Seven budget ways to update your home

Changing up your homeware can seem like an unnecessary expense, but with these seven top budgeting tips you'll be sprucing up your space in no time

Updating your home on a budget

Buying a new home is always an incredibly exciting process. However, after the cost of a new home, you may not be able to afford to change up your homeware as much as you may want.


If you find you’re in such a predicament, it may feel like it’s hard to know what you can do to make it feel like it’s your own.

However, that’s where these tips from Ashleigh Money Saver come in…



Before you’ve even started thinking about the accessories in your home, you should make a list of the furniture and appliances that you desperately need. This means you don’t spend money on the unnecessary decorative pieces instead of the items you need.

Making a budgeting list


Shop savvy

Look around your local car boot sales – people normally want to sell their items on the day, so try haggling the price down. You could even pick up some quirky vintage items to give your home some standout style.


Selling sites

Few things will ruin a fresh start quite like having to find space for your old clutter. This is where selling sites come in – they provide a great way to remove any items you don’t want before you move. This has the additional advantage of providing extra cash for your furniture and decor too.

On the flip side, websites like eBay and Gumtree are great for buying everything from furniture to ornaments, while electronics from the top brands will probably be available at a discounted price too.


Upcycle what you have

If you are unable to prioritise new pieces of furniture, you could always try upcycling what you have. You could transform your old furniture with a lick of paint, while chalk paint is another popular look if you’re after a rustic vibe.

Why not cover a plain wooden chair with some colour to achieve a modern and eye-catching look? A tin of paint is a lot cheaper to buy than a new piece of furniture, after all.

There’s no need to throw out soft furnishings too – instead, reupholster what you have. All you need to do is choose a fabric and you can then create a one-off piece that works with your style.


Switch up your flooring

A great way to totally change your room’s appearance is by switching up the floor. However, even doing just one room can be expensive, let alone the whole house.

There are ways around this – you could, for instance, opt for patterned vinyl – it’s a much more affordable way of covering up unsightly floorboards, and there are some incredible choices to suit any interior.

Alternatively, why not try painting something? You could pull up an old carpet, clean the floorboards, and paint floors with a fresh grey or white – perhaps a pop of colour, if you want to go incredibly bold? This is a great way to reinvent the home and, in the process, brighten the place up.

A statement wall is another great way of giving your room some style, but it can be pricey. If you want to create the same vibe for less, why not buy a stencil online from Amazon, eBay or Etsy? You can then paint around it with an alternative colour to act as a base colour for the same effect at a fraction of the price.


Outside inside

Does your home feel bare? Perhaps you only have a little bit of money left for ornaments? Well, a great way to inject some colour into your rooms could be through plants.

Currently, there’s a huge trend for filling a neutrally toned space with plants – there’s a whole choice available at shops like Ikea and B&Q. Even if you’re not green fingered and think they’re likely to die on your watch, why not opt for fake foliage from stores like Wilko or Primark?

Interior greenery
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Furniture for less

Are you looking for a brand new piece of furniture that will last? Well, it’s worth shopping in places like Ikea for the affordable items that are both quick and simple to assemble. You can buy everything from classic styles that will never age to the more standout furniture that will fill your home with the latest trends. You should also keep your eyes peeled for any huge sales at stores like ScS when you’re looking for soft furnishings.