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Master bedroom ideas: three decor tips to make the most of your space

We've pulled together some of the best suggestions for your master suite, including frosted glass doors and how to section off your space

The master bedroom should be a peaceful and quiet place to retreat to at the end of the day. Whether its a large room with extra features such as an ensuite or walk-in wardrobe, or a just a cosy hideaway, its worth making the most of your bedroom space.


When planning a master suite, take a step back and carefully assess all the space has to offer. Look to utilise any nooks and crannies in the room and visualise how these can be transformed into something creative and useful.

Here are three ideas for making the most of a master bedroom:

Add a sliding room divider

Dividers can be a striking interior feature and can change the character of a room instantly adding flexibility, style and elegance. If you've got a bit of space to play with, a floor to ceiling sliding room divider will transform your bedroom into a versatile space, adding interest as well as practicality.

Signature Room Divider, Spaceslide, from £1208.40
Signature Room Divider, Spaceslide, from £1208.40

You can use a divider to carve off a study area, a space for a luxurious freestanding bath, or even a separate dressing room.

‘The popularity of dressing rooms is definitely growing and I think this is because of the increase in flexibility and features of modern wardrobe design,’ agrees Tina Mahony, director of Go Modern. ‘For example, awkward L-shaped bedrooms with potentially dead space are ideal for creating a dressing-room area.'

Use frosted glass in your ensuite

When it comes to installing an en-suite bathroom, it's important to section it off from the bedroom, but you want to avoid blocking out any natural light. A frosted glass internal door is the architectural answer to this. It not only makes the perfect entry to the room but also allows for light to get in while simultaneously providing privacy.

Keep clutter to a minimum

Navajos reclaimed wood three-drawer bedside chest, Barker & Stonehouse, £199

Finally, don’t go overboard with any unnecessary pieces of freestanding furniture which will only clutter up the floor space. A pair of bedside tables and potentially a chest of drawers is often all that is required if you’ve designed your wardrobe well.

If the room permits, an ottoman at the foot of the bed or a statement chair can add a sense of elegance and character to the room.


Words by Andy Briggs


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