Able to dispense piping hot water at the touch of a button, boiling water taps are an increasingly popular bit of kit to have in your kitchen. Most are stylish and versatile, providing both hot and cold filtered drinking water, as well as warm water for hand washing.


While you’ll have to part with a few hundred pounds and sacrifice some under-counter space, you can save money, water and energy with a hot water tap. What's more, it’ll replace your kettle to cut down on worktop clutter.

These convenient taps are particularly useful for anyone who finds it difficult to lift heavy kettles. Plus, they come with insulated sides and child-proof safety handles to avoid nasty burns.

Do boiling water taps use a lot of electricity?

You might think the process of keeping water hot all day would be fairly expensive, but boiling water taps can actually reduce your energy consumption. While you might spend money on repeatedly boiling more water than you need in a kettle, hot taps can save electricity by keeping their temperature constant throughout the day. Many have an insulated tank to help with heat retention.

Is a hot water tap cheaper than a kettle?

Leading hot water tap brand Quooker estimates that a boiling water tap uses around 3p of energy per day, compared to just over 2p every time you boil a litre of water in a kettle.

If you buy a boiling water tap, your biggest outlay will probably be the tap itself, which could cost up to £1,000. But, once installed, it should not only reduce your energy and water bills, but save you counter space too. Just remember to factor in the cost of replacement water filters, which you may need to change up to twice a year.

For more information, see Which’s run-down of the price differences between using a boiling water tap and a kettle.

8 of the best boiling water taps to buy for your kitchen

Fohen Furnas Touch Instant Boiling Water Tap

Fohen Furnas Touch Instant Boiling Water Taps on a coloured background

You'd be hard pressed to find a more glamorous tap than this. Far from the standard chrome models available in a lot of places, these fabulous accessories from Fohen are sure to inject personality into your kitchen. Choose one of the brass or gold finishes for warm colouring or go for the satin pink version if you’re feeling brave!

Alongside boiling water, Fohen’s taps dispense standard warm and cold water with a mixer handle. A practical addition to any kitchen, it also has a carbon purity filter and a child safety lock, and the neck swivels by 360 degrees.

This tap also lets you adjust the temperature of the water between 75 and 98 degrees, so you can tailor it to your own preferences.

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Ferrao Touchless Instant Boiling Water Tap

Ferrao Touchless Instant Boiling Water Tap

This smart boiling water tap combines traditional design flourishes with sleek modern styling, which gives it a timeless look. It’s made from solid brass and coated with corrosion-resistant brushed nickel, which should be easy to clean and maintain.

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This model sets itself apart from others on the market with its handy pull-out spout - ideal for rinsing awkwardly shaped pots and hosing down household items.

As an added bonus, the gooseneck tap swivels by 360 degrees to extend the spout’s reach even further.

Franke Minerva Single Lever 4-in-1 Tap

Franke Minerva Single Lever 4-in-1 Taps on a coloured background

For minimal, contemporary design, you can’t beat one of these sleek accessories from Franke. Like all the best boiling water taps, it has four settings to provide boiling and filtered cold water, as well as standard warm and cool options.

This tap also has some extra clever features, including specific pan and jug-filling modes. Indicator lights tell you which type of water you’re dispensing and warn you when the filter needs changing.

Plus, the spout rotates all the way round for easy access, wherever you’re standing.

Quooker Fusion Instant Boiling Water Tap

Quooker Fusion Instant Boiling Water Tap

Quooker is one of the leading brands when it comes to hot water taps. Unlike lots of others on the market, this one offers water at 100°C, so it’s a great choice if you prefer to use boiling water in your teas and coffees.

The coloured indicator lights are another big plus point; you’ll get a blue ring when you use the cold water and red for boiling. When the 3L tank is fully heated and ready to use, the light fades in and out.

The round-neck model works well in most homes, but you can choose the square version for more industrial or retro style kitchens.

Schon Ramsey Traditional 4-in-1 Boiling Water Tap

Schon Ramsey traditional 4-in-1 boiling water tap

If you have a period home or you’re going for a vintage vibe in your kitchen, look no further than this sweet tap from Schon. The classic design has a hard-wearing polished chrome finish and a child safety lock to keep little ones safe.

You get four separate functions with this tap: a warm and cool flow, alongside instant boiling and filtered cold drinking water.

Combining vintage aesthetics with modern tech, the Schon Ramsey is a customisable tap; it comes with a digital interactive touch screen and adjustable temperature controls.

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Sauber 3-in-1 Boiling Water Tap

Sauber 3-in-1 Boiling Water Tap

Copper kitchen accessories have seen a huge surge in popularity over the past few years, so why not invest in this beautiful metallic boiling water tap? With its rose gold tone and elegant curved neck, it’s sure to make a statement in your kitchen.

This tap gives you hot, cold and filtered boiling water, and there’s a child lock to avoid burns.

Using the digital touch display, you can set your chosen water temperature, up to a maximum of 98°C. It’ll warn you when it’s time to replace the water filter.

InSinkErator Chrome Effect Water Tap

InSinkErator Chrome Effect Water Tap

While many boiling water taps are designed to replace your standard kitchen taps, this one complements your existing set-up. Add it to one side of your sink to get filtered hot or cold water. At just 21.3cm in height, this InSinkErator model won’t take up much space.

You’ll have the chance to choose the temperature of the hot water, between 88°C and 99°C using the in-built digital thermostat. As a safety measure, the lever for the hot water switches off automatically when you let go.

There’s the option to buy this tap in either chrome or brushed steel to match your other kitchen appliances.

Grohe Red Duo Kettle Touch Hot Water Dispenser

Grohe Red Duo Kettle Touch Hot Water Dispenser

With its contemporary L-shaped design and 99°C water heater, we reckon this Grohe model is one of the best boiling water taps available to buy online. The neat shape makes it a convenient choice for filling up bulky pots and pans, while the child-safe touch button is a practical addition for busy families.

With a large 5.5L tank, this tap can offer large quantities of hot water at once, whilst dispensing standard warm and cool water too.


As a handy finishing touch, the neck rotates by 150° to make it easier to reach awkward corners.


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