With the Internet at our fingertips, it’s possible for anybody to become an interior designer. But herein lies the problem. Many of the homes we see online or in magazines would crumble when faced with the realities of family living – especially if there are children involved. That’s why it’s important to style your home with purpose in mind, to make sure your home is not just stylish, but ready to be lived in.


Here’s how…

Think light, not light fittings

Dynamic and natural light is far more important in a home than to have fancy light fittings or lamps. However, not all homes are blessed with lots of natural light. Dimmers are the easiest way to achieve varying levels of natural light. Ditch the harsh halogen light bulbs for energy-saving alternatives that give off a soft, warm, and inviting light.

Don’t waste money on impractical chairs

Choose a chair that is up for the task, whether you plan on sitting, snoozing, or sleeping. Recliner chairs are a perfect option for balancing functionality with style. Fenetic’s recliner chairs are handpicked for their superb build quality, value for money and most importantly, comfort. They’re available in a range of fabrics and colours to suit any décor.

Go for vinyl in the kitchen

If you have pets or children, vinyl flooring is a great choice. It provides excellent resistance to scratches and spillages, and is very easy to clean. You don’t have to sacrifice style either, as vinyl flooring is available in plenty of different styles and colours including effects such as marble.

Invest in a storage bed

Unsightly clutter is an all too familiar problem, with a lack of practical storage often to blame in modern homes. Before spending money on boxes or drawers, consider a storage bed with under-bed storage and make good use of its vast space underneath, perfect for storing spare bedding, bulky winter clothes or children’s toys.

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Feel the benefits of real plants

Not only do real plants look better than their artificial counterparts, the benefits both physical and psychological are very real. A study conducted found significant reductions in anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue when plants were present in an indoor setting. Time to get to the garden centre!


Fit carpet made to last

You’ll need something with a dense, tight, low-pile tuft in high footfall areas such as stairs and hallways to withstand everyday wear and tear. Loop pile carpets tend to be the most durable because there are no open ends, making it less likely to pull or shed.

Loop pile durable carpet