If you’re to add some gravitas and detailing around your ceiling lighting, or just cover up unsightly wiring or marks on the plaster, a ceiling rose may be the way to go.


What is a ceiling rose used for?

Designed to encase any unsightly wiring, they also create a base for your lights, bring some added depth to a simple lampshade, or create a focal point that can complement a sparkling chandelier.

What types of ceiling rose are there?

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the best ceiling rose for you home. To begin with, size will affect the overall shape and aesthetic of your lighting so it's important to decide if you want a small and simple rose that will subtly complement your decor, or a substantial decorated piece that will act as a decorative focal point.

They are also available in a variety of materials to produce different finishes and effects. While many are made from plaster that also lets you paint them in your preferred colour, you could also opt for wood or even chrome if that would better suit your décor and taste.

Whatever you have in mind, we’ve put together a selection of the best ceiling roses below that would look great in any home.

Best ceiling roses to buy in 2023

Victoria Style Ceiling Rose

Perfect for a Victorian-style home, this ornate ceiling rose measures 67cm across and features a detailed and intricate design that will bring some added sophistication to your lighting.

Thanks to the primed base colour, this rose can also be painted a specific tone of your choice, helping you match it to your overall aesthetic in whichever room you're planning to use it. Although made from solid polyurethane, it still manages to be fairly lightweight at 2.3kg.

All you'll need to do to get it ready for use is to drill a hole in the centre to create an access point for the lighting cable to thread through.

Solid Oak Handcrafted Ceiling Rose

If you're in need of something pared-back and contemporary to match your lighting fixtures, this solid oak option from StudioHaran may be the perfect fit for your home.

On the smaller side, this subtle, circular ceiling rose has a width of 9.5 centimetres, and is handcrafted in Cornwall from FSC-certified oak.

Resin Ceiling Rose

Made from a high-quality but lightweight resin, this ceiling rose should be easy to attach to your surface, adding a touch of class and gravitas to your home.

At 66cm across, it's large enough to draw the eye when guests walk into your room, and can either be kept with its original white colour or painted to ensure it really stands out.

It has an intricate design that isn't overcomplicated which means it will work for both busy and minimalist rooms, making this a versatile option that would work in a variety of spaces.

Arthouse Modern Ceiling Rose

If you're looking for a modern design that will bring a touch of texture to your ceiling without crowding the lighting fixtures, this contemporary ceiling rose from Homebase could be the one for you. It comes pre-primed, so you can paint it any colour you feel works best for your décor, and should be simple to mount to the ceiling once you're ready to put it in place.

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Buy Arthouse Modern Ceiling Rose now from Homebase

Vintage Metal Ceiling Rose

Available in a wide range of colours, tones, and finishes, this selection of metallic ceiling roses shares a trendy retro-industrial style.

Whether you opt for copper, brass or antique bronze, each metal fitting is 10cm wide and will add a cool vibe to your lighting.

Plain Small Ovala Ceiling Rose

This subtle design is ideal if you want to add some texture to your lighting without overdoing it. Featuring simple concentric circles this should add some depth to your ceiling, with a width of 45cm.

Handmade using premium plaster, it should be easy to drill through and just as simple to install, with written instructions included so you can't go wrong.

Large Ceiling Rose

This impressive ceiling rose is especially large at 85cm, which means it stretches almost three feet - perfect for a surrounding a large lampshade or chandelier that needs a weighty base.

A real centrepiece item, it has an ornate design featuring plenty of dramatic flourishes. Made from polycarbonate, it offers a plaster-like texture but promises extra durability.

Decorative Chrome Ceiling Rose

If you're looking for something simple, sleek and shiny, you can't go wrong with this chrome ceiling rose.

At just eight centimetres in diameter, it would suit a smaller lighting fixture that just needs a little decorative touch to make it pop.



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