, and you can even move it between your office space and a bedside table. It features two steady feet, which means it’s ideal for sitting neatly on a desk or on top of a stylish filing cabinet.

4" Handheld and Foldable Desk Fan

John Lewis & Partners Handheld and Foldable Desk Fan, 4 inch, Olive

This eye-catching 4" desk fan comes in your choice of cute colours - olive (pictured), magenta, steel or white - and charges via a USB port. You can either fold it at a right angle to sit on your desk and keep you cool all day, or fold out the handle to use as a handheld fan if you need an up-close blast. Includes three fan speed settings - a single charge will provide roughly nine hours of power on the low setting, six on medium and four hours on maximum speed.

Buy Handheld and Foldable Desk Fan now from John Lewis

Smart Air Humi Portable 6.8" Hot & Cool Desk Fan

Smart Air Humi Portable 6.8" Hot & Cool Desk Fan

For a cool and contemporary take on the desk fan, look no further than the Smart Air Humi Portable fan by Drew & Cole. Not only does it include two cooling speeds, it can also blast out warm air - the last thing on your mind right now, but so handy when the cooler months creep back round!

If you're looking for a fan you can put on the bedside table to help you drift off on hot, humid nights, but don't want to hike up your energy bill, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the Humi Fan automatically turns itself off after four hours.

More like this

12 '' Black Oscillating Desk Fan

Best desk fan 12 inch desk fan

This oscillating desk fan has a sleek, matt black finish, making it the perfect addition to any Japandi-inspired or contemporary style home. Its generous 1.8m cord makes it easy to move around a home office, while three different speed settings allow you to easily adjust to your preferred temperature. Our favourite feature of this particular model, however, is the removable and washable grill – it makes keeping it clean super easy and fast.

12" Swan Retro Blue Desk Fan

Best desk fan 12 inch desk fan

If you’re a fan of retro décor, you’ll love this pastel blue 12 inch pedestal fan. It has a 35W motor but a low noise output, making it perfect for use in a shared office use - and you can also adjust the angle and height to perfectly suit your space. Although this fan is small, it has three different speed settings, so it’s great for getting a fresh breeze around your space. If baby blue isn’t your thing, it’s also available in cream/grey and black/red colourways.

Best USB fans

IPOW Mini Handheld Fan

IPOW Mini Handheld Fan

Set it down on your desk or pick it up when you're feeling the heatwave - this handheld fan can manage both thanks to the versatile stand and handle.

Available in a range of colours which include icy white and mint blue so you can make sure it complements your desk set-up, this personal fan from IPOW has three different settings depending on how much you need to cool down.

You can adjust the angle slightly as well with 15 degrees of motion, and it boasts 13 hours of continuous fan time on a single charge.

JISULIFE Small Desk Fan

Ideal for those with limited space on their desk, this small fan can be folded away when it isn't needed and easily popped back up when the mercury rises.

It has four speed modes so you can adjust to the temperature in your room, with the option to tilt the head of the fan to find the perfect angle..

It should also be nice and quiet so it won't take your attention away from your work.

Sweetfull Desk Fan

SWEETFULL desk fan

Lightweight without lacking in power, this portable fan can be picked up and placed anywhere on your desk as soon as the heat hits.

It has three different settings so you can either blast yourself with 3000 rpms of cool wind or notch it down to 1900 rpms and settle for the first gear if you prefer a subtle breeze.

It's powered by USB so can be set-up beside your laptop wherever you're working, with a printed stand designed to look just like real wood.

OCOOPA USB Desk Fan Table Fan

OCOOPA USB Desk Fan Table Fan

Getting seriously toasty at your desk and looking for a fan with same-day delivery? If you have Amazon Prime, you're in luck! Depending on the product and the time of day you order, you might well be able to get your fan delivered by the end of the day - and if not, in most cases you should be able to order for next-day delivery.

We love this stylish, contemporary desk fan from OCOOPA, which comes in navy (pictured), black, blue, pink and white, and is powered via an included USB cable. The fan includes high and low power options and is fully rotatable so you can place at any angle for maximum effect.

AcornSolution USB Mini Desk Fan

Best desk fan Amazon desk fan USB desk fan

This USB desk fan from Amazon has a metal shell and aluminium blades, giving it a sleek, industrial edge. Although it’s small at four inches, it tilts and oscillates so that it cools all angles of your space, and its handy USB function means that you can transport it easily if you work between home and the office. Comes with a one year warranty.

4" Pink USB Desk Fan

Best desk fan USB fan

At the bargain price of £5, this USB desk fan from Dunelm is an absolute steal. Measuring just four inches across, this small desk fan features non-slip rubber feet that make it perfect for styling on your desktop, and it can be tilted up and down to concentrate cool air in certain areas of your work space.

We particularly love the light pink version, but it’s also available in a chic copper colourway if you prefer something more understated.


Buy 4" Pink USB Desk Fan now from Dunelm


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