As the heart of the home, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens, particularly at the kitchen sink. Our kitchen taps see a lot of action throughout the day, as we make numerous cups of tea, rinse veg for dinner and wash our dishes, so a reliable kitchen tap is essential. A dodgy tap, whether it's a leak or a stiff handle, can interrupt the flow of busy kitchen life, so if you're in need of a new kitchen tap, we've got you covered with a roundup of the best kitchen taps on the market.

Before investing in a kitchen tap, think about your kitchen habits: are you looking for a faff-free tap you can turn on with an elbow as you juggle dinner, or a kettle tap for the quickest of cuppas? There's a range of tap styles, price points and features to consider - check out our buyer's guide for more on what to consider when buying a kitchen tap.

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Best kitchen taps at a glance

Best kitchen taps for 2023

Appaso Black Kitchen Tap

Best for a contemporary kitchen

Black kitchen tap
  • 3 mode sprayer
  • Single lever
  • Anti-fingerprint finish

Pull out sprayers offer the convenience of a more thorough clean as you can access those hard-to-reach places and tackle stubborn stains. This kitchen tap, available from Amazon, has the added benefit of a pause button so you can prevent water wastage.

With its black exterior and modern tech, this style of tap lends itself nicely to a contemporary kitchen. At under £65, this model won't break the bank - perfect for those designing their dream kitchen on a budget.

Pros: 360° swivel, anti-splash tech

Cons: Just a 50cm reach, matt coating can't be polished

Jump Single Lever Kitchen Tap

Best for a glamorous kitchen

Gold tap
  • Single-handed control
  • Splash-reducing tech
  • Standout appearance

If you're after a kitchen tap that's both straightforward to use and eye-catching, look no further than John Lewis' single lever kitchen tap. The striking brass finish is well-suited to a glamorous monochrome kitchen in need of jazzing up, and the single lever design is a multi-tasker's dream.

Pros: Glamorous brushed brass finish, simple design

Cons: Expensive, colour may not go with all kitchen interiors

Schon Ramsey Traditional Chrome 4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap

Best mix of old and new

Schon Ramsey Traditional Chrome 4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap
  • Instant boiling water
  • Filtered drinking water
  • Child safe lock

We tend to lose count of how many times we put the kettle on during a day working from home. Skip the wait for the kettle to boil, and make your cuppa in seconds with a boiling water tap. As a 4 in 1 design, this Schon kitchen tap offers filtered boiling water and filtered cold water as well as hot and cold water. Whether you're filling a water jug for lunch, or making a cafetière, your water needs are covered.

The mix of advanced technology and traditional exterior makes this the perfect kitchen tap for those who enjoy the smoothness of modern life, but the charm of old fashioned interior. The child anti-scald lock in place is a welcomed touch.

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Pros: Adjustable temperature control, stylish kitchen accessory with advanced tech

Cons: Water filter needs replacing

Wickes Modena Pillar Kitchen Sink Taps

Best budget-friendly tap

Pillar taps
  • Dual lever
  • Suitable for both high and low pressure water systems
  • Easy to clean

Pillar taps may not have the stylish appeal of the more glamorous designs, but they're an affordable, fuss-free option. At under £30, these pillar taps from Wickes are a bargain.

Pros: Budget-friendly, ideal for busy cooks

Cons: Not particularly stylish, no mixer tap

Funime Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

Best for a traditional look

Funime traditional kitchen tap
  • Dual handles
  • Mixer tap
  • Ample room for filling bottles/vases

Looking to complete the look of your farmhouse kitchen sink? This elegant kitchen tap is sure to do the job. We love the classic combination of ceramic and chrome which makes for a smart kitchen accessory, ideal for Victorian properties, or those with a vintage feel. This is another budget-friendly option, and there are a number of colour options including rose gold, black and white.

Pros: Lovely Victorian-style finish, great value

Cons: Not suited to modern kitchens

Clearwater Magus 4in1 Kettle Kitchen Tap

Best for advanced features

Brass tap
  • 4 in 1 kitchen tap
  • Cool touch spout
  • Single lever

With its snazzy LED electronic control, and sleek exterior, this 4 in 1 kettle kitchen tap is sure to compliment your contemporary kitchen beautifully. Choose from hot, cold, 98°C filtered and cold filtered.

The brushed copper gives off a rose gold vibe so if you fancy a touch of pink, this desirable kitchen tap could be just the accessory you're after!

Pros: Glamorous standout look, advanced tech

Cons: Expensive, short filter cartridge lifespan (6 months)

Cooke & Lewis Farin Kitchen Tap

Best for unique appearance

Cooke and Lewis Farin Silver Chrome effect kitchen lever tap
  • Spring neck for fuss-free washing
  • Single lever
  • 10 year guarantee

There's something quite fun about the appearance of the spring neck on this tap, and as a spray tap you can effortlessly keep your basin nice and clean. The Cooke and Lewis design is a single lever tap with a built-in water-saving aerator. Ideal for a busy, modern kitchen.

Pros: Suitable for both high and low water pressure, spray function for a more intense clean

Cons: Springs may gather dirt making it difficult to clean

Bristan Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

Best for easy installation

Bristan kitchen tap
  • High shine chrome finish
  • Single lever
  • 360° swivel

For a faff-free kitchen tap that's easy to install and keep clean, this Bristan design could do the trick. The 360° swivel makes this kitchen tap a perfect fit for a single or double sink, and the shiny chrome exterior allows for a sleek look that's easy to maintain.

Pros: Easy to install, timeless appearance for all kitchen styles

Cons: Only 5 year warranty

Ebb and Flo Traditional Mono Mixer Kitchen Tap

Best double lever design

Ebb + Flo Traditional Mono Mixer Kitchen Tap
  • Mono mixer
  • Identifiable hot and cold water handles
  • Smooth, quiet water flow

If you're not a fan of the more contemporary single lever designs, there are lots of lovely dual handle kitchen taps around. Great for a traditional kitchen with a cosy, country feel, this Ebb and Flo mono mixer kitchen tap has a number of five star reviews to its name.

Pros: Traditional yet timeless look, swivelling spout great for double sink

Cons: Dual handles are not as handy for multi-tasking as taps are more fiddly

Fohen Touch Kitchen Faucet

Best colourful kitchen tap

Pink kitchen tap
  • Single lever
  • Instant hot water tap
  • Swivel spout

We often opt for timeless neutral colour schemes when designing our kitchens, so why not go for a quirky colourful tap to brighten up your space? We like this vibrant hot pink design, and thanks to this kitchen tap's sleek look, it's an effortless way to add a contemporary touch to your space. Make use of the instant boiling water feature and make a round of brews in no time at all.

Pros: Fun and modern design, colourful kitchen accessory

Cons: Won't match all kitchen colour schemes

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What should I look for in a kitchen tap?

Type of tap

  • Single lever taps are a popular choice as they're effortless to use - control both temperature and water flow with just one hand
  • Pull-out taps are a handy kitchen addition as you can bring the water source down to the plates for efficient rinsing. They're also great for keeping your basin clean, and thanks to the many functions available, you can lightly spray your fruit and vegetables rather than drenching them
  • Bridge taps feature separate hot and cold taps that are connected by a bridge piece. Perfect for period-style kitchens, bridge taps offer a touch of traditional charm
  • Pillar taps are installed as two individual taps, one hot and one cold. They come in a range of styles to suit different interiors, and pillar taps tend to be a more affordable option. However, the downside is the temperature control as there's no way to create a warm water flow like the mixer taps


You want a tap that fits into your kitchen's interior style. A sleek matt black single lever tap is going to suit a contemporary space, whereas the chrome and ceramic bridge taps are perfect for creating a traditional, farmhouse feel. Or for a mix of both, opt for a traditional-looking tap that's packed with all of the latest desirable tech.


The instant boiling taps are proving very popular as who wouldn't want a cup of coffee in seconds rather than minutes? They can also help reduce energy waste as you're not boiling unused water. They of course cost hundreds more than your average tap, and you've got filter replacements to consider too, so it's worth weighing up all of the considerations before investing.

Spout reach

Don't forget to do the all-important measuring before investing in your kitchen tap. Consider a taller spout for filling those awkward objects such as bottles, vases and large pots.

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