From sprawling starfish to skydiver, we've all got our preferred sleeping positions. When choosing a pillow, you can opt for a specialised design that's tailored to your go-to position, whether that's on your front, back or side. To help the side sleepers enjoy a comfortable night's sleep, we've gathered the best pillows for side sleepers currently on the market.


What kind of pillow do you use for side sleepers?

Slide sleepers tend to require a firmer and deeper pillow to allow for sufficient head and neck support. By filling the gap between your ear and shoulder, side sleeper pillows aim to help keep your spine aligned throughout the night.

Factors to consider when buying a pillow for side sleeping


While some pillows are strictly designed for side sleepers, others are suitable for a number of sleeping positions. The latter may be a wise option for a spare room feature, or if you tend to change position in the night you may prefer a more versatile design.


Luckily side sleepers are in no way restricted when it comes to choosing a filling. Memory foam is a popular choice for side sleepers as it moulds to the body whilst offering solid back and neck support. You can also find foam pillows that allow you to adjust the firmness so you can find your perfect height. The downside to memory foam is the addition of chemicals, so for a more sustainable alternative you can give natural latex a try.

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Feather pillows can also work well for side sleepers as they're an ideal combination of plush and comfortable yet supportive, and offer more elasticity than the more rigid foam designs.


As you'll see in our round-up below, you can spend anything from £10 to £100 on pillows for side sleepers, so you don't necessarily have to splash out to find a specialised design. There are however plenty of high-tech, designer options around if you're happy to make the investment.

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Best side sleeping pillows 2023

Cosi Home Memory Foam Pillow

Best for all sleeping positions

cosiHome side sleeper pillow

Build your own pillow with this adjustable design from Cosi Home. Stuffed with shredded memory foam which you can add and remove as suits, this pillow lets you create your ideal height and level of support. For more neck support, just unzip the design and add more stuffing. There's even a handy storage bag for the excess foam. If you're a fan of memory foam, but want more flexibility, this clever design could work a treat.

It's also a smart pick for hot sleepers as the pillow has been made with high-tech cooling gel, as well as a soft, breathable bamboo cover - both welcomed features as memory foam can be warm to sleep on.

Thanks to its adjustable nature, this pillow is well-suited to a range of sleeping positions. Why not pop a couple in your spare bedroom and let your picky guests create their ideal pillow for the night?

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Slumberdown Super Support Pillows

Best two pillow pack

Slumberdown super support side sleeper pillow

Slumberdown's Super Support pillows feature internal foam cores to help side sleepers keep their necks, backs and spines appropriately aligned. Avoid the dreaded flat pancake pillows and treat yourself to some needed firm support. As an added bonus, these firms pillows for side sleepers are washing machine friendly so you can effortlessly freshen up your bedding whenever you fancy.

This two pack is a budget-friendly find for under £15, bargain!

Emma Original Pillow

Best adjustable pillow

Emma original pillow

Emma mattresses are proving hugely popular at the moment so you may want to give the brand's original pillow a try.

Suitable for all kinds of sleepers, this is another adjustable design. There are three foam layers which you can add and remove as you please. For side sleepers, it's recommended you use all three layers for maximum support. The pillow is designed to adapt to your neck position to help improve your posture throughout the night.

The naturally hypoallergenic design is easy to clean - just put the cover in the washing machine.

Buy now for half the price - take the chance to double up and create a matching set! You can also check whether it's 'the one' by making use of the company's 30-day trial period.

SleepGreen Vegan Natural Latex Standard Pillow

Best natural latex pillow

Sleepgreen natural latex pillow

SleepGreen is all about creating natural luxury, and its latex pillow contains a few surprise ingredients you may not usually find yourself sleeping on. The cover is made of raw sustainable materials including seaweed, which is rich with vitamins, and the pillow is filled with a natural latex called Talalay. Renowned for its buoyant nature, natural latex is chemical free, unlike memory foam.

So while this pillow is pretty pricey, it does offer a unique and more sustainable approach to pillow design.

Suitable for those with dust-mite allergies, this pillow is hypoallergic and as it's made of natural materials it's a vegan alternative to feather and down pillows.

This particular design should suit a range of sleeping styles and it's described as medium firm.

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John Lewis 2-Way Memory Foam Pillow

Best memory foam pillow

John Lewis memory foam pillow

John Lewis offers a pillow that's been designed with both side and back sleepers in mind. The design is described as 'dual-contoured' with the larger contour offering the necessary support for side sleepers, and the shallow part suiting back sleepers. It's also a support pillow which aims to help keep your spine aligned. You'll find a number of five star reviews on the site from happy sleepers.

Snuggledown Side Sleeper Pillow

Best for value

Snuggledown side sleeper pillow

An affordable option with a clever design, this Snuggledown pillow is specifically for side sleepers. We like the box-like shape which allows this pillow to be filled to the brim for extra support. Despite the unique pillow shape, it'll still fit a standard pillow case.

As well as being hypoallergenic and machine-washable, it's covered in a breathable 100% cotton cover.

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Silentnight Quilted Duck Feather Pillow

Best feather pillow

Silentnight Quilted Pillow

Feather pillows are popular amongst those looking for a fluffy yet firm feel. This Silentnight design offers medium firmness, and should provide adequate support to both back and side sleepers. Filled with duck feathers, and featuring a quilted cover, this pillow is sure to add a touch of luxury to your sleep routine.

Kally Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow

Best pillow for structure

Kally sleep side sleeper pillow

Offering a box-like shape, this side sleeper pillow from Kally has been designed to plug the gap between your shoulder and ear to ensure adequate alignment of head, neck and shoulder. It's been scored a six out of ten on the firmness scale, so shouldn't be too hard, and the walled design helps the pillow maintain its boxy shape. The even distribution of the hollowfibre filling should also help the pillow keep its structure so you're not waking up with your head flat on the mattress.


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