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Best pleated lampshades: 10 designs worth shining a light on

Add some texture and style to your lighting with our selection of the best pleated lampshades

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Published: February 25, 2022 at 9:48 am
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Pleated lampshades are a great way of introducing subtle texture to your home and adding flair to your furnishings.


There are a variety of pleat styles to explore, from a simple mushroom pleat that will subtly complement your décor to something more elaborate like a double pinch design that will become a statement feature in its own right.

To give you a helping hand we've put together some of our favourites that would work well either hanging ceiling pendant, or as a corner lamp. And for more lighting inspiration, don't forget to take a look at our picks of the best floor lamps.

Best pleated lampshades to buy in 2022

Mushroom Pleated Shade

Sage Green Immitation Mushroom Pleated Shade on white background

This empire lampshade from Oaks lighting has been designed to give a relaxed yet elegant impression, made with a mushroom style linear pleat for a slightly more casual look.

The glossy imitation silk fabric is a perfect choice if you favour a glamorous aesthetic, yet the soothing sage green colouring will lend a welcome sense of calm to any room.

At ten inches wide, this is a versatile shade that is suitable for most lamp types, working equally well on a taller corner lamp or as a smaller statement piece.

Hemsley Pleated Drum Shade

Laura Ashley Hemsley Pleated Silk Empire Drum Shade

Laura Ashley has created a statement piece with this large, drum-style lampshade. Handmade from 100% silk, it's available in a variety of tones ranging from bold ochre yellow (above) and dramatic crimson red to more subtle and relaxing tones like sage green and dove grey, so you're sure to find the right match for your vibe.

Buy Laura Ashley Hemsley Pleated Silk Empire Drum Shade now from Next

Duck Egg Blue Pleated Drum Shade

Duck Egg Blue Pleated Drum on white background

Whether you're looking for a new fitting that will accentuate a ceiling light, or something to make a floor lamp stand out, this faux silk drum lampshade may be the right option for you. Featuring a more intricate V-pleat reminiscent of Art Deco geometric designs, this is modern design with a smooth and stylish finish.

The duck egg blue tone is a versatile option that suits both traditional and contemporary schemes, and would be especially ideal for a light and airy space. Plus, at 10 inches wide and 18 centimetres tall, this shade will fit a variety of lamp heads.

Heritage Black Pleated Shade

Heritage Black Pleated Shade

Bold and beautiful black is everywhere right now, and if you're looking for a dramatic feature to contrast your lighting, this black pleated empire shade would do just the trick. Plus, at 14 inches wide, this shade will be noticed wherever you place it!

Buy Heritage Black Pleated Shade now from India Jane

Pleated Velvet Ivory Shade

Pleated Velvet Ivory Shade With Metallic Silver Inner on white background

The pleat may be subtle but when combined with its ivory velvet exterior and metallic silver interior design, this shade becomes an immediate attention grabber.

Throughout the day this should create a fresh and modern feel to your space, while in the evening when the bulbs are turned on the reflective interior will diffuse the lamp glow to create a relaxing ambience.

Buy Pleated Velvet Ivory Shade now from La Redoute

Tall Tapered Gathered Lampshade

40cm tall tapered gathered lampshade

If you're looking for a taller lampshade that doesn't compromise on character, this stylish option from Pooky, pleated from stonewashed linen, goes all the way up to 40cm in height. 

Shown above in their smog tone, this lampshade will stand out thanks to its textured appearance and material which should let through some of the bulb light for a gentle and elegant feel.

Buy Tall Tapered Gathered Lampshade now from Pooky

Pear Green Pleat Lampshade

Pear green lampshade on white background

No frills but plenty of personality, this classic pleated lampshade from MADE has been designed to last through any style and season.

Created with a durable fabric that should stand the test of time, it will give off a soft, warm glow perfect for those cosy evenings.

Buy Pear Green Pleat Lampshade now from MADE

Twisted Pleat Candle Shade

Twiested pleat candle shade

Featuring a twisted pleat on a smooth satin fabric, this stand-out lamp shade is available in a range of sizes, helping to create an elegant feel wherever they're placed throughout your living space. 

Due to the thinness of the material this should let out a lovely, warm glow when the light is switched on.

Handmade Box Pleat Lampshade

Handmade box pleat liberty of london

If you want a lampshade that's bursting with life, this flowery cover may be the way to go.

With pops of mustard, teal and pink, this shade offers a zesty boost of colour - ideal if you're trying to create a fresh and fun interior.

The box pleat has been made from 100% cotton tana lawn fabric, and this lampshade can be hung from a ceiling pendant or placed on a lamp of your choice.

Buy Handmade Box Pleat Lampshade now from Etsy

Double Pinch Pleat Lampshade

Silk empire lamp shade on white background

Available in either silver or ivory, these empire style lampshades feature an elegant double pinch pleat for a sophisticated and detailed look.


Made from 100% silk, these should create a stand-out yet classic feel both day and night.


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