Not only is a travel trunk a stand-out alternative to a regular coffee table, it also doubles up as a handy space-saving tool with plenty of room to store things away.


Whether you want to keep cosy blankets inside so they’re close to hand when you’re curling up on the sofa, or use it as a place to keep items like magazines and remote controls out of sight, there are plenty of benefits to creating an added cubbyhole in your living room.

Plus there’s the obvious surface area to make use of, so you have somewhere to pop your drinks and nibbles. We've rounded up a few of our favourites below to get you inspired:

Best trunk coffee tables to buy in 2023

Gecheer Coffee Table

This retro-style coffee table has all the details of a travelling trunk which means there's plenty of room inside to keep miscellaneous items.

In fact there are two compartments so you could have a section for blankets and extra cushions, and a separate place for items you just want neatly tucked out of the way to keep your living space clutter-free.

It sits on four sturdy legs made from a rustic-toned steel in keeping with the vintage look and feel, as well as leather handles which not only look great but will help you move it around the room if you’re hosting guests and need the extra space.

Balic Solid Wood Coffee Table

Made from a natural wood grain, this trunk style coffee table would be equally at home in a cottagecore or industrial-themed home, providing both storage space and additional surface area.

With black metal latches and handles that add a rustic touch to this stand-out piece, you'll be able to lift at the hinges to store whatever you fancy in this spacious statement table.

Handmade Coffee Trunk Table

Perfect for hosting guests, not only does this trunk set-up provide ample surface space for serving drinks, it even extends and slides open from the centre to reveal a bottle holder.

Whether you want to stock it with your favourite wines or use it to store everyday items is completely up to you.

Each trunk will also have its own individual look and feel as they are made from reclaimed pallet wood, meaning plenty of unique features, with a sleek finish thanks to the golden oak stain effect.

Lorelei Coffee Table

If you're looking for a substantial coffee table that won't overly dominate your living space, this trunk may be the perfect solution as it's slightly wider but lower to the ground than most on the market.

Available in either dark brown or a lighter tan tone, it still has plenty of storage space inside which can be accessed via the hinged lid.

It's also made with wheels instead of legs which means it will be easy to move around the living room should you decide to switch up the position of your furniture, or rolled to a space where you need more surface area.

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vidaXL Solid Wood Coffee Table Trunk

Add some drama to your décor with this dark wood trunk from vidaXL. Sturdy enough to be used as an entryway bench it will have no problem holding onto your ornaments and coffee mugs in the centre of your living space.

Featuring decorative elements like faux leather straps and a metal latch, this piece of furniture may look heavy duty but should be nice and simple to lift so you can place it wherever works best in your home.

There's also plenty of room to store whatever you please inside, from backup blankets to books and magazines, there's no reason to leave your place feeling cluttered.

Pagan Chest Coffee Table

Made from a mix of old painted teak and heavy-duty cast iron, this is a trunk coffee table that will certainly draw the eye and hold onto people's attention.

Perfect for an industrial styled home, this is a contemporary storage solution that will tuck any knick-knacks out of sight to keep your room feeling sleek and clean.

Both the latch and the handles add an extra element of weight. and as they are handmade (sourced from environmentally friendly hardwood) each will have unique marks so you can rest assured no-one else will have a coffee table quite like yours.

Antique Military Tool Chest Trunk

An authentic military piece, this army trunk has been given a new life as a vintage coffee table, perfect for a rustic home.

Handmade from pine wood and held tightly closed with steel latches, there's enough space inside to store any essentials.

It should be nice and easy to move around the room thanks to the wheels it sits on, but as this piece is quite low to the ground these are conveniently tucked away, giving it a stable appearance.

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Reed Storage Side Table

If you're looking for something more contemporary with a soft and modern design, this trunk style coffee table from John Lewis & Partners features both curved edges and a sleek surface for placing all your favourite drinks and snacks.

Inspired by Scandinavian design, the ribbed wood has been treated with a coating of oil which will also give it added protection to make this item last longer.

Once you lift the subtle lid there is also plenty of space inside to store anything you want easily within reach.


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